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Site Update (Apr 23 2017):
Additions and updates since Apr 16 2017
    Misc/Material Suppliers - Earle M. Jorgensen Co/EMJ (steel & aluminum, country wide)
    Ranges - Broadwater Rod & Gun Club (MT); Powder River Sportsmen’s Club (OR)

Site Update (Apr 16 2017):
Additions and updates since Apr 9 2017
    Rifles - Montana Rifle Company (Extreme X2/X2 in .33 Nosler)
    Rifle Components - GSL Technology (suppressors - .338 LM, .375 in development, call); Swagger (bipods)
    Misc - ATN (rangefinders); Pelican (rifle cases - now offers a “Design Your Own Foam” service; Tactical AR500 Targets (targets)

Site Update (Apr 9 2017):
Additions and updates since Apr 2 2017
    Rifles - Dave Miller Rifles/DMR (custom builds), Dixie Precision Rifles (custom builds), H&H Precision Rifles (custom builds); Sisk Rifles *STAR custom builds)
    Rifle Components - Accurate Rifle Systems/ARS (chassis); Sisk Rifles (stocks)
    Gunsmiths - Live Oaks Accuracy (TX), Schultz Precision Machining/SPM Arms (TN)
    Ranges - Please note the addition of a new info source ID, ELRC [the associated data were extracted from the range map on the ELRC site. Please call ahead to confirm max range distances available and whether your desired cartridge rifle is OK.]; Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex (MT - up to 1760 yards); LRC Montana (MT - up to 1900 yards); Spearpoint Range (KS - up to 2000 yards); Widji Bandi Sports Association of Western Australia (Western Australia - up to 2500 meters); Worland Shooting Complex (WY)
    Info Sites - Applied Ballistics (has launched their ELR Central/ELRC website and “open” FB page)

Site Update (Apr 2 2017):
Additions and updates since Mar 26 2017
    Misc - IEA Mil-Optics (Germany, ballistic computer); Infrared Research & Development/IR&D (ballistic computers)
    Gunsmiths - Hewitt’s Gunsmithing (TN)
    Ranges - Bar 3 Range (MS); Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club (DE); Central Indiana High Power Rifle Shooters/CIHPRS (IN - up to 2000 yards); Granby Bow & Gun Club (MA); Lander Valley Sportsmen’s Association (WY - up to 1300 yards); Marksmanship Training Center (MI); United Sportsmen;s Club (ID)
    Info/Info - Applied Ballistics “Rifle Range Locator” app

Site Update (Mar 26 2017):
Additions and updates since Mar 19 2017
    Rifle Components - Cadex Defence (removed all Cadex actions, except the Shepard, since, per Cadex, “The Catalog is just showing the Actions for information only.”); Hensoldt (in late Feb they spun off from Airbus and now have their own dedicated website - scope link and spotter scope (Misc Products page) link updated accordingly)

Site Update (Mar 19 2017):
Additions and updates since Mar 12 2017
    Rifle Components - Killer Innovations/Mega Arms (stocks); KMW (stocks)
    Misc - Oehler Research (added info on their BC-derivation-focused System 88)
    Training - Marksmanship Training Center (MI)

Site Update (Mar 12 2017):
Additions and updates since Mar 5 2017
    Misc - Midwest Steel & Aluminum (metals - stumbled across these folks, great prices and hav some large sizes of 7075); Oehler (finally provided some access to System 88 chrono info, I’ve asked for more - this is the system the Applied Ballistics crew is using to prepare for the 2017 KO2M); Shooting Rests (I’ve added a sub-section and started to populate it; front and rear rests; not benches; not bipods - already on the Rifle Components page; not PSR-style pinch bags)
    Gunsmiths - SG Rifles (Speedy Gonzales, TX)
    Info Sites - Applied Ballistics/ELR Central (Applied Ballistics/Bryan Litz has collaborated with many well established shooters and suppliers in the ELR shooting community to develop “guidelines” for ELR competitions and records; AB will support the effort through a site they will maintain, ELR Central/ELRC - URL not yet set up; they have posted a capstone document, “Extended Long Range (ELR) Central: Applied Ballistics’ Role in the ELR community”; for purposes of comparison with other efforts in ELR shooting disciplines, I refer to this as “ELR Tactical”; AB/Bryan has made a large commitment to making ELR competitions happen in the US and beyond and I most strongly commend them/him; way too much stuff to get into here, read the doc, its pretty short)

Site Update (Mar 5 2017):
Additions and updates since Feb 26 2017
    Rifle Components - Stiller Precision (Jerry has sold off the non-rimfire portion of his action business to Dale Troutt of Thoroughbred Rifle - also in TX - and Jerry will be with them, under contract for the better part of a year.  Info thread at
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Leica (Geovid HD-B 42 "Edition 2017" - binoculars with integrated LRF - to 2200 yards); LongRifles/LRI (another tripod mount for the Sig Kilo 2000 - watch the difference between the Type = Gen I vs Gen II); Swaroviski (BTX binocular spotting scope & binocular eyepiece module - available in May); Zeiss (Conquest Gavia 85 spotting scope)
    Info/Pubs -P.O. Ackley: America’s Gunsmith (new book)

Site Update (Feb 26 2017):
Additions and updates since Feb 19 2017
    Rifles - Nosler (Model 48 Long Range Rifle in 33 Nosler)
    Rifle Components - CarbonSix (carbon fiber wrapped barrels)
    Info/Info Sites & Forums - Snipershide on Scout (is now history, all forum posts locked up tight; prior links on this site/my site removed; proceed to the new “old” site)

Site Update (Feb 19 2017):
Additions and updates since Feb 12 2017
    Rifle Components - Really Right Stuff/RRS (scope bases and rings; interestingly, they also have a clamp-style tripod mount for the SIG Kilo 2000)
    Misc - Field Ballistics (Windows phone exterior ballistics app)
    Ranges - Hurtig Shooting Center (ID, to 1450 yds; .50 BMG OK except on their steel)
    Info/Info Sites & Forums - Snipershide (after 2+ years of being on Scout, Lowlight has taken the site back “home”, to the “old” URL, dedicated servers, and, hopefully, back to where you can search without getting hits in a “...ball” channel; all the Scout content is shortly going away, presumably to be totally lost, which was not the case back in 2014 when they went to Scout AND retained all the old SH content on the old site - still there, just mind-cycle back to 2014.  If you have content of Scout that you want carried over, you need to copy and paste it over to the “new” old site.)
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    Rifles - Noreen Firearms (removed “ULR Extreme” - no longer offered); SAI (Denmark - removed the CRS-338, discontinued; they are in development of a replacement which they expect to release by the end of ‘17); Surgeon (removed Remedy XL and PSR models - no longer offered; now only “custom” builds off the Remedy XL action); Swiss Arms (removed - SAN 511, their only ELR rifle, no longer offered)
    Rifle Components - Harrell’s Precision (muzzle brakes - very inexpensive but high quality); Receiver Matrix (updated - added Cadex and Jard actions); TIER-ONE (UK - bipods and scope rings/rails)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Bore Tech (removed - their bullet line has been removed form their site, presumably discontinued); UNIS GINEX (primers, added note, “also available for .50 BMG”)
    Misc - Nightforce (added tripods)
    Training - Gunsite Academy (AZ)
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Site Update (Feb 5 2017):
Additions and updates since Jan 29 2017
    Rifles - American Rifle Company/ARC (removed the “M2” rifle, thus their rifle listing - they decided not to produce it); Armalite (removed the AR-50A1BNM/National Match model has - discontinued when they determined that the base model A1B was producing equally good performance); Bergara (removed - no longer producing a “production” rifle in at least 338 LM and no longer listing such an option for their custom builds); Diverse Capabilities Ltd (removed - site gone); Gila River Tactical (removed - site gone); McMillan Firearms (after making a lot of noise a couple of years back about the recoil reduction gained with its R2 version of the TAC-50 A1, that model has now been discontinued)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Windcut Bullets (Italy, brass solids in all the popular ELR calibers, e.g., .338 to 345 gr, .375 to 439 gr, and .510 to 1215 gr - limited tech info at - use a translator)
    Gunsmith - Todd Ramirez Rifles (TX)
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    Rifle Components - JARD (actions and chassis); Leapers/UTG (scope bases and rings); Manners Composite Stocks (added a “New for 2017” tab to their site); Schmidt & Bender (“New Products 2017” brochure)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Nosler (has added a .338 caliber projectile to its AccuBond Long Range/LR series - 265 gr. .778 GI and .380 G7 BC)
    Misc - Newcom Optik (added the “Seeker M” QD, mountable LRF, 3000m range); Target Hit Indicator Systems/THIS (hit indicator that uses a camera flash unit; review)

Site Update (Jan 22 2017):
Additions and updates since Jan 20 2017 (beyond links added from SHOT Show 2017)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Nexus Ammunition (338 LM)
    Gunsmiths - Jack Keister Custom (VA)

2017 SHOT Show: Day 4 (Jan 20 2017):
See intro comments/context at the beginning of the Day 1 posts. Fairly light day…ended with an interesting meeting - which I hope to be able to tell you about soon. To Day 4:
1. Annealing Made Perfect – was showing their new, .50 BMG-specific, model annealer (looks the same, including the size, as the current model except for the larger case fitting; same price as the current model; the “Mark II”?); they also advised that a case feeder will be coming (approx $400 MSRP); and finally they advised that they are now starting to capture and publish setting data down to the case-lot-number level ( The .50 BMG annealer and the case feeded are expected to be shipping in Jun/Jul.
2. Best Dxxx Gun – was showing their “Modular Aluminum REM 700 LA – AR15 Chassis core”. Imagine the center section of an XLR chassis with rear attach receptacle for AR buttstocks, AR pistol grip attach fittings, and an interchangeable front piece for AR handguards. The “inlet” is for Rem 700 LA and clones and those triggers; floorplate with internal mag or DBM (Wyatt, AICS, and Accurate-Mag thru .338 LM, CIP length). Bottom line, supports R700 and clone actions and mags in a rifle otherwise using AR furniture. They indicated they might be willing to do a single-shot variant. More info and pricing at They are working with multiple handguard suppliers to develop brand/model-specific interface modules. Shipments are expected to begin in about 2 weeks. NOTE: Their website is clearly marked “Dealers Only”, so call for dealer contact info.
3. Horus – was showing their new Tremor 4 Spotting Scope reticle -
4. Infinition – this is the name of the company that was displaying in the same booth as LabRadar. Offering a product verbally described as a “plus $100K doppler radar chron”, there was no one in the booth to speak to capabilities – only a photo of their model BR-29015 integrated into the booth’s rear wall. More info at
5. Liberty Suppressor – advised that they have a .338 LM model (Ti) in beta testing, expected to be released in 30-45 days.
6. MagnetoSpeed – was showing their new “hit identification system”, a small, linear, bank of LEDs that attaches, magnetically, to the back of a steel plate, and extends about ¾” beyond the target edge. When the target is hit the light comes on and when the target is missed (unclear at up to what distance) the light also lights up (different colors). It comes with one “spare” of the acetate-looking portion that is exposed beyond the target. Nothing yet of their website or FB page. [No, I do not know whether it would be visible at ELR distances – the product focus is ranges shorter than 1000 yards. So I’m “giving” the product the doubt that it may be visible at closer ELR distances in some lighting conditions.]
7. Precision Armament – checked out their muzzle brakes supporting .338 LM and was surprised to find that a quite small break (with rear-angled side vents) can be more efficient (in reducing recoil) than a much larger break with straight-to-the-side vents (compared their M4-72, smaller brake, to their much larger M11 brake) - [NOTE: the M4-72 is not shown selectable in .338, I suggest you call before assuming the “store” function will allow you to add a note.]
8. Timney – advised that they have released a version of their Calvin Elite trigger for Rem 700s with multiple (as in 4 – all included) adjustable trigger shoes, “Calvin Elite A” (“A” for adjustable). See the Jan 17 video on their FB page -
9. X-treme Bullets – has added a .50 BMG SKU to their primers line (R50BMG). I was advised that they are sourced from General Dynamics. The pricing provided, adjusted by the high end of the mark-up they suggested, yields a number less than 20% of CCI 35s. They are packaged/sold in cases of 5K. [Quite frankly, this appears to be a mis-statement on the price sheet, should probably be for qty 1K, not 5K. Bottom line, call or e-mail them.]
10. NN (nothing new) – Dillon Precision, Fierce, Hard Core, Harris (bipods), Kowa, Lehigh, Shilen, Target Vision, and TPS (scope mounts).

2017 SHOT Show: Day 3 (Jan 19 2017):
See intro comments/context at the beginning of the Day 1 posts.  Today was a rather painful day, legs are big-time aching.  Did a wall-to wall of the main show floor, top level. To Day 3.
1. Black Hills Ammunition - was showing an addition to the Black Hills Gold line, .338 LM with 285 gr., Hornady ELD-M projectile (2800 fps MV, 4961 ft lb ME).
2. Burris - has added a non-illuminated version of their XRT II 4-20x50 scope.
3. FCSA (Fifty Caliber Shooters Association) "related" - Brett Berger had the "prototype" of his personal, SOLIDWORKS-modeled, .50 BMG, tube gun on display in their booth.  Word is he is looking to build a couple more and sell them off to help defray the cost of development. Pic #1,2.
4. Gunwerks - advised that their "effectively-limited-edition", .375 CT, "HAMR" rifle is shipping (not on display, nothing on their website, supposedly only 50 to be built, based on the Stiller Tac 408 action).
5. Minox - has added illuminated reticle versions to its ZX5 scope line (ZX5i).
6. Newcon Optic - had their "LRB 6K" (6000m NATO target) version of their LRB 12K LRF in the "New Products" area. Specs not yet on their website. $9500 (MSRP), available now.
7. Nikon - was showing their new Monarch Fieldscopes (spotters) and eye pieces - see pics and specs at
8. Nosler - had samples of their new 265 gr., tipped, spitzer .338 on display (.778 G1 BC). A .338 caliber version of their heavily-advertised RDF projectile series will be available "in the future".
9. Oehler - their at-least-two-year-old, high end, System 88 chrono has received a software upgrade to provide "extended range training". Call or e-mail for their 8-page "Luckenbach Ballistics" narrative. [Based on what's happened in the last two years, don't expect to view System 88 info on, or download it from, their website.]
10. Remington - will be launching a .338 LM "Chassis" (rifle) latter this year (Oct?).  Otherwise totally mum except that it will be different from the MSR.
11. Sierra (update) - a .338 TMK (tipped Match King) is NOT on their radar.
12. SIG Electro-Optics - has updated the Whisky5 series to "Whisky5 5-25x52 with Levelplex" - Levelplex is an anti-cant feature (.5 degree left or right). They also added a "Lockdown Push Button" (zero stop) feature and a "TH-100 elevation turret" (100 clicks).
13. SKB Cases - had the new # 3i-5616-9B-L long gun case on display (interior - 56x16x9).  Pics and specs at
14. Steyr - had their updated SSG-08 rifle on display (the SSG-08A1) - long top rail, adjustable LoP, spiral bolt fluting, and an AR-style, hinged dust cover over the ejection port.  Shipments expected to being this quarter.
15. Truvelo (South Africa) - had one of their not-new-but-awe-inspiring CMS 12.7x99 (.50 BMG) sniper rifles on display in their Vegas-based importer's/reseller's booth (Phoenix Defence/Gun Mountain) -  Interestingly, they advised they have a couple of orders for the substantially larger, gorgeous CMS 14.5x114 (Russian) - LE/Mil sales. Somebody LE-foe is going to be getting thundering surprise when that baby comes a knocking. Pic #1,2,3,4,5,6.
16. Versa-Pod - was advised that their much-improved 350 Series bipods (which were introduced at SHOT 2016) are still not up to the top of the new tooling queue. It has many of the features of the Sierra 7 line at a much reduced price. Draw your own conclusions.
17. Victrix/Beretta - had samples of their Scorpio Evo (.338 LM) and Tormentor (.375 CT) rifles on display. They are expected to be shipping right after SHOT (2017). A scale-up of the Tormentor, in .50 BMG, is expected by late 2017. Scorpio Evo pic #1,2,3,4,5.  Tormentor pic #1,2,3,4,5,6.
18. Zeiss - was showing three implementations of their new "Conquest Gavia 85" 30-60x85 spotter. Pics and specs at
19. NN (nothing new) - Barnes (ammo & projectiles), Barrett, Bergera, Blaser, Bushmaster, Christensen, FN, H-S Precision, Hersoldt, Leica, Leupold, Magpul, Thunder Beast, and Weatherby.

2017 SHOT Show: Day 2 (Jan 18 2017):
See intro comments/context at the beginning of the Day 1 posts.  Today was a very light day, basically a wall-to-wall of the "LE/Mil" areas plus the "New Products" display area. To Day 2:
1. B&T Industries (the Atlas bipod and Accu-Shot monopod folks) - only thing new is the BT57-QK monopod for AI's AT rifle and ATAICS chassis system; not a drop-in, machining required.
2. Big Horn - HOT news, after many years saying no need to build a .338 LM bolt face action, the company owner has passed the word, "Develop a .338 LM-capable action."  The designer told me that means it WILL go into production. Current thought is 1.450 OD with .750 bolt body.  While it could go into production this year, SHOT 2018 looks like the more probable launch event.
3. Drake Associates - was showing their new long action version of their "Hunter Stalker SOCOM" chassis and rifle, now available in 338 LM. They will also be offering the associated action and barreled action - $1000 for the action, add $200 for an integrated 20 MOA rail - call.
4. IOR/Valdada - announced another variant of their FFP scope line, the 9-36x56 "Patriot"; Mil or MOA reticles; pics and info at
5. JARD - was advised that their older J50 semi-auto .50 BMG rifle has been retired, the J51 improved version replaces it. They were also showing one of their J70 open-top "modern rifles" - available in .338 LM and the action (Rem 700 clone footprint) is available stand alone for $750.  It has the large Savage tenon thread (1 1/16-20) but will not accept Savage pre-fit barrels because of it has a 45 degree cone bolt nose..This product needs to be reviewed and the word gotten out - American made, supports up to .338 LM, and $750. J70 rifle and action pics and info are at - the .338 LM info is not yet there but the pricing is.  BTW, the J70 chassis is also available stand alone, see
6. Operators Suppressor Systems/OSS - was showing their Helix HX Mag suppressor in .338 LM; they also have a .50 cal in development, timing TBD.
7. Small Arms Technologies - had one of their .50 BMG suppressors in the New Products area.  Pics and info at
8. NN (nothing new) - Badger Ordnance, Elite Iron, GAP, Gemtech, Griffin, Kinetic/KRG, Oakwood Controls, Raug Ammotec, Safety Harbor, Serbu, Silencer Co, and Tangent Theta.

2017 SHOT Show: Day 1 (Jan 17 2017):
As with last year's reporting, on Day 1 I went to specific booths throughout the entire show area that I had particular interest in (heard that something was coming or just a company of usual ELR interest).  I will do wall-to-walls on subsequent days.  I only talk to folks about ELR and ELR-related products, so typically no info on other products. "NN" denotes "nothing new" - booths I visited but where I found nothing that had not already turned up in one of my site's weekly News updates. [Please check recent weekly updates if you think I missed something that you felt was new "at SHOT".  And, since I am certainly fallible, please e-mail me to let me know that I actually did missed something new and ELR-related - my call on whether to conclude as ELR-related and new "at SHOT".  E-mail me at]  So here goes, in alpha order.
1. Accuracy International/AI - announced and displayed the new "AX50" rifle with quick-change barrel and right-folding buttstock. Bolt, LoP, and checkpiece are all now tool-less, the bolt shroud now matches (in style) the rest of the AI line, and there will be a double-stack, 10-round mag.  Availability - second half on '17. Check AI distributors for pre-order opportunities. Pic #1,2. The now-older-style AX50 is no longer in  production but stock is still in distribution. I was also advised that .338 Norma Magnum barrels (for the AXMC) are now in distribution.
2. American Rifle Company - advised that Mausingfield actions will now be shipping with DLC-coated bodies and bolt heads and nitrided bolts (other than the noted bolt heads).
3. Ashbury Precision Ordnance/APO - announced their "ULR Package" ASW .375 CT rifle with a heavier-contour/stiffer barrel, barrel lengths up to 32", new twist (1:8), and carbon fiber handguard - also available in .408 CT. They also announced the ability to upgrade .375 CT rifles to Proof carbon fiber barrels (29", 1:9 twist).
4. Berger - multi-caliber solids continue in development.  Apparently over 50 iterations already evaluated. That noted, they are "very enthusiastic" about ELR-focused projectiles.
5. Bix 'n Andy (Austria) - "TacSport" trigger for the Rem 700.  [Note: What was previously announced under this name has now been renamed as the Marksman.] This is their $235 "Jewel Killer" ($255 for two-stage). Externally adjustable from 10 ounces to 4.5 # (ONE spring for all weights), super-crisp break, low reset pressure, SS construction, with safety and bolt stop.  Bullet Central, the US distributor and reseller, expects to start shipping in April.  Tried and breaks beautifully!  See pics at They were also showing the new BAT "TR" long action repeater (action) - an "update" (my term, not theirs) of the current HR receiver action. This model is an exclusive for Bullet Central. Expected to ship in March/April. Pic and more info at
6. Cold Shot/Heritage Arms - launched their adjustable "Mil Radian Angle (scope) Base"/M.R.A.B. With 72 and 144 mil versions, also identified as Gen 3 (from the improvements made in the current MOAB model and carried over). Imagine a MOAB with much finer threads for the adjusting screw, mil-calibrated wheel, and new info text on the side. Available for immediate ordering, same pricing as the MOAB.  Pic #1,2. NOTE: Within the next 2-3 weeks they will be posting an article on the demonstrated accuracy of the MRAB.
7. Cutting Edge Bullets (CEB) - no new products but I was able to confirm that they will still do "customs" - minimum 250 pieces.
8. Explorer Cases (Italy) - released the "X-Long Gun Case" (#15416) rifle case.  Designed for .50 cal and other very large rifles, the interior dims are 60.6 x 14.9 x 6.3. Has wheels and a two-hand side handle. Available in mid-Feb.
9. IWI/Isreal Weapon Industries - had the previously (years ago) announced "DAN" .338 LM rifle on display. Supposedly now committed for US distribution. Nice two-page layout in their 2017 catalog (print catalog). Zip so far on their US website.
10. Long Range Arms/LRA - had one of their “Send-It” multi-indicator-light cant indicators in the Christensen booth - no info, no rep. Pic #1,2. [Update - their website is now up -]
11. Lyman - was showing the "Bag Jack" rifle rest (a very sturdy, scissor-jack-style rest; available with a large, X-pattern, front rest bag; also released a .338 LM "Ammo Checker" (checks to SAAMI minimum specs).
12. Manners Composite Stocks - introduced the "Platinum Series", built with a new layup process which produces stiffer and stronger stocks.  First models are the MCS-PRS1 (with butt hook) and PRS2 (bag rider).  The BIG news for ELR is the MCS-LRT (long range tactical) for the Ko2M competition - two models, one for actions up to 1.6" diameter and the second for action as large as 2.0" in diameter AND .50 BMG-size action length. These stocks are extremely strong, have a 3" wide forearm, and are 7-8" longer than "standard" MCS stocks. They will come standard with KMW checkpiece hardware. There will be no mini-chassis available because of the low volume for this model and the wide variety of potential mini-chassis that would be required.  One "got-ya" but a possible solution.  Because of the extremely bolt length of 12" long actions (e.g., BAT EX), the checkpiece will need to be removed to completely remove the bolt - TBD solution, a folder version. The tang and trigger areas will need to be custom cut by your smith. Order now for availability (hopefully) in time to get load development in before Ko2M 2017 (late June). Pic #1,2,3,4.  [Update: they added a “New for 2017” page to their site.]
13. March (Japan) - formally released the "High Master Series" of SFP scopes with "Super ED" glass.  Available in 10-60x56, fixed 48x52, and 40-60x52 - the last with "eyepiece zoom" where the zoom function is in the eyepiece. Available now with a 20% SHOT Show discount thru 1/30/2017. Pics and more details at
14. McMillan Fiberglass Stocks - was displaying their "ELR Beast" stock for "King of Two Mile" competition. Will accept 2.0" round actions and barrels as large as 2.0" straight cylinder. Sample not shown with, but production units will be available with, an adjustable checkpiece - a simple wrap-over to clear the very long bolts of the very large actions.  Availability - about 4 months.
15. Noreen - no new products but was able to confirm that they will sell the brutish action used in their ULR rifle as a stand alone. This is a case-holder style, single shot action.
16. Peterson Cartridge Company - their previously announced .375 CT (9.5 x 77) and .408 CT (10.36 x 77) brass are now up for ordering; expected to ship in 7-10 days from 1/19.  While there was no commitment on a date for first shipments of the pre-orders, they noted that they have committed to ship to OEM ammo partners within 30 days.
17. RCBS - was showing the "ChargeMaster Lite", a fairly full-function, lower-cost, version of the ChargeMaster powder measure. Pic #1,2,3.
18. Ritter & Stark (Austria) - had a chance to look over their SX-1 MTR rifle. These are the folks with the rifle that has the scope rail attached (pin and two screws) to the barrel (for perfect alignment when swapping barrels). A single tool (4mm Allen) will disassemble most everything, supports an AI double-stack mag, does not currently include a barrel extension but one is coming (at which point the scope will mount to the barrel extension and the customer can get barrels made to thread to the extension), and it shoots <.5 MOA with Swiss P match ammo (what they have tested with so far).  They will retail for $6555 (.338 LM version).  Availability within approximately 6 weeks. They are working with a reseller in Utah for most-immediate end-user purchases.  They have an office in the US.
19. Schmidt & Bender - announced the "Long Range Reticle - Mil" (LLR-Mil) reticle (initial release expected in May/June) for four PM II models. Three pages in their "New Products 2017" mini-catalog - way too small images and text to produce decent pics. Also announced a removable magnification throw level and an advanced version of their multi-turn turret adjustment, the "Multi-Turn II".  [Update: “New for 2017” catalog.]
20. Surgeon - has added the J. Allen rifle stock as an option. They said they have a CT-capable action in development (for use, as a rifle, with "probably" a J. Allen or AI-sourced stock).
21. U.S. Optics - explained what's "new" in their "B series" models (B-25 example) - same light gathering capability with a smaller objective (developed and tested with ray tracing; able to be mounted closer to the barrel centerline), reduced extraneous light is bright conditions, smaller turret body (able to be mounted closer to the barrel centerline), internal elevation and windage adjustments (only a "revolution counter" feature remains visible in the turrets), and 30 mils elevation (can't check what it was since the "old" 25 model is no longer on their website).
22. Velocity Tactics - advised they have completed the design of a .375 caliber solid brass projectile but have yet to take it further - no current commitment to produce.  BTW, they are currently selling 338 LM ammo loaded with their current 250 gr solid brass projectiles (1.359-claimed G1 BC) under the Fort Scott Munitions brand.
23. Warner Tool (in the MPA booth) - advised they expect to have a 400 grain .375 caliber Flat Line model within six months; a .408 model is also in development (weight undisclosed).
24. XLR - "Envy" chassis - a very streamlined, update (my term, not theirs) of the Element chassis with integrated Pic rail in the bottom of an open-top, fixed forearm with integrated trigger guard and QD mounts.  Comes standard with a new butt stock - no castle nut, smooth transition at the attach point to the main chassis section (basically the "Tactical" buttstock with a long screw thru the tube in place of the nut). The castle nut buttstocks are also available. Supports up to a 1.25" straight cylinder barrel.  Currently only SA but LA version coming this Summer. BTW, notwithstanding what it appears to suggest on their site, they will still do custom inlets for their Evolution line - based on what they perceive as potential demand, seems at least two (2) units because of the way the Evolution line is manufactured.  Since only the SA model was shown, no pics.
25. NN (nothing new) - Cadex (since their very-recent release of their 2017 catalog - see their website), Celestron, Defiance, Desert Tech, Hodgdon, Kahles, Krieger, LabRadar, Lapua, Nightforce, Pacific Tool & Gauge, Redding, SAC (other that the noted Surgeon "news"), Sierra, and Swarovski.

Site Update (Jan 15 2017):
Additions and updates since Jan 8 2017
    Rifles - Victrix (acquired by Beretta)
    Rifle Components - SEB Engineering (Indonesia, bipod)
    Reloading Equipment - Corbin (added Facebook link); Lethal Precision Arms/LPA (now offering formed brass and die set for its .375 Lethal Magnum); Ohaus (scales); Sartorius (scales)

Site Update (Jan 8 2017):
Additions and updates since Jan 1 2017
    Rifles - EDM Arms (removed, business closed)
    Rifle Components - Vortex (2017 catalogs are out, includes “new-for-2017” Viper PST Gen II and Diamondback Tactical scope models plus the Razor HD spotter)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Bullett’s Bullets (removed, site gone); Monolithic Munitions (removed - ceased commercial ammo production on 12/31/2016); Unis Ginex (primers)     

Site Update (Jan 1 2017):
Additions and updates since Dec 25 2016
    Rifles - Cadex Defence (Canada, new rifles for 2017 - “CDX-MC/Multi-Caliber System/KRAKEN”, incl 338 LM, 3-lug bolt, Bartlein barrel; “CDX-R7/SHEPHERD”, multi cartridge options, incl 338 LM, 4-lug bolt, built-in aluminum micro-chassis - see 2017 catalog); R. Crouse Rifles (custom builds)
    Rifle Components - Brugger & Thomet/B&T (Switzerland, suppressors); Cadex Defence (full line of repeater actions, 338 LM thru .50 BMG; “Strike-Nuke”, conventional/non-folder chassis with built-in aluminum micro-chassis, for Rem 700 clones and their LA repeaters; “Lite Competition” and “Field Competition” chassis for Rem 700 clones and their LA repeaters; “Falcon” bipod; .338/CT/.50 BMG suppressors - see 2017 catalog)
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - Target Vision (now has a 2-mile-range version of their camera system, the “ELR”); Vectronix (is now Safran Optics 1)

Site Update (Dec 25 2016):
Additions and updates since Dec 18 2016
    Rifles - Sero (TFB has a great article, a tour of the Sero plant in Hungary where they produce the Gepard line of rifles; heavy on the GM6 Lynx .50 BMG rifle)
    Cartridges - .375 HE/Hubel Express (added, a necked-down/wildcat of the .585 HE - a public domain design; cases, dies, and reamers are or will shortly be available); .375 Mercenary (added - generally based on a up-sized, unbelted .585 Hubel Express case but with almost 200 gr H2O capacity; reamers, brass, and dies available from or through the designer); .375 Warlord (removed - designer has moved on from this design in preference for another of his designs, the .375 Mercenary, which is proprietary)

Site Update (Dec 18 2016):
Additions and updates since Dec 11 2016
    Rifle Components - Nightforce (announced the ATACR 7-35x56 F1 scope)
    Misc - Newcon Optik (added LRM 3500M LRF monocular, not yet on their site); Sightron (added spotting scopes and tripod links); Zoro (material /rubber - replaced Rubber Sheet Roll, site appears suspect)

Site Update (Dec 11 2016):
Additions and updates since Dec 4 2016
    Rifle Components - Kinetic Development Group (QD scope mounts); Xtreme Hardcore (SHOT Show announcement - adding the XHCG chassis, support for AI .338 LM CIP length mags)
    Reloading - ADI (added link to Load Data for their powders, including .338 LM and .50 BMG)
    Misc - Explorer (added US distributor link - many additional rifle cases shown, including the just announced #15416 X-Large case - 60.6 x 14.9 x 6.3 interior - see the 2017 catalog download); TZ Case (rifle cases to 60.75” long, interior)

Site Update (Dec 4 2016):
Additions and updates since Nov 27 2016
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Chinchaga Bullet Co (.338 up to 325 gr and .375 up to 435, rebated BT projectiles with pointie silver tips - very similar to Rocky Mountain Bullets)
    Misc - SIG Sauer/SIG Electro-Optics and Applied Ballistics (announced the “SIG Sauer Kilo 2400 ABS” LRF with Applied Ballistics calculator/software)

Site Update (Nov 27 2016):
Additions and updates since Nov 20 2016
    Rifle Components - Advance Long-range Systems/ALS (muzzle brakes for .50 cal rifles - not shown on website as available separately, call); Lothar Walther (announced they are now offering special rifle steel and SS barrel blanks in .408 caliber, 36”, 1:13 twist - also on US site pages)
    Info/Sites & Forums - Silencer Talk (forum)
    Info/Pubs... -Rifle Sighting Systems: SFP vs FFP” by Greg Dykstra, Part 3 of a 4-part series on the Primal Rights website

Site Update (Nov 20 2016):
Additions and updates since Nov 13 2016
    Ranges - Extreme Tactics & Training (TX, .50 BMG OK except on their steel, max 1200 yards)

Site Update (Nov 13 2016):
Additions and updates since Nov 6 2016
    Rifles - Ritter & Stark (nice article but in German, enjoy the pics)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - GS Custom/GSC (has been acquired by CheyTac); Peterson (now taking pre-orders for .375/9.5x77 and .408/10.36x77 brass; $124/50, which is $24 under Bertram/HSM); Sniper Extreme/Lehigh Defense (has added .375/9.5x77 and .408/10.36x77 “CT” ammo)
    Reloading Equipment - Triebel (Germany, dies incl .375 and .408 CT plus custom)
    Misc/Chamber Reamers - Triebel (Germany)
    Gunsmiths - Sinister Arms (CA)
    Cartridges - added designations for CIP proposals on “CT” .375 and .408 (proposed as 9.5x77 and 10.36x77, respectively)

Site Update (Nov 6 2016):
Additions and updates since Oct 30 2016
    Rifle Components - Cold Shot (having recently updated the MOAB adjustable base from Gen 2 to Gen 3, they have now updated 3 to 3.5 - “Gen 3.5, elevating wheel is now threaded and held in place with a 7/8 diameter adjusting ring, lash can be controlled to .0002 or less with a large surface area to absorb recoil and not lose adjustment”; updates from 3 to 3.5 are for the cost of the return shipping); Granite Mountain Arms/GMA (“African Magnum” Mauser-style action, up to .505 Gibbs/CT class); Heritage Arms (brakes)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Peregrine (added .338/305 gr RangeMaster red copper solid with .429 G7 and .416/500 gr RangeMaster copper solid with .416 G7; links to RangeMaster chart added to projectile matrix; now selling direct thru US branch/website - call re new items and out of stock)
    Reloading Equipment - MEC (has entered the rifle cartridge reloading press market with their “Marksman” single stage press)

Site Update (Oct 30 2016):
Additions and updates since Oct 23 2016
    Rifles - Norma (33 Nosler chamberings in the Model 48 Custom, Heritage, and Liberty repeaters in Q1’17); RPA (nice pic of the first of the new “Ultra 338 Lapua” rifles - sweet!)
    Rifle Components - American Rifle Compnay ( .338 LM testing has been completed successfully and it is now shown as a supported option for the Mausingfield action)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Ed Hubel (brass - formed .375 Warlord + base .585 Hubel Express/.585HE); Nosler (33 Nosler ammo & brass in Q1’17)
    Cartridges - 33 Nosler (based on the .404 Jeffery- like the other fairly new cartridges from Nosler; ballistics close enough to .338 LM to include); .375 Warlord (based on the .585HE; reamers available from JGS and PTG]

Site Update (Oct 23 2016):
Additions and updates since Oct 16 2016
    Rifle Components - Christensen Arms (“Slayer” muzzle brake for .338 LM)
    Ranges - Bolder Rifle & Pistol Club (NV, max .338 Edge/.338 LM); OFP Match Worx (MS, up to 1700 yards, .50 BMG OK, suppressors required for .338 and larger); Outback Precision Rifle Club (TX, up to 1700 yds and .50 BMG); South Hills Rifle Range (TX, 1060 yards, max .338)

Site Update (Oct 16 2016):
Additions and updates since Oct 9 2016
    Rifle Components - Hardy Rifle Engineering (NZ, barrels, including carbon wrapped, in .338; 2 US resellers)
    Info/Info Sites - Applied Ballistics (has added a Resource Website, including “Tall Tree Test”, a PDF)

Site Update (Oct 9 2016):
Additions and updates since Oct 2 2016
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Woodleigh (Australia; 395 gr, brass solid, VLD projectiles for .416 Barrett)
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Nikon (introduced the Monarch 7i VR, “vibration reduction”, rangefinder, max 1000 yards)
    Training - Ashbury Precision/APO (announced “APO Riflecraft”, max 2200 yards)

Site Update (Oct 2 2016):
Additions and updates since Sep 25 2016
    Admin - link checks completed; readers requested to let me know if they find a link problem, please e-mail me at  Thanks!

Site Update (Sep 25 2016):
Additions and updates since Sep 18 2016
    Rifle Components - Era-Tac (added link to second US reseller - better prices than Eurooptics); Status Guns & Engineering (New Zealand, no sooner than I had posted about the discontinuance of their .50 BMG actions, they advised they will be continuing to produce them); TACOMHQ (“structured barrels” and TARAC “inclined-base-alternatives”)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - CheyTac (is now offering ammo loaded with GSC projectiles - no ballistics); Desert Tech (now offering ,50 BMG ammo with Hornady A-Max projectiles); IMI (Israel, added link to their .50 BMG ammo with 661 gr M33/Nato or Hornady A-Max projectiles)
    Retailers/E-tailers - New England Custom Gun Service/NCEG
    Admin - completed link checking the Ammo & Ammo Components page

Site Update (Sep 18 2016):
Additions and updates since Sep 11 2016
    Rifles - PGM (the “PGM 338” has been discontinued, to be replaced in 2017; added link to their 2016-17 online catalog, which still shows the discontinued model); Ritter & Stark (Austria, “SX-1 MTR” in 338 LM; interestingly the scope rail attaches to the barrel); Steyr (the 338 LM model has been removed from the “SSG Carbon” line); Victrix (Italy, their Facebook page has details of the new “Mars/Tormentum” model in 375 and 408 CT)
    Rifle Components - Status Guns & Engineering (New Zealand, their .50 BMG action has been discontinued but may be coming back soon depending on how many of several recent inquiries turn into orders)
    Admin - have completed link checks of the Rifles and Rifle Components pages

Site Update (Sep 11 2016):
Additions and updates since Sep 4 2016
    Rifles - Armalite (the AR-50A1B-416 has been dropped from production, “lack of sales”)
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Leica (introduced the “Rangemaster CRF 2000-B” LRF which includes an inclinometer and temp sensor; max 2000 yards)
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - MGM Targets (“Electronic Flash Target” - not a “target” but a camera flash unit and sensor to trigger the flash when the sensor-attached target is hit, reasonably priced, includes a tripod)
    Admin - starting on another round of link checks; I would very much appreciate it if folks would let me know if they find broken or wrong links.  Just e-mail me at Thanks!

Site Update (Sep 4 2016):
Additions and updates since Aug 28 2016
    Rifles - Kovan Match Rifles (custom builds - Emil Kovan recently authored an article for, “The Anatomy of a Modern F-Class Open Rifle” detailing the rifle he built and uses to win in F-Class events - that noted, he is available to build rifles up to .50 cal with up to a 2.0” diameter x 45” long barrel)
    Rifle Components - Cold Shot (has launched Gen 3 of its MOAB - Minute of Angle Base - adjustable elevation scope mount, which provides, “improved clamping, a new backlash-free design, new engraving (“Gen 3” - so you can, going forward, know which version you have), and closer tolerances” all to help those with high-caliber rifles and heavy scope - Gen 2 units can be upgraded to Gen 3 for $60 and shipping/ins; they also let it out that the MRAB - Mil Radian Adjustable Base - is on the horizon, about 6-8 weeks out; note that the info on the base site is ancient (Gen 1), follow their products on their Facebook page)
    Training - Evolved Ballistics (TX, max “approaching one mile”)

Site Update (Aug 28 2016):
Additions and updates since Aug 21 2016
    Rifles - Desert Tech (has posted some great looking wallpapers)
    Rifle Components - A-TEC (Norway, suppressors); Total Solutions Engineering/TSE (Australia, barrels)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Dolphin Gun Company (UK)
    Info/Sites and Forums - Lobaev Journal (Russia, in Russian and English)

Site Update (Aug 21 2016):
Additions and updates since Aug 14 2016
    Rifles - Horizon Firearms (Elite Custom in .338 LM)
    Reloading Equipment - Warner Tool (now on Facebook)
    Misc/Ranging & Target Solution Aids - Hornady (has introduced a new ballistic calculator, the 4DOF, based on projectile drag coefficients rather than BCs, max 2000 yards)
    Info/Pubs... - McMillan Stocks posted a nice YT video of the 2016 KO2M shoot (Applied Ballistics team only)

Site Update (Aug 14 2016):
Additions and updates since Aug 7 2016
    Reloading Equipment - Recreational Software, Inc./RSI (“Pressure Trace II” rifle chamber pressure tester)
    Misc/Ranging & Target Solution Aids - Recreational Software, Inc./RSI (“Shooting Lab” - ballistic calculator, target analyzer ++)
    Admin - completed adding Facebook links, including on the following pages - Info Sites & Forums, Legal

Site Update (Aug 7 2016):
Additions and updates since Jul 31 2016
    Products/Misc - Vortex (added the 22-48x65 and 27-60x85 models to their Razor HD spotting scope line); Zeiss (added the Conquest Gavia 85 spotting scope)
    Admin - completed adding Facebook links on the following pages - Products/Misc, Gunsmiths, Ranges, Training, and Associations

Site Update (Jul 31 2016):
Additions and updates since Jul 24 2016
    Rifles - Bix ;n Andy (added link to US importer, for special orders)
    Rifle Components - Ivey (has started shipping the MOA version of their adjustable scope mounts; not yet listed on their site, call)
    Misc/Material Suppliers - BuyMetal (good selection of aluminum alloys and sizes, esp 7075)
    Admin - completed adding Facebook links on the Ammo & Ammo Components page and the Reloading Equipment page.

Site Update (Jul 24 2016):
Additions and updates since Jul 17 2016
    Rifles - Bix’n Andy (Austria)
    Admin - started adding Facebook links to Ammo & Ammo Components page

Site Update (Jul 17 2016):
Additions and updates since Jul 10 2016
    Misc/Other Misc - Arisaka (optic leveler - aligns off Pic rail and bottom of the turret cluster)
    Training - CORE Shooting Solutions (FL, up to 1100 yards, possibly longer)
    Info/Forums - Calguns

Site Update (Jul 10 2016):
Additions and updates since Jul 3 2016
    Rifles - Adams Custom Rifles (custom builds); Lethal Precision Arms (“the King” in .375 Lethal Magnum)
    Cartridges - .375 Lethal Magnum (a brand new wildcat based on the .585 Hubel Express, a belted, CT-action/boltface-compatible case; used by the winning shooter at the recently-completed 2016 “King of 2 Miles” event)
    Admin - added Facebook links to Rifle Components page (balance of that page)

Site Update (Jul 3 2016):
Additions and updates since Jun 26 2016
    Rifle Components - Burris (scope bases and rings); Knight’s Armament (bipod); Mastin Custom Stocks (Australia, added back, new site)
    Misc - Leica (introduced the Rangemaster CRF 1600-R LRF, replacement for the CRF 1000-R, 1600 yard max range)

Site Update (Jun 26 2016):
Additions and updates since Jun 19 2016
    No additions or updates this week.

Site Update (Jun 19 2016):
Additions and updates since Jun 12 2016
    Gunsmiths - Wheeler Accuracy (MT)
    Admin - added Facebook links to Rifle Components page (partial)

Site Update (Jun 12 2016):
Additions and updates since Jun 5 2016
    Misc - Sig Electro-Optics (OSCAR7 20-60x82mm spotting scope introduced)
    Admin - added 80+ Facebook links to the Rifles page. Please note that I only included links to Facebook pages that appear relatively current. [Somewhat amazing, to me, many of those companies do not have a Facebook link on their website and many of those that do have a link on their website do not use the universally-recognized Facebook icon. Marketing 1 grade = D.]

Site Update (Jun 5 2016):
Additions and updates since May 29 2016
    Rifle Components - Grayboe (stocks)
    Misc - Explorer Cases (cases)
    Admin - as I find time I’ll be adding Facebook links for companies that appear to stay current (starting with the Rifles page).

Site Update (May 29 2016):
Additions and updates since May 22 2016
    Gunsmiths - Billy Goat Machine (CA)
    Legal - “Listing of Federal Firearms Licensees - 2016”

Site Update (May 22 2016):
Additions and updates since May 15 2016
    Rifle Components - Blackhawk (suppressor - available late Summer 2016); Falkor Defense (bipods)

Site Update (May 15 2016):
Additions and updates since May 8 2016
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Cutting Edge Bullets (added a 250 gr Lazer and two 265 gr Lazers, a 267 gr MTAC, and a 265 gr MTH in .338; a 402, 427, and 452 MTAC and a 450 gr MTH in .375; a 472 gr MTAC and 450 and 470 gr MTH in .416 - they also dropped 5 MTH in .338 and one MTH in .375)
    Info/Pubs - Applied Ballistics (announced another Bryan Litz text, “Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting, Vol II”, available now for pre-order, shipping in mid-June)

Site Update (May 8 2016):
Additions and updates since May 1 2016
    No additions or updates this week.

Site Update (May 1 2016):
Additions and updates since Apr 24 2016
    Misc - Roberts Tactical Precision/RTAC (IRIS remote controller with new extended range antenna brings total system capability to at least 3000 yards - tested at the URSA SoCal shoot on 4/24); Target Vision (announced their latest target impact viewing system, the LR-2, now available for pre-order)
    Training - Cross-Hairs Long Range Hunting School (ID, up to 1200 yards)
    Admin - today (May 1, 2016) is this site’s 5th anniversary.  Thank you, Lord!

Site Update (Apr 24 2016):
Additions and updates since Apr 17 2016
    Rifles - TrackingPoint (added “M1400 338LM”, “Precision Guided .338 LM” gone)
    Rifle Components - Geissele (scope mounts)
    Misc - Celestron (spotting scopes and tripods)
    Ranges - Frontline Defense (NC - .50 BMG OK)
    Training - White Feather Precision Shooting (TN)

Site Update (Apr 17 2016):
Additions and updates since Apr 10 2016
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Hammer Bullets (.338 and .375 solid copper, HP)

Site Update (Apr 10 2016):
Additions and updates since Apr 3 2016
    Rifles - Steel Core Designs (USA site now up; registration requirement removed); Truvelo (added US reseller link)
    Misc - Kestrel Ballistics (application/education-focused website added)

Site Update (Apr 3 2016):
Additions and updates since Mar 27 2016
    No additions or updates this week.     

Site Update (Mar 27 2016):
Additions and updates since Mar 20 2016
    No additions or updates this week.

Site Update (Mar 20 2016):
Additions and updates since Mar 13 2016
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Clearwater Swiss Precision (Switzerland, has advised that they will export their monolithic copper and brass solids and their formed .416 Barrett and .460 Steyr brass to the US - to meet legal restrictions, they require a copy of the buyer’s drivers license and caliber-associated DROS); Warner Tool (formally announced and started taking orders for their high-BC, 361 gr, .375 Flat Line solids)
    Reloading Equipment - Clear Water Swiss Precision (Switzerland, large cartridge press)
    Cartridges - added the still-pending, 2015, .338 LM ANSI/SAAMI spec sheet and link to the 2015 ANSI/SAAMI standard

Site Update (Mar 13 2016):
Additions and updates since Mar 6 2016
    Rifle Components - CheyTac (scope base & rings); Witt Machine (has added suppressors)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - CheyTac (interesting note on the new CT site, ammo page, “We offer .375, 350 grain SMK; CheyTac® modifies SMK meplat plate to increase ballistic coefficient > 10%”); G9 Bullets (new company, announced a 232 gr, 338 brass solid; apparently exclusively sold through Mile High Shooting)

Site Update (Mar 6 2016):
Additions and updates since Feb 28 2016
    Rifles - Prechtl (Germany, added MANSORY model in 338 LM); Victrix Armaments (Italy)
    Rifle Components - SIG Sauer (suppressors); Terminator Products (New Zealand, added higher performance muzzle brake models - 6-ports/side T5 and 6-ports/side T6; comparative videos; thread chart)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Gunwerks (removed - no products shown on new site)
    Reloading Equipment - Fluxeon (“Annie” induction annealer); Turban (Germany, presses)

Site Update (Feb 28 2016):
Additions and updates since Feb 21 2016
    No additions or updates this week.

Site Update (Feb 21 2016):
Additions and updates since Feb 14 2016
    Rifles - Robar (added RC50/RC50F, in .50 BMG, and SR-21, in .338 LM); Safety Harbor (notwithstanding the fact that the SHTF .50 BMG rifle is still shown on their website, apparently they are no longer offering complete .50 BMG rifles...but continuing to offer their AR uppers, call to confirm)
    Rifle Components - David Tubb (noticed that he is listing a .50 BMG-specific T7T trigger - unclear what the differences are but it is $100 more than the base Rem 700 model); Ivey (notwithstanding there is nothing yet on their website, they have advised that they will be offering MOA versions of their new model adjustable scope mounts by Jun/Jul ‘16 and have started a list of folks interested in purchasing them, same model range and pricing as the Mil versions)     
    Misc - Cadex (has added hard cases with cut-out foam to match their CDX-33 rifle for $505.95, a great price for a wheeled case with cut-out foam); Ferrell Industries (Clear View, Pic-rail-attach scope levels)

Site Update (Feb 14 2016):
Additions and updates since Feb 7 2016
    Rifles - Xtreme Machining (added back now that info is again on their site, notwithstanding that the rifle spec does not mention cartridge, presumably their .338 Xtreme)
    Rifle Components - STW Systems (suppressors, .338, .375, and .408)
    Gunsmiths - Bryant Custom (TX; just came out of retirement and is taking orders again)

Site Update (Feb 7 2016):
Additions and updates since Jan 31 2016
    Rifles - Serbu (RN-50 page added, incl 3 videos, $875 pricing good until 2/19/16, “in production”)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Peterson Cartridge Co (confirmed  that .375 and .408 CT cases are to be released in June/July 2016)
    Reloading Equipment - Wilson (338 LM case gauge)
    Misc - Lyman (“TargDots” remote paper target advancer, Spring 2016); Pentax/Ricoh (spotter scopes, multiple models); SilencerCo (pic-rail-mounted, “Radius” LRF, 1 mile max)   
    Ranges - Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Benchrest Club/Williamsport (has scheduled two FCSA 1000 yard matches in 2016, 6/11-12 and 9/17-18)

Feb 1 2016
Per Dale Poling at Elite Iron (this date), my prior SHOT Show coverage post that current Revolution bipod owners could upgrade to the new model (to gain panning capability) with a parts swap is now a “TBD”.

Site Update (Jan 31 2016):
Additions and updates since Jan 24 2016
    Rifles - ABT Rifle Systems (UK, removed - cannot confirm they actually produce ELR models); Christensen Arms (removed ID that they have .416 Barrett and .50 BMG models - neither on their revised website nor in their 2016 online catalog; the new online catalog shows six .338 LM-optioned models but their site’s product pages show no .338 LM offerings - I’ve e-mailed them to advise); Templar Tactical (removed - currently not taking rifle orders, too much suppressor business)
    Rifle Components - Minox (Germany, added scope lines, including the ZP5 5-25x56 w/ MAP: $2999); Phoenix Tactical Procurement (UK, HD bipods - will export to the US)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Peterson Cartridge Company (338 LM brass - target is to provide Lapua-level quality)
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Leica (added the Leica Geovid Range series of binoculars with integrated LRF, good to 2000 yards)

Site Update (Jan 24 2016):
Additions and updates since Jan 17 2016 - beyond SHOT show coverage
    Gunsmiths - Patriot Valley Arms (PA)

2016 SHOT Show: Day 4 (Jan 22 2016):
1.  McMillan Fiberglass Stocks – they were showing 6 new-for-2016 models.  [Of course no online data.  I’ll try to photograph their flyer and post it this weekend during my “pic-add” session.]  The most interesting one was the “Sentry”, McMillan’s first stock with AR-back-end offering.  It is targeted towards shooters that like their AR buttstock and grip and might be interested in moving them to a bolt gun.  In addition to sans-buttstock-and-grip (so the shooter can accessorize at will), they will probably be offering some specific non-McMillan pieces, so folks could get a “full” stock. All the new models are 12-14 weeks if ordered “now”. I flipped the flyer over and found that they also have 3 new paint finishes (appear like being viewed through a fog) and 3 new molded-in finishes, including “GAP Ambush” (I’m assuming “GAP”, as in GA Precision – all the text is bolded). Pic (Sentry) - #1
2.  Cadex Defence (Canadian spelling) – was showing their new Shadow/CDX-40 (in .408 CT) and Tremor/CDX-50 (in .50 BMG).  All the critical components, including the actions, but less the Bartlein barrels, are built in Canada in their own facilities.  Most regrettably, they will NOT be offering their actions stand-alone.  Their 2016 catalog (  remains the only source for detail info on these models.  Pics - #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
3.  Savage – as noted in the Drake Associates “item”, Savage was showing the new, factory-blueprinted, Drake-stock-sporting, “110 BA Stealth” rifle (in 338 LM the SKU is 22640, MSRP: $1622).  The flyer from the Drake booth notes, “A similar Savage/Drake combination recently took first place for Top National Guard Team and 8th place overall at the 2015 US Army International Sniper Competition.”  Pics - #1, 2, 3
4. Truvelo (continued from Day 3, pissed pics) – I went back to photograph the bolt from their CMS 338.  While there I was informed that Gun Mountain in Henderson, NV will be a reseller for Truvelo rifles. See  Looks like a really interesting place – their home page flashes the offer of an M34 Mini-gun for $325K (as used in “Terminator”, “Predator” and other movies). The very kind lady in the adjacent booth is the proprietor.  Pics - #1, 2

2016 SHOT Show: Day 3 (Jan 21 2016):
1.  Minox - was showing their "MD 88 W" spotting scope (20-60x88, angled eyepiece only). This made-in-Germany spotter has a MAP of $1799.  I was informed that the specs were on their site.  As of 1/21/16 8:20 PM, Pacific, they are not.
2.  Newcon Optik - was showing their latest spotting scopes, the Spotter LRF and Spotter LRF Pro. They include, as the names suggest, an LRF, an industry first. The Pro is 1550nm and has a max range of 3000 yards, the non-Pro is 905nm and has a range of 2000 yards.  The spotter side is 15-45x60.  Specs at  Pics - #1, 2, 3
3.  RCBS - was showing the M1000 scale (up to 1000 gr., replaces the model 1010).
4.  Redding - was showing their new "Precision Inside Chamfer Tool" and their new "Piloted Case Chamfer and Debur Tool."  The first cuts the inside chamfer at 15 degrees.  The second handles both the inside and outside chamfer/deburr, the inside at 30 degrees. Both adjust for case length and align off the primer flash hole. Images at
5.  Rifle Accuracy Systems/RAS (Bostrom Gunsmithing) - was showing their redesigned line of barrel harmonics tuners and tuner/brakes.  The back story is their two year development of a tuner for the AR15 platform.  The quite substantial knowledge gained during that development process has been rolled into the earlier benchrest and F-class-focused product they added a turner and a couple of tuner/brakes for barrels as large as 1.260" at the muzzle. [Note: Their tuners can be used with other manufacturer's brakes and their tuners and tuner/brakes can be used with larger diameter barrels - they'll provide the "How To" info.]  See and also read their "Improved Rifle Accuracy Study" for what's it all about.
6.  SIG - was showing the quite frankly incredible Kilo2000 LRF.  At about 4' x 3.5 x 1.25" it is very compact and light weight.  With bright data display and center target circle, a range of 3400 (3.4K) yards, 7x magnification, and a MAP of $499...maybe Vectronix saw this coming when they killed Terrapin.  See  [Yes, I know this is not "new". That said, it is worth getting the word out. Bottom line, if I was in the market for an LRF, I'd buy this one in a heartbeat.]
7.  Sightron - was showing several new models, the "most" interesting being the 34mm-tube, SV (as in, S five) Series. All models are 10-50x60, Mil or MOA, with or without illumination. They were also showing tripods (a new product area for Sightron).  See  Pics - #1, 2, 3
8.  Truvelo (in Phoenix Defense's booth) - the shipment (their "CMS 338") and "handler" finally arrived!  VERY long conversation about a bunch of possible future opportunities.  Access to components remain a possible, dialog fully initiated.  While there are plenty of data on the Truvelo site (, and the this rifle is not "new", it was photographed a bunch.  Brain fade, I did not pull and photograph the bolt (see Day 4).  BTW, Phoenix Defense is located in LV (Las Vegas), not AZ.  Pics - #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
9.  Versa-Pod - was showing their USA-made, "350 Series" bipods...with handles (in place of thumb-chewing, grooved screws)!  Always a very feature-rich and functional bipod, IMO the handles are a huge improvement. Shipping in early Spring. They expect to move to handles across all their lines (over time). Pics (side-by-side,  "old" style, on left) - #1, 2
10.  Zeiss - was showing the new Victory V8 line, including the 4.8-35x60.  See
11.  NN (without comment) - AAC, Bell & Carlson, Bushmaster, CZ-USA, Forster, Gunwerks, Hensoldt, Hodgdon, Magpul, H-S Precision, Nikon, Oehler (the System 88 was introduced last SHOT and available since), Remington, Steiner, Swarovski, Trijicon.

2016 SHOT Show: Day 2 (Jan 20 2016):
1.  Brugger & Thomet (Switzerland) - NN [was showing their (not new but worth pics) "APR338", .338 LM, sniper rifle.  They have resellers in the US.  See]  Pics - #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
2.  Christensen Arms - was showing its new, lower-priced, "ELR" model rifle (lower priced than the current "Ultra ELR" model).  The 338 LM model is expected to ship in late March-April.
3.  "Guns & Gold 2" - showed a rather innovative product but actually a fairly old design, out of production since the '90s, the now-old "Liberty Arms" shell-holder action, bull-pup rifle in .50 BMG.  [I spoke at length with the rifle designer, Wayne Barbuto, who is currently acting as a consultant to the company.]  Quite regrettable they do not yet have a website but I took several pics and a lot of notes.  So... some of the details.  Its currently implemented with the .50 BMG Barrett chamber, 26" Krieger barrel, their own-design, 80-MOA, adjustable scope base (looks somewhat similar to the Cold Shot “MOAB"), own-design, HD brake,  Fairly spacey looking and the bolt comes into battery with a really sweat "click".  That sound alone is going to sell rifles.  The brake (which might become available separately) is of a slab design, has a large rear through-hole (90 degrees) and a pair of somewhat smaller ports at 45 degrees to the rear placed in front of the through hole.  The different port angles generate turbulence which dramatically dampens the otherwise very substantial side blast.  It's also very effective at dampening recoil and is much smaller and lighter than the AR-50 brake.  These will be built on state-of-the-art Mazak machining centers in the Salt Lake City area,  Estimated retail is somewhere around $2800 including the adjustable scope mount and the brake.  BTW, the action is only about 4 (four) inches long and the bolt is three-lobe.  Also, the company is very flexible, so lots of variations and some separately-available components might become available.  Pics - #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
4.  Innovative Arms - This is a company I was not aware of prior to this show.  They were showing, among other products, their 338 LM-class "Kryptic" and .50 BMG-class "Mojave" suppressors.  These were "new" to me, include here accordingly.  See info at
5.  Mason Target Systems - another new player in the very long range (2 miles +, min) remote target viewing solutions market. The system includes a "target", a AR-500, mobile (as in on-wheels) frame, and a software package to display on smart phones and tablets.  There are 4 sensors on the back side of the target (one in each corner) to provide shot image position data as a visual display as if shooting on a multi-concentric-circle paper target. The initial version uses an 18" square target and has an MSRP of $2500.  The next iteration is expected to have an approximate 30" square target.  BTW, their wireless tech is not WiFi.  A possible step beyond IRIS when URSA shooters get proficient enough to be concerned with hit location on the target, not just a hit on the target (at and beyond 2000 yards). Their website is
6.  McRee Precision - was showing a "slider" (a large, aluminum bag rider as a bolt-on  extension) for the front of their M50 chassis.  They will also offer a rear "slider" for that chassis.  Expected to be available in Feb.  Pics - #1, 2
7.  Phoenix Defense (importer and distributor) - was showing the DRD Tactical "Kivaari" 338 LM, semi-auto, sniper rifle.  They also had copies of the Vol 20, No 1 issue of "Small Ams Review/SAR" which includes a very extensive article on this rifle.  This is one of the sniper rifles Phoenix Defense is offering.  They are also going to be importing and offering the full line of Truvelo (South Africa) sniper rifles. [They have been waiting for the last two days for one of the Truvelo models to clear customs and ship to the show.  Hopefully in the booth on Thursday.]  They hope to be offering the Truvelo rifle line by Spring...AND, possibly the special-order availability of rifle components - which include the rifle actions Truvelo uses in rifles chambered in 12.7x99 (NATO), 14.5x114 Russian, 20x82, and 20x110.  Pics (of DRT Tactical’s “Kivaari”) - #1, 2, 3, 4
8.  Schmidt & Bender (continuation from Day 1, my oversight) - was also showing several new, actual-production scope models.  I "skipped" (actually had brain fade on) them because all the info was already on their website last weekend - and, quite frankly, I was really focused on the Digital models.  See
9.  Sierra 7 - was showing their new bipods for Accuracy International AT and AX rifles and AICS chassis systems.  No pics (I saw them in the "no-pics" New Products Showcase and they don't yet have these new models on their website).
10.  Sniper Extreme (UK) - was showing their .50 BMG ammo, including the "12.7x99 EBB" (Enhanced Barrier Bullet, CNC-turned monolithic solid).  This ammo will be manufactured in the US by Lehigh Defense. See  Interestingly, their UK test facilities include a 3000m range.
11.  Southern Ballistic Research (SBR-USA) - was showing their new .50 BMG match ammo with 660 gr solid brass projectiles.  
12.  "The AK Guy" (Brandon Herrera) - was present and previewing his in-development, "AK-50" rifle, an AK platform, functional design, implemented from scratch, in .50 BMG.  [Beyond being a product it is also intended to show that the AK platform can be very accurate and that it has legs even up to .50 BMG.]  See!ak-50/c18bc.  Note: The muzzle brake shown at SHOT was massively larger than the one shown on their website.  Pic - #1
13.  NN (without comment) - Kowa and March Optics

2016 SHOT Show: Day 1 (Jan 19 2016):
Did something a bit different this year.  I went to specific booths throughout the show that I had particular interest in.  I normally do wall-to-wall, one hall at a time.  I only talk to folks about ELR and ELR-related, so typically no info on other products. "NN" denotes "nothing new" - so you can see the booths I visited but found nothing that had not already turned up in one of my weekly News recaps. So here goes, in alpha order.
1.  Barrett - the only new "hardware" was the addition of a .338 caliber suppressor (plus others, smaller).  Very "conventional" looking, not like their current .50 cal model.
2.  Berger - NN [Still no hard commitment of when they will launch a .375 caliber Hybrid OTM.]
3.  CheyTac - was showing the prototype of the Jim Erwin "Kraken" signature 375 CT rifle with Proof carbon-wrapped barrel.  13# with optics!  Pics - #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
4.  Cutting Edge - NN [Dan, the Pres, Smitchko was kind enough explain why their tipped, LAZER projectile line has lower BCs than their MTAC and MTH lines - the culprits are the large nose cavity and the lighter weight and different weight distribution from the tips.  Software simulations did not tell them that, only live-fire testing/real-world measurement.]
5.  Defiance - NN [The control feed/CF action they showed last year, but is still not on their website, is in production...but no 338 LM-class versions.  Mausingfield currently owns this space, virtually uncontested, save for the possibility of using up the few remains parts for McMillan to build their now-discontinued, CF, G30 action.]
6.  Drake Associates - beyond showing a very reasonably priced, Savage-SKU'd, rifle in 338 LM, they announced and are showing implementations of their patent-pending "TiTAN Barrel System", a Titanium overlay on a stainless steel core barrel that is claimed to be as much as 45% lighter than typical SS barrels.  The samples in their booth were very impressive!  They advised that they are going into the barrel business with this tech, possibly including selling blanks. This could be very big.  Flyer
7.  Elite Iron - is showing a version of their Revolution bipod with horizontal panning. Current Revolutions upgradability is TBD (this per Dale Poling on 1 Feb 2016). Availability - Summer. Pics - #1, 2, 3
8.  Haenel (Germany) - never heard of these guys, right?  I suspect AI (Accuracy International) wishes the German Government hadn't either.  In a major competition for the German Army (late '15), Haenel's G29 (mil-speak for their RS9 338 LM, commercially-available, sniper rifle) came in first and won that contract.  An interesting note, the Haenel G29 fired 4000 (4K) rounds without losing more than 10 m/sec muzzle velocity from first to 4000th round AND without losing spec accuracy!  They build virtually everything themselves in their own facilities, including actions and barrels.  Caracal (UAE) will be their US-importer.  Timing (availability), TBD based on SHOW Show response.  Seriously dynamite product!  [Eurooptic, jump on this.  Please!]  Final note, Caracal has their own "competing" .338 LM sniper rifle (the CS338)...which was not on display.  Pics - #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
9.  Hornady - NN [need different equipment to move to .375 - .408-sized projectiles (their newer designs)...but "on the radar".]
10.  IWI (Israel) - NN [they confirmed they have a couple of their DAN sniper rifles in the US but nothing firm on when a commercial offering will appear.]
11. Kahles - has adopted a dedicated, left-side windage turret; added the SKMR 3 mil reticle for their K624i model.  Info just added to their site -
12.  Leupold - added a Horus TReMoR3 reticle option for some of their Mark 6 and Mark 8 scopes.  Has also gotten into training business with their own 2200m-capable facility and "PSR-1" class which will accommodate shooting to that distance.  The new effort is called the "Leupold Optics Academy."  NOTE: when I just went to see whether there was a "Leupold Opics Academy" web page on the Leupold main site (there isn't one), I found that I had been misled by their booth staff...and there are more 2016 products.  See
13.  Manners/MCS - is showing their new "competition" mini-chassis (adds an integrated extension to the front of their current mini-chassis, used to support attachment of a tripod or barricade).
14.  McMillan Firearms/Surgeon - the McMillan TAC 50 and the Surgeon Remedy now have Cadex-chassis options.  Pics (McMillan) - #1, 2, 3
15.  NECO - as usual, they had updates to QuickLOAD and QuickTARGET. labeled "JAN 2016", QL includes the recently announced Hornady ELD projectiles.
16.  Oehler - NN [System 88 - for BC development work - still not on their site.]  Pic of layout so folks can at least see what is actually shipping to get excellent BC data. Pic.
17.  Pacific Tool & Gauge/PTG (Dave Kiff) - first product tech side.  PTG has developed a new reamer design they refer to as "multi-helix".  As point of reference, Chad Dixon at Long Rifles Inc./LRI had me specify this tech for a reamer I'm having PTG build for me (and which LRI will be using to chamber a couple of barrels for me - to use with my end-of-March, single-shot,  Mausingfield action).  Suffice to say, Chad is VERY high on this tech.  Per Dave Kiff, it takes the useful life of a reamer (before regrind) from 300-350 chamberings to 5K (5000) chamberings. Beyond the multi-helix "configuration, these reamers are carbide with a PTG-developed, very special coating called "Inferno".  I did not try to get Dave to parse down the productivity improvement  attributable to each of the individual "pieces" (multi-helix, carbide, and the Inferno).  OK, now to rifle hardware - PTG was showing their own design actions in the show (4-5 models), small stuff by my reckoning.  These actions are NEW and NOT blueprinted Rem 700s!  And...come Summer (2016) they will be adding .338 LM-sized AND CheyTac-sized actions.  Mr. Stiller is about to lose his current CT action monopoly. [Ask your current CT action supplier before you question the "monopoly" quip.]  Pics (of a multi-helix reamer) - #1, 2
18.  Schmidt & Bender - their "Digital" line was on display (2 models)...and they are actively working with Vectronix to pair their products via Bluetooth.  Their "Digital" vision (capture of LRF and environmental data and displaying it in the view through their scopes) is "open platform", supposedly available to all those that want to marry up with their implementation...and are willing to meet their functional and quality expectations.  They feel this is a more doable and less expensive approach to getting that info to the shooter, in the scope rather than integrating an LRF and/or “Kestrel”.  Availability...2016?  Pics - #1, 2, 3, 4, 5
19.  Serbu - showing a VERY innovative rifle, the RN-50.  A collaborative design between Serbu and "YouTube celeb Royal Nonesuch" (the RN in the model name), this is a "modified break-action design with screw-on breech cap" in .50 BMG, exposed hammer and all.  Intro price is $875 for a complete rifle less AR-style buttstock and bipod (as displayed).  ALSO willing to sell it sans barrel for barreling (through your choice of 3rd party) in your choice of cartridges based on the .50 BMG. Pic - #1, video
20.  Sierra - NN [a tipped version in .375...2017?]
21.  Steyr - NN [the HS 460, while not "discontinued", is not on their website (or in their latest catalog), is "not active", and is "not in production." Really hard to build interest for a rifle that never had commercially-available ammo.]
22.  Velocity Tactics - while they still have yet to post (website) info on their SHOT-Show-2015-released solid-copper projectiles, they are already into even sleeker designs (in copper) with a G1 BC of 1.10 for the .338 caliber (availability, 3-4 weeks).  And...they were showing a 247 gr, .338 caliber, brass projectile with a G1 BC of 1.61 (one-point-six-one). Availability, longer than 3-4 weeks.  Their .375s are "this year"...and they are thinking .50 cal beyond 2016.  Pics - #1, 2
23.  NN (without comment) - American Rifle Company, Armalite, and Lapua.

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    Ammo & Ammo Components - Hornady (their 2016 “new product” catalog is showing .338 LM Match ammo using the recently-announced, 285 gr, ELD Match projectile, shows very minor ballistic improvement at 400 and 500 yards); IMI (.338 LM ammo with 250 gr projectile); and PRIME Ammo (.338 LM with 300 gr projectile)

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Additions and updates since Aug 9 2015
    Rifles - Lobaev Arms (RU, the folks that recently published video of shooting out to 3400m/3720 yards - 338 LM and 408 CT)
    Rifle Components - American Rifle Company (added an action wrench for their Mausingfield action)
    Reailers/E-tailers - Mounting Solutions Plus/MSP
    Cartridges - 9.5x70 ELR/9.5x70 Tornado (a variation of the 338 LM in .375 caliber); Viersco (VM long neck/VM2 dims link added; with the closure of the rifles and cartridges side of the Black Diamond/Viersco site I’ve substituted links from AECC)
    Info Sites - Association of Spanish Cartridge Collectors/AECC (an extensive collection of data on cartridges worldwide, including several US ELR wildcats; select the caliber range you want from the “Fuego Central/CF” menu item in the upper left of the home page; in Spanish - translator)
     Admin - periodic link check complete, several sites gone and dead links deleted; if you had a link and it is now gone, please advise current URL and I will add back.

Site Update (Aug 9 2015):
Additions and updates since Aug 2 2015
    Rifle Components - American Rifle Company/ARC (has added an action wrench for their Mausingfield action)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Black Diamond/Viersco (deleted them as a source for SnipeTac and VM brass - changing business model, suggest calling to find alternates); CMA Custom Ammo (added 750 gr, .50 cal “List Bonded Super Match” projectiles); Dugga Boy Bullets (removed - gone); McMillan (removed Extreme Velocity ammo offerings - gone); Monolithic (removed the 200 gr 338 LM ammo offering - gone); Styria Arms (Austria, added their 338, 375, 408, 416, and 50 cal copper solid projectiles to the Bullets/Projectiles matrix - no current US distribution but they are willing to export to the US); Tactical Ammunition (removed the 338 LM ammo offerings - gone); Velocity Tactics (projectiles - not yet on their site, call or e-mail)
    Misc/Targets - Target Vision (removed the “Portable Remote Target Changer” - gone from their site but they intend to add it back when time permits to produce more)
    Gunsmiths - Area 419 (removed - site gone); Clark Fay (removed - site gone)
    Pubs, Articles... - “ELR Target CAM w/DVR” (a very detailed How-To article including build bill of materials)

Site Update (Aug 2 2015):
Additions and updates since Jul 26 2015
    Rifles - PMAC Precision (custom builds); Watson Firearms (removed, no longer show firearms)
    Rifle Components - Aztec (removed muzzle brake listing, no longer an identifiable product); BAT Machine (removed muzzle brakes, no longer available); Defiance (removed DBMs - no longer producing for 338 LM); Flavio Fare (Italy, triggers); McCann (removed scope mounts line, rights sold to VLTOR in 2014 but no such product shown on their site); McMillan (G30 action replaced by G31 but the G31 is only available in full rifle builds - removed); My Guns Northwest (removed Pic rails listing - not built to Pic spec); Pacific Tool & Gauge/PTG (removed DBMs - no longer lists for 338 LM); Receiver Matrix (added dims for RPA GBMF and Barnard GP actions); Tier-One/Third Eye Tactical (UK, added muzzle brakes and suppressors); Xtreme Hard Core (muzzle brakes)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Cutting Edge/CEB (added 395 and 420 gr .408s to their MTAC line); Peregrine (South Africa, projectiles - including their RangeMaster line of copper solids in .338, .408, and .50 cal); Projectiles Matrix (in the process of updating links noted that Cutting Edge/CEB is not including G7 data derived using Oehler 43 acoustic chrono for some of their Lazer, MTAC, and MTH line items); Warner Tool (copper solid projectiles)
    Reloading Equipment - Black Diamond/Viersco (custom dies, incl .416-Barrett-from-.50-BMG forming dies)
    Training - Pump Precision Rifle Training (TX)
    Info/Info Sites - Precision Rifle Podcasts

Site Update (Jul 26 2015):
Additions and updates since Jul 19 2015
    Rifles - H-S Precision (added PHR, STR, TTD, and VAR models in 338 LM and 338/378 Weatherby and removed the SPR and VTD, gone from the site); Xtreme Machining (removed, no ELR offerings)
    Rifle Components - updated Receiver matrix (added Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply/ATRS’s Maverick, American Rifle Company/ARC’s Mausingfield, Ashbury Precision Ordnance/APO’s SABER EX and VX, Defiance’s Deviant Tactical and Deviant Ultralight, Kelbly’s .338 LM Panda, Prechtl’s GS04 ML, and R Bros’ Rogue); Noreen/Only Long Range (removed action listing, no longer selling actions stand alone)

Site Update (Jul 19 2015):
Additions and updates since Jul 12 2015
    Rifles - Concern Kalashnikov (Record 338), Sawtooth Rifles (custom builds)

Site Update (Jul 12 2015):
Additions and updates since Jul 5 2015
    Rifles - Mauser (removed, no longer showing at least a .338 LM model); McMillan (removed older, no-longer-listed models); Newman Precision (removed, site gone); PGM (added “Mini Hecate 2” in .338 LM; removed Drake as distributor, they are now looking for US distribution); Primary Weapons Systems/PWS (removed, no longer showing at least a .338 LM offering); SIG (removed, discontinued Tactical 2 and SIG 50 models)
    Rifle Components - Cadex (added their trigger line); Masterpiece Arms/MPA (added their chassis line); MAK Enterprises (removed, site gone)

Site Update (Jul 5 2015):
Additions and updates since Jun 28 2015
    Rifles - Black Diamond/Viersco (removed, not taking new rifle orders), Coleman Rifles (removed, site suspended since 12/14), Hawk Hill Customs (removed, no longer showing rifles/rifle builds)
    Rifle Components - Joe West Rifle Stocks (UK, stocks)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - ADI (Australia, powder), Southwest Ammunition (removed, no 338 LM ammo listed for months); Ted Nugent (removed, site parked for over a month)
    Gunsmiths - Crescent Customs (MO)

Site Update (Jun 28 2015):
Additions and updates since Jun 21 2015
    Rifle Components - Kelbly (finally has a product page for the .338 LM Panda action); UTG/Leapers (added Heavy Duty Recon 360 bipod; $80, see video)
    Reloading Equipment - Viersco/Dave Viers (custom dies)
    Gunsmiths - 700BARRELS.COM (CA)

Site Update (Jun 21 2015):
Additions and updates since Jun 14 2015
    Rifle Components - Dolphin Rifle Company/UK (chassis); Extreme Pod (bipod from Extreme Store)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Case Club (case reseller that specializes in custom foam inserts)

Site Update (Jun 14 2015):
Additions and updates since Jun 7 2015
    Rifles - Barnard (added Barnard-Dolphin GP Rifle in .50 BMG)
    Rifle Components - Defiance (added the Deviant Ultralight action), Ivey (RTM50 MILDOT ring set with up to 50 mil radians of elevation, large image - apparently replaces prior product which is no longer listed); Precision Stock Works (removed, site gone)
    Misc/Rifle Cases - Foam Factory (excellent prices on replacement foam)
    Misc/Spotting Scope - Leupold (introduced new Golden Ring model with MOA grid, nothing yet on their website)
    Retailer/E-tailers - CDNN Sports

Site Update (Jun 7 2015):
Additions and updates since May 31 2015
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Barnes (added a line of “Precision Match” ammo incl 338 LM, very limited info, no ballistics); Fiocchi (Perfecta Sniper line, incl 338 LM and 50 BMG); Sellier & Bellot (Target/Match line, incl 338 LM)
    Reloading/Aids - Dr. Mom/R. A. Bock Diagnostics (replaced Flexbar model otoscope with this product; superior quality, less expensive)
    Misc/Rifle Cases & Associated - removed Proxxon foam cutter (poor tool for large-rifle-case-size foam)

Site Update (May 31 2015):
Additions and updates since May 24 2015
    Rifle Components - EGW (scope bases and rings); March (new exclusive US distributor)
    Misc/Material Suppliers - Fry Steel (less than half the price on aluminum, reasonable shipping charges, no min order qty, end-user friendly, 800#, SoCal will call, price them before you buy elsewhere)

Site Update (May 24 2015):
Additions and updates since May 17 2015
    Rifles - TrackingPoint (removed - ceased taking orders, financial difficulties)
    Rifle Components - Benchmark Barrels (announced that they are now offering carbon wrapped barrels - see
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - Target Sight (removed, site gone)

Site Update (May 17 2015):
Additions and updates since May 10 2015
    No additions or updates this week.

Site Update (May 10 2015):
Additions and updates since May 3 2015
    Rifle Components - KFS/TACMOD (chassis info final published)

Site Update (May 3 2015):
Additions and updates since Apr 26 2015
    Rifles - Valley Ordnance Works (XF-50 .50 BMG, single shot, left hand option)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Southwest Ammo (removed MV/ME data on 338 LM with 300 gr Lapua scenar - data highly suspect, no response to multiple requests to correct or advise)
    Reloading Equipment - DSK Armoury (50 BMG decapping die); Guntap (SS tumbling media)
    Misc - Drierite (compartment desiccator - for safes); McMaster-Carr (fasteners + tons of other hardware and tools - if you have not been to their website you have missed a tremendous resource)
    Training - Center Shot Training (added max distance for students, 3000 yards)       

Site Update (Apr 26 2015):
Additions and updates since Apr 19 2015
    Rifle Components - Accu-Tac (bipods); Cadex (muzzle brake); Trigger Tech (triggers)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - CMA Custom Ammo (.50 cal projectiles with custom, variable weights)
    Misc - Cut2SizeMetals (materials supplier)
    Gunsmiths - Anthony’s Precision Rifles (CA)
    Training - removed Legion (advised me by e-mail that, “Right now we are not offering the facility up for civilians to use the ranges.”)

Site Update (Apr 19 2015):
Additions and updates since Apr 12 2015
    Ammo & Ammo Components - CheyTac (removed brass offerings, no longer on their site); GSR Precision (Canada, .50 cal turned projectiles)
    Misc/Rifle Cases - Plasticase (Canada)
    Gunsmiths - Tier One Defense/T1D (NJ)
    Training - Center Shot Training/Will Ross (CO, added back, semi-WIP site)

Site Update (Apr 12 2015):
Additions and updates since Apr 5 2015
    Rifles - Collier Rifles (removed, not currently offering ELR cartridge builds); MG Arms (Banshee in 338 LM and Behemoth in 50 BMG - Behemoth link is an Ammoland announcement, no product page yet on company site)
    Rifle Components - CheyTac (bipod)
    Misc/Targets - (incl .50 BMG)

Site Update (Apr 5 2015):
Additions and updates since Mar 29 2015
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Captech/Jamison (added link for ”.505 Gibbs Basic” for use in forming and fire forming for CT-based cartridges)
    Articles -7 Ways the New ARC Rifle Action Blends the Best of Old & New” (Precision Rifle Blog)

Site Update (Mar 29 2015):
Additions and updates since Mar 22 2015
    Rifle Components - Miracle Machine Works/scope bases (removed, site gone)
    Reloading Equipment/Aids - JBM has graciously extended their Trajectory Calculators “Maximum Range” to 4000 yards to  help those that were frustrated by the prior 3000 yard “limit”
    Training - Gunsite Academy/AZ (removed, max cartridge is .300 Win Mag)
    Cartridges - Cartridges Matrix updated for JBM-calculated results now that 4000 yards max range is possible (only the >.375 page is impacted and only slightly)

Interim Update (Mar 24 2015):
    Cartridges - updated Cartridges matrix to add “possible” “supersonic to (Yds)” values using current higher BC projectile offerings (Berger Hybrid OTM for .338 and Predator/Dynamic Research for .375 and larger).  See notes on each page.

Site Update (Mar 22 2015):
Additions and updates since Mar 15 2015
    Rifles - CheyTac (XLD/”Xtreme Long Distance” rifle introduced); Keppeler/Germany (2015 catalog)
    Rifle Components - Terminator/NZ (added US reseller link for their muzzle brake line)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Corbon (deleted 338 NM and 375 RUM ammo SKUs, discontinued)
    Misc/Targets - GongShot (brackets for gong stands)
    Cartridges - updated Cartridges Matrix (see light green highlighting)
    Info/Info Sites - Defense Technical Information Center/DTIC (includes archived articles and presentations)
    Info/Articles -20mm AMR - New Use of Unused Ammo” (from DTIC); “Rifle Scopes: First Focal Plane vs.Second Focal Plane” (from

Site Update (Mar 15 2015):
Additions and updates since Mar 8 2015
    Rifles - Noreen/OnlyLongRange (added BN408 page - their new 408 CT semi-auto); Remington (defense products now available to civilians)
    Rifle Components - Border Barrels (of the UK - their back); JP Enterprises (also incl “Bennie Cooley Signature Series” muzzle brakes); Pacific Tool & Gauge (now offering own trigger)
    Gunsmiths - admin (added “By State, then Alpha Sequence” section below “Alpha Sequence” sort); Young’s Gunsmithing (MT)
    Retailer/E-tailer - Selway Armory
    Associations - FCSA (“King of 2 Miles” Facebook page now up  but they say they won’t shoot at that distance because of camera problems...Nonsense!  Almost a year ago I personally demo’d my TargetCam with extended range antennas to 5 MILES; I’ve e-mailed the Match Director accordingly)

Site Update (Mar 8 2015):
Additions and updates since Mar 1 2015
    Rifles - Alexander Arms (offering 20% off for a limited time on its 338 LM semi-auto Ulfberht rifle); Blaser (announced 338 LM is coming to their R8 rifle in April, has optional GRS stock); EDM (added a nice take-down view pic of a Windrunner); SAI (of Denmark, CSR-338 repeater in 338 LM)
    Rifle Components - Barnard (has posted a nice article, “Helland & Brandt’s ‘Mjolnir’ PLM Rifle Build in 338 Magnum Lapua”); STL (of Germany, announced Rem 700-compatible triggers)

Site Update (Mar 1 2015):
Additions and updates since Feb 22 2015
    Rifles - Savage (Model “112 Magnum Target”- single shot w/ a wooden stock model in 338 LM)
    Rifle Components - American Rifle Company (Mausingfield action - support s.338 NM; a different action than used in their M2 rifle)
    Reloading Equipment/Misc - Inline Fabrication (press risers, roller-handle press arms, etc.; excellent quality, free shipping)
    Info Sites - “.50 Cal Headstamps: Manufacturing Marks of WWII”

Site Update (Feb 22 2015):
Additions and updates since Feb 15 2015
    Rifles - VOERE (LBW-V Heavy Varmint in 338 LM with progressive/gain twist barrel; also added link to X3 product video - has a nice switch barrel segment)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Styria Arms/Aero (Austria; copper solid projectiles - SOLR and SLD/super low drag lines in .338, .375, .408, .416, and .510 caliber)
    Misc/Rifle Cases - Cabela’s
    Ranges - Superior Game Ranch/Border States Rifle Club (MI); added “By State, then Alpha Sequence” section below “Alpha Sequence” sort of ranges

Site Update (Feb 15 2015):
Additions and updates since Feb 8 2015
    Rifles - Hankins Custom Rifles (custom builds); MasterPiece Arms (“MPA 338BA Bolt Action Rifle” in 338 LM)
    Rifle Components - Ashbury Precision Ordnance/APO (“SABER EX” 338 LM-class and “SABER VX” CT-class actions - but insufficient info to add to the receivers matrix; press release)
    Ranges - Imperial Valley Rifle & Pistol Assoc (CA), Tehama Shooters Assoc (CA)
    Cartridges - added back the .338 Xtreme; added pics of the .338 Yogi and .338 Big Baer (from
    Pubs/Articles - P.O. Ackley’s Wildcats (article)

Site Update (Feb 8 2015):
Additions and updates since Feb 1 2015
    Rifles - OnlyLongRange/Noreen Firearms (BN408 - placeholder added, see SHOT 2015, Day 3; “ULR Extreme” - ULR model using XLR chassis, call)
    Rifle Components - GEMTECH (“ARROW”.338 LM suppressor and QD muzzle brake, to ship in Q2)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - American Eagle/Federal (.338 LM ammo with 250 gr. JSP - pg 26 in 2015 catalog)
    Product Review - nice, detailed review of American Rifle Company’s Mausingfield action on PrecisionRifleBlog (appears to support 338 Norma Magnum cartridge; have requested confirmation)

Site Update (Feb 1 2015):
Additions and updates since Jan 25 2015
    Rifles - Rhino Arms (RA-PBA.338)
    Rifle Components - David Tubb Accuracy and Precision Gun Parts (triggers, 2-stage); Defiance (has posted a video briefly discussing the new CRF option for its line of bolt action receivers)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Nosler (added 225 gr .338 spitzer, E-Tip projectile)
    Misc/Targets - TargetVision (Portable Remote Target Changer, armored)
    Ranges - Ridgway Rifle Club (PA)
    Cartridges - .338 TP (TrackingPoint proprietary)

Site Update (Jan 25 2015):
Additions and updates since Jan 22 2015
    Rifles - Cadex Defence (Patriot CDX-33); DRD Tactical (Kivaari 338, semi-auto 338 LM - Summer availability)
    Misc/Spotting Scopes - Trijicon
    Training - Trigger Time Training has added a new class, “PROJECT: ELR” - big hardware and 2400 yards +

SHOT Show 2015, Day 3 (Jan 22 2015):
    Alexander Arms - pics of their 338 LM semi-auto “Ulfberht” (introduced last year) - 1, 2, 3, 4
    Bix & Andy (in the Bullet Central booth - their US distributor/reseller) showed their upcoming 2-stage trigger for Rem 700 layout actions; available this year. Pics - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  [BTW, the action shown carrying the new trigger is what I believe is the next gen of super-highend benchrest actions - beyond incredible!  Regrettably for us, in small caliber only.]
    Defiance Machine was showing a new Deviant model with "controlled round case feed" - quite a departure from the current Deviant model. It will support 338LM with Remington style mag box or DBM for AI CIP-length mags. Pics - 1, 2, 3, 4
    Gunwerks was showing a prototype from their own-design receiver line, which will include a 338 LM-capable model with support for AI CIP-length mags; due this Summer.
    IMI (Israel) was showing ammunitions products, including .338 LM and .50 BMG. Other sources advised that both of those cartridges should be being imported by around May, though IMI's info sheet targets the .338 LM (250 gr "Long Range Tactical") for snipers - thus commercial availability is not assured, especially for the .50 BMG.
    Ithaca had rifle models in their booth and a product flyer that include, "The Savior" (model) is Ithaca Precision's .338 Lapua. It is exclusively tactical, and not for hunting."
    LabRadar - again a booth with product.  They said they had recently completed FCC testing (passed) and expect to be shipping in about two months.
    Meopta had their new Meopro 80 HD spotting scope on display.  It has an integrated 20-60 eyepiece (eliminates two lens, produces brighter and higher quality transmission). See
    Noreen (OnlyLongRange) was showing a possible 2015 model, the BN408, a semi-auto in 408 CT. The design is very different from the current Bad News 338 LM semi-auto and has a quite- unexpectedly-small (read AR-size) brake. Availability seemed quite tentative because of possible foreign government commitments. Pics - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    Pacific Tool & Gauge (PTG) was showing their "Pacific Tactical" (Rem 700 footprint) line of branded receivers which will include the B52 (338 LM) model; should be available in about two months.  Also showing a PTG trigger (which will be available/optional with the new actions) - a "Karl Kenyon clone" with single-point adjustment from 3.5-6 oz.
    Stealth Engineering Group (SEG) was showing the baffle tube for their upcoming .50 BMG suppressor (Ti) -massive!   Pic.
    THOR Global Defense was showing a new rifle in 338 LM, the TRMA338. It sports a Cadex chassis and is expected to be shipping by April.
    T.Z.Case had their very-long-gun-friendly TZM0062 rifle case on display, 62" long (exterior) and of apparent good design and quality. Their website "details" take some time to load - see
    Velocity Tactics, a new player in the solid projectiles marketplace, was showing solid copper .338s in 270 and 275 grs - both for ELR but substantially different in design approach. Availability: approx 4 weeks. No info on their website, hope they add it soon.
    Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów (ZMT) of Poland had a hunting and sporting version of their bullpup military sniper rifle line on display and noted the possibility of importing the 338 LM and .50 BMG models in that line.  See

SHOT Show 2015, Day 2 (Jan 21 2015):

Caldwell has upgraded their Magnum Gong to AR550 plate and added an XL model with 17" x 9" gong (both models use 3/8" plate); see and, respectively

Frankford Arsenal has added a Brass Dryer to compliment their rotary tumbler product; see
    BCM europearms (Italy) - importation licensing is in process for their full line of rifles (through Italian Firearms Group (IFG) in TX)  Pics of one of their 408 CT models - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    Black Hills - added 338 LM ammo with the Nosler 250 gr AccuBond projectile; ship in the March/April timeframe
    Burris - XTR II 5-25/50 scope (FFP, Mil, illuminated, MSRP:$1249)
    Cadex - is entering the rifle business including a 338 LM model (in production now) with a .50 BMG model to follow this year; will utilize a special chassis including Pic rail design that acts as a heat shield; they are building their own designed and manufactured receiver. Pics - 1, 2, 3
    Christensen Arms - all bolt rifles are now available with titanium receivers, available now.
    Fifty Caliber Shooters Association (FCSA) will be adding some excitement to their 2015 World Championship (Whittington range) - a 2200 yard, open-caliber competition (on steel) with the top five shooters advancing to a 2.1 mile shoot-off; they have booked the range for follow-on competitions in 2016 and 2017; more details to be provided on an upcoming Facebook page
    Kahles - has updated their K624i model scope with additional Mil reticles (SKMR1 and 2), their first MOA reticle (MOAK), and improved turrets (with second rotation indicator and refined zero stop); same model name, new part numbers. See
    KRG - in passing mentioned that the Whiskey 3 chassis can be modified (post-factory) to accept 338 LM CIP-length, AI mags (requires approx .130" elongation)
    Leica - ER 5 series added; data are suppose to be on their website but are not as of 1/21 PM
    McMillan Fiberglass Stocks - grabbed some pics of their new Super 50 BR stock - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    McMillan Firearms - the TAC-50 now has a Cadex chassis options. Pics - 1, 2, 3, 4
    MINOX - added the MD 60 Z and MD 80 Z spotting scopes with 12-40 and 20-60 magnification eyepieces; see; also the MD 88 W spotting scope with angled eyepiece, very limited data in their new products brochure and nothing online (available in Apil); and finally new tactical rifle scopes including the ZP5 5~25x56, see

LRB 12K (and 12K Night) BLRF with 7X magnification, NATO target to 12K m, 1550nm wavelength, integrated compass and GPS, BT and Android compatible; see

Spotter LRF - 15-45, integrated LRF MICRO module (905nm wavelength, NATO target to 5,500m), etched mil-dot reticle, available approx March
    Oehler - introduced their industrial System 88 Long Range Data model for "verification of BCs over very long ranges" (think very precise MV and very precise time of flight with target at 1000 yards or beyond); uses an acoustic target and wireless comm and requires connection to a Windows notebook PC and a USB connection for data display using their provided proprietary software app. Substantial tech info will be added to their website presently.
    SIG - added SRD338Ti titanium suppressor for 338 LM (on display but with a Q2 launch). Pic.
    Sightron - 10-50x60 SV (new series) scope, 34mm tube, Mil-hash or MOA reticle, locking turrets, and F.A.S.T. Focus. Pics - 1, 2, 3, 4
    Steel Core Designs (UK) - showed the rifle products of the design and engineering talent from what was originally RPA; on display were ELR models from their Thunderbolt and Cyclone lines (including SC-86/338 LM, MSR/338 LM, and HSR/.50 BMG).  Pics of the somewhat earlier HSR - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  The current version is much slicker (wall rendering, top model). They are looking for US distribution partners and their products well deserve it.
    Steiner - added M5Xi (Military) scope line (, 5-25/56 model with Horus H59 reticle on display. Pic.
    TrackingPoint - introduced the "Mile Maker" (BA338TP) rifle with custom Cadex chassis, lock range of one mile, and .047 MOA tracking precision using their proprietary .338TP ammo (cartridge design based on the 505 Gibbs, 35° shoulder, and correct head stamp). Pics - 1, 2, 3  Also see BTW, list price: $49,995
    Trijicon - HD Spotting Scope, 20-60x with 82mm objective lens, angled eyepiece, and a very slick case that can stay in place on the scope while still retaining full access to tripod and controls; see

SHOT Show 2015, Day 1 (Jan 20 2015):
    Accuracy International - confirmed re new site MIAs: AS50 (semi-auto) is gone but "possibly" a version coming back; AW model replaced by AT (which is only available in 308 = gone); AW50 replaced by AX50; and AX338 still available (i.e., you do not have to opt for the multi-caliber model, AXMC)
    Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO):
       Misc - they are looking for a .50 BMG action supplier (prior supplier "declined" to fulfill  their open orders)
       VX action (for CT-based actions):

For rifle builds and for stand-alone sales; rifle builds (375 Super Sport) starting the week of Jan 26th

Order thru their Custom Shop; allocations split between rifle builds and stand-alone sales

APO design manufactured by Stiller's Precision; support Rem 700 footprint triggers but they are working with David Tubb on integrating his T7T double stage

Pics -  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    Brugger & Thomet (B&T, Switzerland)  - APR338 Sniper System (338 LM) now available to US dealers thru their US operations (B&T USA). Company PDF -  Pics - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    Gemtech - adding a .338 LM-capable suppressor model (the "Arrow"), shipping in Q2
    Manners Composite Stocks - added:

MCS-T7 ("more traditional style grip with midsized forend" - similar in appearance to their T3 but with a large butt hook - the largest they offer)

Elite Tactical models in "Moss" and "Swamp" patterns

Elite Hunter EH5/5A ("trimmed down version of the T5/5A... (with) narrow forend and compact butt section; 5A version with the "new lightweight aluminum/titanium adjustable cheek hardware from LRI")

Elite Hunter EH6 ("designed to be our smallest, lightest mountain stock; very compact, rounded bottom, more traditional straight pull but just as straight and stiff as the rest of the lineup.")

Elite Hunter EH7 ("old school safari stock designed for the CZ 550B action; 100% carbon fiber and strong enough to hold up to any big bore")

Elite Hunter EHTA Tikka ("adjustable version" of the current Tikka stock; with the "new lightweight aluminum/titanium adjustable cheek hardware from LRI")

EHF1/EHF1A ("folding versions of the EH1", adjustable and fixed cheek versions)
Primary Weapons System - their MK3 series model in 338 LM has been discontinued.
Rock Creek Barrels - found out that their .375, .408, and .510 barrels have 8R rifling.  As previously reported they are again taking direct orders.

Site Update (Jan 18 2015):
Additions and updates since Jan 11 2015
    Rifles - Desert Tech (added some owner pics of an HTI in 50 BMG - from Germany; the large brake is a one-off, very-custom in powdered metal); Hill Country Rifles (is back); Mauser (M98 Magnum - while not really an ELR rifle, nice to see they recognized worldwide interest in the 338 LM)
    Rifle Components - Desert Tech (SRS QD brake and upcoming Elite Iron exclusive suppressor for .375); Steiner (released T series scopes)
    Ammo & Ammo Componets - Lapua (338 LM ammo with new Lock Base (FMJBT) 300 gr projectile; that projectile)
    Reloading - Giraud (flameless induction case annealer)
    Misc/Other Misc - Lyman (AmmoTracker Chrono - accurate of +/- 0.5%, available in May)
    Misc/Targets - Action Target (steel for 50 BMG - uses AR550 plate)
    Training - Long Range Germany (removed - currently only able to shoot to 300m, hopes to be at 1000m by EOY)
    Legal - ATF (has released the Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide 2014)

Site Update (Jan 11 2015):
Additions and updates since Jan 4 2015
    Rifles - FMR Unique (France, RS1 Sniper in 338 LM), G.A.C. Riflesn (Italy, Big One, Hurricane, Thunder, and Trident in 338 LM thru 408 CT)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Clearwater Swiss Precision (Switzerland, brass and copper solids in .375 - .510)
    Ranges - Shots Ranch (AZ, up to 2200 yards+, membership required)
    Training - Academi (removed - max only to 600 yards), Corbon (removed - closed), McMIllan (no longer restricted to McMillan rifle owners), Shots Ranch (AZ), Thunderbeast (removed - cartridge restrictions)
    Info - Accurate Shooter (has added a Ballistics and Bullets forum and Applied Ballistics Pro Support thread with support from Brian Litz), TFB Firearms Patent Blog (firearm patents and patent applications)
    Admin - site-wide link check complete (removed several other sites that probably shouldn’t have been there and are now gone or dormant)

Site Update (Jan 4 2015):
Additions and updates since Dec 28 2014
    Rifles - ARMES Christian SALVA (France, BR and sniper rifles in 338 LM thru 408 CT; in French, use a translator); Center Shot Training/WY (removed, site gone)
    Misc/Rifle Cases - Explore Products (aluminum, Kalispel style)
    Training - Center Shot Training/WY (removed, site gone)

Site Update (Dec 28 2014):
Additions and updates since Dec 21 2014
    Rifle Components/Suppressors - Silencerco Harvester Big Bore review/video by NFA Review Channel (on a Sako TRG-42 in 338 LM)
    Ammo & Ammo Components/Ammo - ammo matrix link checked and updated; added COR®BON 338 NM (300 gr Match HPBT), Double Tap 338 LM (250 & 300 gr Nosler Accubond) and 50 BMG (750 gr Barnes TAC LRBT), Hornady 338 LM (285 gr A-MAX), and Knesek/KGI 408 CT (419 gr solid)
    Ammo & Ammo Components/Projectiles - projectiles matrix link checked and updated; added GSC .338 HV (HP solid) in 257 and 285 gr, .375 HV in 420 gr, and .50 SP in 910 gr
    Retailers/E-tailers - Reloading International (specializes in projectiles and brass for international customers)

Site Update (Dec 21 2014):
Additions and updates since Dec 14 2014
    Rifle Components/Actions - BAT Tactical Actions (pre-configured BAT HR actions, Melonited with interal 20 MOA rail)
    Rifle Components/Barrels - Borden Barrels (removed - acquired and site gone); Hawk Hill Custom; Rock Creek (again accepting direct orders...but Mike Rock is no longer with that company,”retired” at the end of 2013 per a notice on the company home page)
    Rifle Components/Muzzle Brakes - Center Shot Rifles
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Laser Technology (rangefinders - 2000 m max)

Site Update (Dec 14 2014):
Additions and updates since Dec 7 2014
    Rifle Components - JP Enterprises (triggers for AR-type rifles); K&P Gun Co. (muzzle brakes; belatedly added - famous for their clam-shell brakes for .50 BMG rifles); recoil pads added to Stocks sub-section (AiRecoil, LimbSaver, and Pachmayr - AiRecoil/Stagecoach has excellent products at 1/3 - 1/2 the price of the others, made in Pahrump, Nevada); Stealth Engineering Group/SEG (suppressors)
    Misc/Targets - IBS 1000 Yd BR (an additional supplier, National Target Company)
    Info/Articles - Primal Rights (incl a recent in-depth article on the Tangent Theta TT525 scope)

Site Update (Dec 7 2014):
Additions and updates since Nov 30 2014
    Rifles - Fierce Firearms; Sako (belatedly added the “Sako 85 Long Range” in 338 LM)
    Rifle Components - McMillan Stocks (introduced the “Super 50 BR” and “TAC-50 A1” stocks)
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Op.Electronics (LRF to 2000 yards + “Scope Smater” ballistic calculator)
    Info/Pubs - Precison Rifle Blog has posted “Custom Rifle Stocks – What The Pros Use

Site Update (Nov 30 2014):
Additions and updates since Nov 23 2014
    Misc/Targets - Tech Valley Targets/TVT (Tarbot - a wirelessly controlled, paper target, advancing system; versions good to 1000 yards)
    Retailers/E-tailers - OTM

Site Update (Nov 23 2014):
Additions and updates since Nov 16 2014
    Rifle Components - ERA-TAC (replaced NECG with Eurooptic as the only-apparent US source for their rings and bases); My Guns Northwest (Pic rails, low carbon steel, non-specific as to application)     
    Ammo & Ammo Components - ABM Ammo (added 338 LM SKUs with 250 and 300 gr Berger Match Elite Hunter projectiles)
    Mics/Spotting Scopes - Questar (field/surveillance telescopes used as spotting scopes, seriously expensive)
    Retailer/E-tailers - Eagle Optics

Site Update (Nov 16 2014):
Additions and updates since Nov 9 2014
    Rifles - Ashbury Precision (added the .375 SuperSport XLR data sheet)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Captech (removed 375 and 408 CT brass - next availability late ‘15)
    Misc/Spotting Scopes & Tripods - Gitzo (tripods)

Site Update (Nov 9 2014):
Additions and updates since Nov 2 2014
    Rifles - Barrett (posted a 3 min video on barrel manufacturing)
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - Bullseye Camera Systems (introduced the one-mile-capable AmmoCam Long Range Edition target camera system)

Site Update (Nov 2 2014):
Additions and updates since Oct 26 2014
    Rifles - Sero (added link to a Canadian reseller for the Gepard line, only one in NA, great series of pics at the bottom of the linked page)
    Rifle Components - Badger Ordnance (added their online catalog link - so there are some specs for the M2013 action)
    Misc - added “Spotting Scopes and Tripods” subsection (I’m in the market and this section has been way overdue; preliminary selection, initially only what I am considering, will add more this week)
    Ranges - added note at the top to call or e-mail ahead as some ranges may not even allow 338 LM and policies shown on their website may not be current
    Info/Forums - SnipersHide (added links to old site content)

Site Update (Oct 26 2014):
Additions and updates since Oct 19 2014
    Rifles - Cross Canyon Arms (substantial renaming of their rifle product lines with the “Tejas” cartridge line nowhere to be found, apparently replaced by the “Cross Canyon” line); McMillan Firearms (confirmed that even though the 50 LBR, their 50 BMG benchrest rifle, is no longer shown on their site, it is still available)
    Rifle Components - Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply/ATRS (Maverick action, single shot and repeater for 338 LM-class cartridges, and muzzle brakes); LARS (tube gun chassis)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Black Hills (reduced 338 LM/300 SMK MV from 2800 to 2750)
    Retailer/E-tailers - Camera Land (optics)
    Info Sites - Forums/Blogs - (excellent comparative reviews); Snipers Hide (added link to “How to search ONLY within SH” - to avoid searching the entire Scout site)

Site Update (Oct 19 2014):
Additions and updates since Oct 12 2014
    Rifles - Primary Weapons Systems/PWS (MK3 in 338 LM)

Site Update (Oct 12 2014):
Additions and updates since Oct 5 2014
    Rifle Components - Kelbly (their reply to my inquiry on SH about the .338 LM Panda action, “The .338 LM Panda is available as an action only. We are continually working on the website and just haven't got that action on there yet. It has an integral 35 MOA picatinny rail, APA Tactical Bolt Knob, Right or Left Handed, TG Ejector, Solid Bolt, Single Shot or Repeater for $1500”; I’ve asked for some additional info, and pics, but not yet received a reply)
    Misc/Fasteners and Material Suppliers - MetalsDepot (heavy into 6061 aluminum, wide range of shapes and sizes)
    Info/Info Sites - AmmoSeek (corrected to note that they also provide ammo components search info)  

Site Update (Oct 5 2014):
Additions and updates since Sep 28 2014
    Rifles - Accuracy International (new site finally up...but no AS50, AW, AW50, or AX338; links updated)
     Ammo & Ammo Components - ABM/Berger (.338 LM/250 offering gone; added ballistics data for .338 LM/300 to spreadsheet)

Site Update (Sep 28 2014):
Additions and updates since Sep 21 2014
    Info Sites - WikiArms (find ammo in stock - 338 LM and 50 BMG)

Site Update (Sep 21 2014):
Additions and updates since Sep 14 2014
    Legal - BATFE: State Laws and Published Ordinances — Firearms, 2010-2011 — 31st Edition; NRA Airline Transportation of Firearms; NRA Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms

Site Update (Sep 14 2014):
Additions and updates since Sep 7 2014
    Rifle Components - B&T Industries/Atlas (Midway will begin shipping the new BT46/47 models on 9/15, get $30 off using promo code 14BB30300 thru 9/17 - ordered mine yesterday)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Cutting Edge (revised all associated projectile matrix links to CE PDFs for each product line; added .375 LAZERs in 325, 350, 375, 400, and 425 gr; noted that CE is transitioning to some new .338 products, in the process replacing current products - and having a significant clearance on the “old” models, see here - ordered some at 30+% off yesterday)

Site Update (Sep 7 2014):
Additions and updates since Aug 31 2014
    Rifles - ArmaLite (offering 10% off on all sales in September)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Cutting Edge (added .338 267 gr MTAC series)
    Gunsmiths - Clay Spencer (Clay is now offering 1-2 week turn around on barrel fitting and chambering and 2-4 weeks on complete builds, both based on customer-supplied components - he is a very well respected smith and previously the owner of his namesake Spencer Rifle Barrels operation, which he sold off earlier in the year)

Site Update (Aug 31 2014):
Additions and updates since Aug 24 2014
    Rifles - EDM/Vigilance (get a FREE EDM/Vigilance rifle…if you buy or sell a house in AZ); McMillan Firearms (updated for latest product offering/links; unclear whether the 50 LBR benchrest model is gone, have e-mailed); Montana Rifle Company (new site launched, product page links added); Templar Tactical Firearms (“Seneschal” and custom builds); VOERE (Tactical Weapons has an article in their September 2014 issue on the VOERE LBW-M2 and X3 models)
    Rifle Components - McMillan Firearms (action page links added back); Montana Rifle Company (action page link added back); Templar Tactical Firearms (“Crux” suppressors in 338)
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - TargetCam (has added a “large screen” model)
    Misc/Other Misc - Steinert (announced that they will NOT be producing the wireless version of their SuperChrono model due to cost/price concerns)

Site Update (Aug 24 2014):
Additions and updates since Aug 17 2014
    Rifles - Aurora Tactical (removed - no longer listing rifles); Black Ops Tactical (removed - site ”parked” for the last two months)
    Rifle Components - CDI Precision (offering FREE inletting or installs of their DBM units when purchased direct or thru a reseller); Stockwerks (removed - site gone)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - HSM (has added 375 CT ammo using 350 gr SMKs)

Site Update (Aug 17 2014):
Additions and updates since Aug 10 2014
    Rifles - MICOR Defense (removed - see St. George Arms); St. George Arms (Leader 50A1 - 50 BMG, semi-auto, bullpup; previously marketed as “MICOR Defense Leader 50”; projected to be available in the Fall), Status Guns and Engineering (NZ) (Status 50 BMG Rifle - shell holder-style single shot and 10 round repeater)
    Rifle Components/Actions - Status Guns and Engineering (NZ) (50 BMG shell holder-style single shot and 10 round repeater - also barreled actions)

Site Update (Aug 10 2014):
Additions and updates since Aug 3 2014
    Rifles - MOA Rifles (Evolution Extreme Sporter and Evolution Extreme Long Range Hunter in 338 LM)
    Rifle Components - Eberlestock (M2A Cobra Rifle Chassis system for Rem 700/LA)
    Reloading Equipment/Case Prep - Giraud (added a Meplat Trimmer including for .338)
    Training - MOA Rifles (Oregon, to 2000 yards)

Site Update (Aug 3 2014):
Additions and updates since Jul 27 2014
    Rifles - BCM europearms (Italy, multiple, single-shot, shell-holder models incl standard and take-down in 338 LM, 338 SnipeTac, 408 CT, 416 Tyr, and 460 Steyr)

Site Update (Jul 27 2014):
Additions and updates since Jul 20 2014
    Rifles - Paragon Arms (PAC50 - .50 BMG repeater)
    Rifle Components - Silencer Tech (suppressors thru .338 plus custom)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - ABM Ammo (a Berger company - no ballistics)
    Reloading Equipment - BENCH-SOURCE (case prep - annealer)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Pat’s Reloading (reloading components)
    Legal - (national legislation)

Site Update (Jul 20 2014):
Additions and updates since Jul 13 2014
    Rifle Components - New Lenox Ordnance (barrels - cut rifled including gain twist)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Norma (powder)
    Reloading Equipment - Norma (loading data)

Site Update (Jul 13 2014):
Additions and updates since Jul 6 2014
    Rifles - Crescent Customs (custom builds)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - added a fourth powder burn rate chart
    Reloading Equipment - Forster (case prep)
    Misc/Cases - removed Bear Track (out of business)
    Misc/Targets - Range Systems
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - Range Systems (“Edge Light” visual feedback hit indicator)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Butch’s Reloading
    Cartridges - .338 Jarrett

Site Update (Jul 6 2014):
Additions and updates since Jun 29 2014
    Reloading Equipment/Aids - Berger “Twist Rate Stability Calculator”
    Retailers/E-tailers - Scopelist
    Training - Long Range Germany (Germany, up to 2000m)

Site Update (Jun 29 2014):
Additions and updates since Jun 22 2014
    Rifles - American Rifle Company (added video links - very informative); Barker Machine Works (removed - site gone, phone disconnected); Patriot (Patriot 50 - back in production); STL Rifles (Germany, own action and chassis designs, 50 BMG action in development; at this point all the product content is on their German language site, English site WIP)
    Rifle Components - Alpine Gunworks (removed - site gone); Barker Machine Works (removed - site gone, phone disconnected); CheyTac (added suppressors for .375 and .408 CT); Griffin Armament (suppressors for 338 LM, also compatible muzzle brake)
    Misc/Other Misc - JBM (added their ballistic coefficient calculator)
    Gunsmiths - C & H Precision Weapons (FL)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Southwest Precision
    Training - 406 Precision (MT); Legion Operator Training Group/OTG (GA, courses in development out to 2500 yards); Stillwater Tactical (MT)

Site Update (Jun 22 2014):
Additions and updates since Jun 15 2014
    Rifles - Dolphin Gun Company/UK (custom builds plus “.50cal BMG” using Barnard GP action and Dolphin tube chassis; US distribution unknown); Proof Research (added “Terminus” in 338 LM and 338 NM)
    Rifle Components - B&T (finally added PSR Atlas bipod spec page - still waiting availability); Benchmark Barrels (has added muzzle brakes); Sierra 7 Bipods (has gone e-commerce)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Southwest Ammunition is again offering 338 LM ammo
    Misc/Other Misc - LabRadar (“ballistic velocity radar” - chrono)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Southwest Ammunition
    Training - Southwest Shooting Authority (AZ - developing courses out to 2100 yards)
    Info Sites & Forums - Shooters Forum

Site Update (Jun 15 2014):
Additions and updates since Jun 8 2014
    Rifle - McMillan Firearms (single page site posted, no model info)
    Rifle Components - BAT Machine (has totally updated their website - including adding a detailed specs spreadsheet, much better pics, and how-to videos); Bix‘n Andy/Austria (triggers - claimed superior to Jewell, see the “results” on the reseller’s FaceBook page)
    Reloading - Tempil (case prep - “Tempilaq G” temp indicating liquids for annealing cases)
    Retailer/E-tailers - Bullet Central (the exclusive US source for Bix‘n Andy triggers)

Site Update (Jun 8 2014):
Additions and updates since Jun 1 2014
    Rifles - McMillan Firearms (SAC’s acquisition has finally been reflected as the current McMillan site is now only for the stock unit; the limited links that remain are to models listed on the Europtic site)
    Rifle Components - McMillan (links for actions/brakes, scope bases removed, old ones all forward to the stocks unit website)     

Site Update (Jun 1 2014):
Additions and updates since May 25 2014
    Rifles - JRS Custom Firearms/Hilltop Outdoors (removed - site gone); PGW Defence/Canada (LRT-3 50 caliber SWS - a “50 BMG Accuracy” chambered bolt repeater on their own action; importing thru Trigger Time Gun Club in CO)
    Rifle Components - Seekins Precision (removed mags and standard length 338 LM DBMs, leaving only CIP length DBMs)
    Reloading Equipment - Sinclair (dies - added 338 LM arbor press style seater)
    Misc/Other - Steinert (acoustic chronographs)
    Training - T3/Trigger Time Training (CO)

Site Update (May 25 2014):
Additions and updates since May 18 2014
    Rifles - Mirage ULR (custom builds); S.W.O.R.D. (MK-18 semi-auto in 338 LM); Valkyrie Rifles (UK)
    Rifle Components - Defiance (split the Deviant line into Hunter and Tactical models); Mirage ULR (chassis); Valkyrie Rifles (actions); Xtreme Hardcore Gear (scope bases and rings)
    Training - U.S. Small Arms Training School (TX)

Site Update (May 18 2014):
Additions and updates since May 11 2014
    Ammo & Ammo Components - St. Marks Powder/SMP (the folks that produce the vast majority of the rifle powder for the US military and commercial markets; added their WC/military burn rate chart)
    Pubs, Articles... - Jewell trigger “user’s manual”

Site Update (May 11 2014):
Additions and updates since May 4 2014
    Ranges - South Carolina's Official Training Grounds/SCOTG (SC); Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club (FL)

Site Update (May 4 2014):
Additions and updates since Apr 27 2014
    Rifle Components - CDI Precision (single-shot loading block for 338 LM CIP length DBMs); Defiance Machine (added “Stryker Ridge HTR” info to the Receiver matrix - currently only available thru Brownells)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Winchester (338 LM w. 300 gr Accubond projectiles, ammo)

MFR (1 May 2014) - this web site’s 3 Year anniversary (20,036 home page hits and counting)

Site Update (Apr 27 2014):
Additions and updates since Apr 20 2014
    Rifles - ORSIS (Varmint and Varmint M models added, both available in 338 LM, single shot or repeater); Precision Rifle & Tool (custom builds); Remington Defense (added link to 2014 catalog)
    Rifle Components - removed American Rifle Company from Receivers (their M5 action does not support 338 LM or larger cartridges and the action in their M2 rifle will not be available separately - it is designed as part of a functional “system” along with the chassis); separated Bipods from the Stocks subgroup
    Info/Info Sites - GunBot (a search engine for ammo and ammo components - only ELR ammo items at this point are 338 LM and 50 BMG)

Site Update (Apr 20 2014):
Additions and updates since Apr 13 2014
    Rifles - Idaho Custom Rifles/Carrell’s Machine LLC (custom builds)
    Reloading/Case Prep - removed Haydon (retired)
    Retailers/E-tailer - (good prices on Lapua brass)

Site Update (Apr 13 2014):
Additions and updates since Apr 6 2014
    Rifles - Drake Associates (Stalker MK13 in 338 LM or 338 NM); Truvelo (nice set of product page updates)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - HSM (has added 338 NM loaded ammo, using Norma brass and 300 gr SMKs - use Search as not yet in cartridge drop-down; $25 less for 20 rounds than Black Hills)
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - Bullseye Camera Systems (now listing YAGI antenna option good to 3000 yards, ideal conditions, line of sight); TargetCam (personal testing on 4/5/14 - excellent out to 5 MILES with optional directional antennas; couldn’t even see the target but captured the signal and displayed the image as well as at 15 feet in front of the target)

Site Update (Apr 6 2014):
Additions and updates since Mar 30 2014
    Rifles - VOERE (added US distribution thru CC International)
    Rifle Components/Suppressors - Hardy Rifle Engineering/NZ
    Ammo & Ammo Components - RUAG/Swiss P (338 LM ammo, added 3 SKUs, thru Ashbury Precision)

Site Update (Mar 30 2014):
Additions and updates since Mar 23 2014
    Rifles - Steels Core Designs (added pics, edited and submitted by Mr. Simon Lowe, UK)
    Reloading/Case Prep - Stainless Tumbling Media/STM (tumblers and SS media)
    Ranges - Best of the West (TX)
    Cartridges - added CIP specs for 338 LM (replaced), 408 CT, 460 Steyr, and 510 DTC

Site Update (Mar 23 2014):
Additions and updates since Mar 16 2014
    Rifles - Dixie Precision Rifles (custom builds); Lane Precision Rifles (multiple thru 375 CT); Roberts Precision Rifles (custom builds); Spartan Precision Rifles (custom builds)
    Rifle Components - J E Custom (Assassin muzzle brakes); Leapers (added HD, full-function bipod with QD Pic attach - $49.97 MSRP); XLR (introduced additional chassis series - Carbon and Element; updated Inlets page)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Barnes (265 and 280 gr .338 LRX tipped projectiles)
    Reloading/Case Prep - TRIM-IT (case length trimmer)
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Accuracy 1st Development Group (scope leveling); Flatline Ops (accu/levels - scope leveling)
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - Oakwood Controls (added Personal System product video); Roberts Tactical Precision (I.R.I.S.)
    Misc/Targets - NEVCO (steel incl .50 BMG gongs)
    Gunsmiths - Lane Precision Rifles (ID); Roberts Precision Rifles (TX); Spartan Precision Rifles (CA)
    Ranges - Strategic Edge (TN)
    Training - Strategic Edge (TN)

Site Update (Mar 16 2014):
Additions and updates since Mar 9 2014
    Rifle Components/Scope Mounts & Rings - Third-Eye Tactical (added seller link; appears may also be able to order direct)
    Ammo & Ammo Components/Projectiles - Hooker Tactical (added back as some stock exists and plans are in the works to continue production; specs are 4 years old but probably current; call)
    Misc/Other - MagnetoSpeed (chronographs)

Site Update (Mar 9 2014):
Additions and updates since Mar 2 2014
    Rifle - American Precision Arms (custom builds); Drake Associates (replaced McMillan version of Stalker with “Hunter Stalker rifle system”, special order in 338 LM or 338 NM w/ McMillan action); EFI, LLC (Precision Strike); Vigilance Rifles/EDM (added M14 .50 BMG semi-auto)
    Rifle Components/Stocks - Young Rail Guns (rail gun chassis, incl pics of FCSA Unlimited class record holder)
    Ammo & Ammo Components/Projectiles - Cutting Edge has added 425 gr MTH and 427 gr MTAC models in .375 caliber, also a 422 gr MTAC model in .416 caliber
    Retailers/ER-tailers -; Ammunition To Go; Grizzly Industrial (Bartlein barrel reseller, good supply of .338 and .510)
    Info/Associations - added “rules” for FCSA, IBS, NBRSA (long range), and URSA
    Info/Info - “The Russian Ammunition Page - 12.7mm to 14.5mm”

Site Update (Mar 2 2014):
Additions and updates since Feb 23 2014
    Rifles - Remington (added Model 700 Tactical Chassis in 338 LM); Xtreme Machining (site back up, unchanged; to be updated shortly)
    Rifle Components/Stocks - Roedale (removed - no current production of long action chassis); Stockwerks (was Whidden Composite Works - sold to Gunwerks)
    Cartridges - added wiki links for 338 Edge and 510 DTC Europ
    Info/Pubs... - Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913) spec and relevant change notice
    Admin - added details on the link line for many items on the Rifle Components and Reloading pages, minor adds on other pages

Site Update (Feb 23 2014):
Additions and updates since Feb 16 2014
    Rifle Components - Drake Associates (Hunter Stalker Long Action LWSS universal chassis for 338 LM in Rem 700 or Savage)
    Publications - American Rifleman (partial archive of digital edition issues)

Site Update (Feb 16 2014):
Additions and updates since Feb 9 2014
    Rifles - Eberlestock Precision Rifles (in 338 LM and 338 NM); Terminator Products/New Zealand (custom builds)
    Rifle Components/Receivers - Defiance Machine (added “Stryker Ridge HTR” line through Brownells/Sinclair - includes Lapua Magnum Long Action with .750 bolt, cut for AI 338 LM DBM/mags)
    Rifle Components/Scopes - Premier site transitioning to Tangent Theta (site and product line)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Barnes (announced for 2014 - 338 LM, 280 gr LRX-based ammo in their VOR-TX line, no other product info posted)
    Reloading Equipment/Presses - ATRS (ACCU-MAXX for 50 BMG-sized cartridges)
    Info Sites - JBM/Bibliography (interior and exterior ballistics)

Site Update (Feb 9 2014):
Additions and updates since Feb 2 2014
    Rifles - Accuracy International (added link to NEW products flip book while their site is under revision, a very slow load); Alexander Arms (Ulfberht - semi-auto 338 LM); American Rifle Company (M2, up to 338 LM bolt gun - Summer ‘14 shipments)
    Rifle Components - American Rifle Company (M5 Mausingfield receiver); Terminator Products/New Zealand (muzzle brakes); Whalen’s Precision Shooting (removed - chassis distributor, not a manufacturer)
    Reloading Equipment/Aids - Frankford Arsenal (rotary tumbler)
    Admin - link check completed; PLEASE, if you find a bad link, report it to webmaster at

Site Update (Feb 2 2014):
Additions and updates since Jan 26 2014
    Rifles - 10X Custom Rifles (removed, no longer showing any ELR content); Accuracy International/AI (AXMC, the AW50 link is currently not functional as AI is modifying their website); Bryant Custom (removed - has decided to close his shop); Christensen Arms (added 416 Barrett to Ranger line cartridge offerings); Competitive Edge Gunworks (removed, site gone); CZ (550 Badlands in 338 LM + H.E.T. II in 338 LM, replacement for H.E.T.); Gottfried Prechtl (GS011, a single shot in 408 CT); Gradous (added 338 NM to Tactical XL line); Tactical (removed, bad reviews)
    Rifle Components - Accuracy International/AI (AXAICS chassis); GA Precision (Templar V2 action, integral recoil lug +?); Manners Composite Stocks (added “Elite Tactical shell option”)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Bullett’s Bullets (.338 to 300 gr rebated BT ULD and .510 to 800 gr rebated BT ULD); Hornady (450 gr, .416 BTHP projectile, #41691)
    Cartridges - “338 CT MAXX” introduced by Straight Shooter Supply (338 on 408 CT, improved)
    Admin - link checked Rifles page; PLEASE, if you find a bad link, report it to webmaster at

Site Update (Jan 26 2014):
Additions and updates since Jan 19 2014
    Rifles - Barrett (multiple new product videos on their blog; 2014 product brochure); Diverse Capabilities Ltd (custom builds); Hawk Hill Custom (custom builds)
    Rifle Components - Ashbury Precision (SABER-FORSST chassis now available to support Stiller TAC 338 and TAC 408 receivers); Barrett (QDL suppressor for 50 cal; scope rings - belatedly)
    Reloading/Load Data - NECO has posted availability of the 14JAN2014 data update for QuickLOAD/Quick TARGET
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - Oakwood has posted some info on their new H-Bar Portable Target System
    Training - Diverse Capabilities Ltd (MT - civilian classes is development out to 3500 yards)

Site Update (Jan 19 2014):
Additions and updates since Jan 12 2014
    Rifles - Barrett (revised MRAD and M107A1 announced plus QDL suppressor); CheyTac (chnaged to APO SABER-FORSST carbon fibre chassis for Intervention M300); Freshour (removed, site gone); Kelbly (Arcas 338 Tactical Rifle); Russian arms maker ORSIS (announced collaboration with actor Steven Seagal on the design and production of a 408 CT-based variant of the ORSIS SE T-5000 - press conference video); Zel Custom (added Spartan S3 model uppers in 338 LM, 416 Barrett and 50 BMG, supporting AR-10 and LR-308 lowers)
    Rifle Components - Burris (8-40x50 XTR II scope announced); Cadex (added 5 new models all supporting 338 LM in Savage and Rem configurations); Leupold (7-42x56 VX-6 scope announced - $1800 MSRP, Summer release); SilencerCo (announced “Harvester Big Bore” suppressor for 338 LM), Timney (announced 8 oz - 2.5# trigger for Rem 700)
    Ammo & Ammo Componnets - Winchester (338 LM w/ 250 gr SMK)
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Applied Ballistics (online calculator)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Brassman Brass (once fired 338 LM in Lapua and RUAG brands)
    Info Sites - AmmoSeek (ammo search engine)

Site Update (Jan 12 2014):
Additions and updates since Jan 5 2014
    No recap this week - incapacitated starting Jan 11 (car vs pedestrian/me), 3 fractured ribs, fractured jaw, multiple abrasions and contusions including one that took 5 stitches.  Next News/Change Log update on Jan 19 2014. And totally missed SHOT Show 2014.

Site Update (Jan 5 2014):
Additions and updates since Dec 29 2013
    Rifles - CheyTac (added link to the Eurooptic’s CT product - tons of great pics); JARD (added link to pic and specs for their “coming soon” J51 semi-auto 50 BMG); King’s Arsenal (XKaliber 50 BMG - McMillan, mag-fed  action and Cadex folding chassis - and 338 LM)
    Rifle Components - Competitive Edge (removed, site gone); March (2014 scopes announced, including the 2.5x-25x52 SFP compact model with 120 MOA elevation and the March-F 3x-24x52 FFP model with 34 mil elevation)
    Ranges - Thunder Valley (revised max range from 1 mile to 2000 yards)

URSA (2 Jan 2014) - Organizational meeting announced for the “Unlimited Range Shooters Association (URSA)

Site Update (Dec 29 2013):
Additions and updates since Dec 26 2013
    Rifles - CZ (“H.E.T. II 338 LM” - mentioned as in joint development with Manner’s Composite Stocks for 2014, center pic)
    Rifle Components - AI (mags, the relatively new, 10 round, DSSF #6434); ERA-TAC (great looking scope mounts and rings catalog posted); Hersoldt (scopes, added back with catalog link, available thru, among others, Eurooptic, Midway  USA, and OpticsPlanet); Talley (scope mounts)
    Misc/Targets - IBS and NBRSA 1000 yard paper target source info

Ashbury International (26 Dec 2013) - added pics from 2013 SHOT Show (missed in follow-up at that time), see 16 Jan 2013, below.

Cartridges Matrix (Dec 25 2013) - I was able to confirm with JBM that there was a typo on the Sierra .375 SMK pull-down option, was shown as 375 gr, should have been 350 gr, the current SMK product; the matrix has been updated to replace the high BC Predator 350 gr with the 350 gr SMK - a huge difference in computed values (approx 24% less distance, e.g., the Viersco Magnum VM2 value was reduced approx 550 yards), now the data much more realistically reflects the differences in capability between .338 and .375 cartridges

Site Update (Dec 22 2013):
Additions and updates since Dec 15 2013
    Rifles - removed Vigilance YellowB (page gone); VOERE (Austrian); removed Xtreme Machining (site gone - at least temporarily, will monitor)
    Rifle Components - Nightforce (added “15-55x52 Competition 2014 Model
    Cartridges - removed many cartridges that only included a drawing but no reamer drawing, ones with multiple implementations using the same name but different dimensions (thus confusing the user and potentially resulting is a reamer-to-die mismatch), where the designer failed to provide info after multiple requests for same, info site is gone, and for various other reasons; added the Cartridges Matrix described in the 12/8 News update - please advise if you have grief with the data presented and I’ll do my best to explain why I used what I did or I’ll make corrections if I am in error.  I have done my best to provide comparable data for “Supersonic to Yds” by using projectiles which reflect a reasonable optimization or a semi-optimization of max distance to be achieved by a specific cartridge/projectile combo - the key was having reasonably good data for the same projectile weight.  Specifically, for .338 cartridges I tried to use “300 gr SMK (Litz)” for all cartridges, even though other projectiles were used in develop the load - the intent being to capture the MV and then use the same projectile to give all the cartridges the benefit of the same BC data.  For .375 cartridges I used the high-BC 350 gr Predator (Dynamic Research) projectile.  Therefore in comparing .338 tab results to .375 tab results, the 338 results are somewhat lower because the SMK has a substantially less advantageous drag curve.
    Pubs, Articles...- KRG’s unattributed article, “The Case For and Against the Remington 700”; Ward Brien’s LRH article, “What is a Mil (Mil Dot Reticle) and does it work as a "hold over" aiming method?

Site Update (Dec 15 2013):
Additions and updates since Dec 8 2013
    Rifles - Desert Tactical Arms/DTA (rebrands firearms (DTA), ammo (DTM), and training (Sniper Country) companies to “Desert Tech”); Gila River Tactical (custom builds), TrackingPoint (XS4)
    Rifle Components - Moor Accuracy (scope rings and bases)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Lapus (adding 50 BMG Match brass, to be available in the US by late Q1/’14)
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - “Distance Measure Pro” (an iPhone/iPad/iPod app that uses Internet map data - and an Internet connection - to determine line-of-sight distance, $1.99)
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - Bullseye Camera Systems (now capable of up to 3000 yards with YAGI antenna upgrade)
    Gunsmiths - Gila River Tactical (ID)
    Cartridges - added 338-378 Weatherby wiki link; I’m in the process of building a “Cartridges Matrix” (as available, the data will include ID, parent case, shell holder, case capacity in H2O, rim dia, shoulder angle, primer, reamer print/drawing link, and supersonic to XXXX yards using JBM data and possibly other tools as needed; comparative)
    Info/Pubs & Articles - Minute of Angle (article from Shooting Times, details why its not 1”/100)

Site Update (Dec 8 2013):
Additions and updates since Dec 1 2013
    Rifles - Ashbury International (nice blog post with several pics,“I Hate Recoil!… Musings from a Gunsmith on Shooting the .50BMG”); Dakota Arms (removed - see Nesika Firearms); McMillan (McMillan Firearms Division Purchased by Strategic Armory Corps, LLC); Nesika Firearms (new site, “Tactical Rifle” appears to be the “replacement” of the Dakota Arms’ (parent company’s) “Longbow Tactical Engagement Rifle”, in 338 LM); Weatherby (added the “Mark V Terramark RC” in 338 LM and 338-378 Weatherby ELR chamberings)
    Rifle Components/Actions - Dakota Arms/Nesika now Nesika Firearms (links updated)
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - Oakwood Controls (added spec to their link for the soon-to-be-shipping “T-Bar Target System/Personal Electronic Targeting System-Civilian”)

Site Update (Dec 1 2013):
Additions and updates since Nov 24 2013
    Rifles - EDM has updated its Windrunner line to include a pivoting bipod and new-style adjustable, length-of-pull chassis - see video); Rangemaster/RPA (Ultra chassis system/rifle configuration added - gallery here - to include “338” version, per home page text)
    Relaoding Equipment/Aids - Whidden Gunworks (added case gauges, including 338 LM)
    Misc/Rifle Cases & Associated - MyCaseBuilder (cases and foam, including custom foam cutting); moved foam items from Fasteners & Mataerials subsection to this section; video “5 Minute Foam Factory” (the video runs about 5 minutes, not the build project; shows how to build an inexpensive foam cutter - shown using styrofoam - which is NOT appropriate - but the same works for polyethylene - see the associated thread on the Pubs & Articles page for suggestions for power supplies and wire used for hotwire cutting)
    Retailers/E-tailers -

Site Update (Nov 24 2013):
Additions and updates since Nov 17 2013
    Rifles - SAI (added a nice pic of their CSR-50)
    Rifle Components - Kelbly (introduced the Kelbly KTS stock, designed for long range competition and tactical shooting); RPA (pics of their new “Ultra Chassis in 338” here; no announcement, specs, or other info)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Cutting Edge added multiple projectiles (185 & 225 gr .338 Copper RAPTOR (tipped solid);175, 200, & 225 gr .338 ESP RAPTOR (enhanced system projectile, tipped solid); 235 gr .375 ER (extended range, tipped solid); and 230 gr .375 ESP RAPTOR); Thunder Ammo is now offering 230 gr .338 solid brass projectiles

Site Update (Nov 17 2013):
Additions and updates since Nov 10 2013
    Rifles - Aurora Tactical (added 338 LM model)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Captech/Jamison (now offering loaded 338 LM ammo; matrix updated); Hornady (has added a 250 gr, Interlock SP, 338 LM cartridge; matrix updated)
    Reloading/Aids - added a second powder relative burn rate chart (primarily adds foreign brands)

Site Update (Nov 10 2013):
Additions and updates since Nov 3 2013
    Misc/Fasteners & Materials - Curbell (plastics incl Delrin); Foam N’ More (foam for gear and rifle cases, including exact custom contouring - see the pic on the bottom/right of this page, that level of detail, done by water jet, was quoted, on 11/7/13, at $95 plus the material); Proxxim (hotwire foam cutters)
    Pubs/Articles/Photos - 48 page (up to this week) forum thread on cutting case foam, many detailed pics, effectively a tutorial; if you are considering cutting case foam, well worth the read; on and “hosted” by LaRue Tactical

Site Update (Nov 3 2013):
Additions and updates since Oct 27 2013
    Rifle Components - Border (barrels, UK)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Hornady (added spec page for the new .338 285 gr A-MAX - matrix updated; added 50 BMG Match Grade brass)

Site Update (Oct 27 2013):
Additions and updates since Oct 20 2013
    Rifles - Black Diamond/Viersco (Dave’s Norwegian customer posted two videos of his range time with his new Viersco VM2 rifle - 1, 2); Izhmash (removed - new site shows no ELR products)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Cutting Edge (finally has product pages up for their LAZER products, added the .338 parts - 225/250/275/300 gr - to the projectiles matrix, side-by-side pic from an LRH article); FINALLY Hornady is shipping the .338, 285 gr., A-MAX (SKU 3338, not on their site yet but available at Graf’s - ordered two boxes last night); I “suggested” this exact product to them at SHOT 2013 but imagine its was in their plans long before that.  IMHO, A-MAX rocks!)
    Reloading Equipment - Widden Gunworks (dies, including custom); also added cartridge-specific info in the Dies subsection

Site Update (Oct 20 2013):
Additions and updates since Oct 13 2013
    Nothing “new” to report.

Site Update (Oct 13 2013):
Additions and updates since Oct 6 2013
    Rifles - Accurate Mag (article on the Special Service rifle in the Oct issue of Special Weapons); Ashbury Precision (article on the SuperSport XLR 375 CT in the Nov issue of Tactical Weapons - no, they have NOT abandoned their chassis system for XLR’s); Carrell’s Machine (removed - site gone, no contact info available); CC International (removed, appears now primarily an importer/exporter without its own product line); Spider Firearms (article on the Ferret 50 in the Nov issue of Tactical Weapons); Tooley Custom Rifles (removed at his request, not taking on new business); TrackingPoint (article on the 338 LM model at 1500 yards in the Nov issue of Tactical Weapons); Truvelo (removed link to CC International, no confirmed relationship); Vulcan Armament (removed - site gone)
    Rifle Components - Spencer Rifle Barrels (changing ownership, call during the transition)
    Gunsmiths - Cutright Precision Rifles/Jay Cutright (IL); R & D Precision (CA, notwithstanding what it says on his home page, when I spoke with him this week he IS accepting new work)
    Info/Legal - California Legislative Information (State of California site for all bill, sate law, and codes)

Site Update (Oct 6 2013):
Additions and updates since Sep 29 2013
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Applied Ballistics Munitions/ABM (removed at their request - until their new site, product line, and servicing infrastructure are in place; removed their products from the ammo matrix); Arizona Ammunition (custom ammo for most of the best known 50 BMG rifles - not in the matrix because of the “custom” nature of their offerings); Thunderbird Cartridge Company/TCCI (rebranded mil surplus powder - website is very much out of date, call, as of 10/3 their 870 powder is in stock)
    Products/Misc/Other Misc - Arizona Ammunition (many 50 BMG-specific cleaning products); Oehler Research (Model 35 Proof Chronograph; on the very high recommendation of a friend that I trust implicitly in such matters, I just ordered one of their “complete” setups)
    Admin - added NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) logo to home page (just re-up’d for our third year)

Site Update (Sep 29 2013):
Additions and updates since Sep 22 2013
    Rifle Components - Thunder Beast (338P-1 suppressor discontinued, replaced by 338BA with integrated muzzle brake)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Applied Ballistics Munitions (new ownership, call ), Dugga Boy Bullets (750 gr 50 cal projectiles)

Site Update (Sep 22 2013):
Additions and updates since Sep 15 2013
    Rifle Components - MullerWorks (barrels)
    Products/Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - AcurC (scope leveling tool)
    Cartridges - .338 Terminator (a 338 LM AI variant from Defensive Edge, also available with +P chambering)
    Info/Forums - Long Range Only and Long Range Only/ELR
    Info/Info Sites - pat2pdf (FREE patent search - if you use their service, please consider making a contribution; really great tool)
    Info/Articles - EXD Engineering: Vertical Reticle Instrument (Project Savage article - an excellent article, regardless of the tool used, for A-Z what needs doing to get your scope level and verifying it)
    Worth mentioning - RPA has just added a site for their “Sniper Tripod” (only video for now but very interesting)

Site Update (Sep 15 2013):
Additions and updates since Sep 8 2013
    Rifle Components - Badger Ordnance (the 338 LM, CIP length, Model M2013/100-50 is now shipping, MSRP: $1385; action matrix updated, 2013 catalog link added); Bushnell (added Elite Tactical 4.5-30x50 scope with optional Horus reticles)     
    Cartridges - 338 Norma Magnum (CIP datasheet added)

Site Update (Sep 8 2013):
Additions and updates since Sep 1 2013
    Rifles - S & S Precision Rifles
    Rifle Components - Mazy-Fifty (scope mount/system, 0-90 MOA using shims); Modular Driven Technologies/MDT (tube gun chassis); Valdada (added spec on the 4-28x50 40mm RECON)
    Ammo/Ammo Components - TenX (new, unprimed RWS 50 BMG brass and RWS 50 BMG primers in stock)
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - ApexO/AFS (removed - no response to my inquiries regarding availability to civilians); Applied Ballistics(Brian Litz)/Applied Ballistics Mobile Application (Android); Ballistic (ballistic calculator software, iOS); Gseven/LRBC (online ballistic calculator, FREE but requires registration); Hornady ballistic calculator (online, FREE); iSnipe (ballistic calculator software for iOS); Knight’s Armament/BulletFlight (ballistic calculator software for iOS); Modern Ballistics/MBall (Windows shareware ballistic calculator +, also online, FREE); Oehler/Ballistic Explorer (ballistic calculator software for Windows); OnTarget Precision Calculator (group size calc and analysis software, Windows and Mac); PRODAS (ballistic calculator software +++, Windows); Shooter (ballistic calculator, iOS and Android); (online trajectory calculator, FREE); added short descriptions (such as those included in these site update news items); added color coding for FREE online services
    Gunsmiths - S & S Precision Rifles (TX)
    Info/Legal - FFL Locator (GunBroker site for searches based on ZIP or state)
    Admin - added “General Disclaimer

Site Update (Sep 1 2013):
Additions and updates since Aug 25 2013
    Rifles - Precision Firearms (3-D Precision)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - removed Hooker Tactical (has withdrawn from the projectile business)
    Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Long Range Shooting Simulation (ranging simulation app)
    Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - OutWest Systems
    Training - Rifles Only (CO)
    Info/Forums - Home Shop Machinist/Gunsmithing
    Info/Info Sites - Find Shooting Ranges (

Site Update (Aug 25 2013):
Additions and updates since Aug 18 2013
    Rifles - X Ring Accuracy (pre-configured and custom builds)
    Gunsmiths - X Ring Accuracy (FL)
    Cartridges - chamber reamer drawing for the 14.5x114mm Russian (courtesy of Pacific Tool and Gauge)
    Info/Pubs -An Introduction to Collecting 20 mm Cannon Cartridges” (Williams, article)

Site Update (Aug 18 2013):
Additions and updates since Aug 11 2013
    Rifles - Robar advised that they have discontinued their RC-50 and RC-50F (50 BMG) offerings
    Legal - added National Firearms Act (NFA) links (base, FAQ, and handbook)

Site Update (Aug 11 2013):
Additions and updates since Aug 4 2013
    Rifles - Bergara’s site is back, so added listing back
    Rifle Components - Cold Shot (easily and precisely adjustable Pic rails in 150 and 300 MOA versions - beyond worth taking a look at; on sale now for $375, shipped - just bought one; watch the videos)
    Misc/Targets - Rogue Shooting Targets (AR-500, 1/2” gongs)
    Training - GPS Defense
    Cartridges - finally added the 20x102mm (Vulcan + others) and the 20x110mm (Hispano-Suiza + others)

Site Update (Aug 4 2013):
Additions and updates since Jul 28 2013
    Rifle Components/Mags - PTG adds AI mags to store
    Info/Info Sites - Anthony (Tony) G. Williams (tons of info on, and pics of large, i.e., 10mm and up, cartridges. The variety of cartridges he has amassed is quite incredible.  Also the author of multiple books on those cartridges and the weapons used to fire them.  Of special note, “Military Cartridge Relationships”.)

Site Update (Jul 28 2013):
Additions and updates since Jul 21 2012
    Rifles - Hunt the Distance (custom builds); OnlyLongRange/Noreen Firearms has added 338 NM to their Bad News model offering and 50 DTC to their ULR model offering; RMC Manufacturing (removed, site gone)
    Rifle Components - Flint & Frizzen Gun Shop (muzzle brakes)

Site Update (Jul 21 2013):
Additions and updates since Jul 14 2013
    Products/Misc/Targets - Widener’s (AR 500 round, square, and rectangular plates)
    Site link check completed. Please let me know if you find any bad links or have any problems accessing the linked info.  E-mail webmaster at Thanks!     

Site Update (Jul 14 2013):
Additions and updates since Jul 7 2013
    Rifles - Bergara (removed - site gone); Short Action Customs (custom builds - incl 338 LM)
    Rifle Components - HTG Silencers (removed - out of business); IOR/Valdada (the 5.8-40x56 spec is finally posted, same MSRP as the Terminator)
    Gunsmiths - Short Action Customs (OH)
    Ranges - K&M Precision Rifle Training (FL)
    Retailers/E-tailers - US LAPUA (a private endeavor, not affiliated with Lapua; good prices on Lapua branded 338 LM ammo and Lapua branded 338 and 50 cal projectiles)
    Training - in the process of doing link checks on this page, and highlighting those providers that offer training beyond 1000 yards, I found two sites that were listed twice under different names.  Much more importantly, I found multiple sites have gone away, list restrictions on rifles chambering (my criterion is to allow at least 338 LM), or have various other restrictions. The result is that the link count has dropped from 43 to 29. Accordingly I added a note to check cartridge restrictions prior to signing up for a course (including cartridge restrictions on prerequisite courses).
    Publications - Long Range Pursuit, presented by Gunwerks (several, IMHO, worthwhile YouTube videos)

Site Update (Jul 7 2013):
Additions and updates since Jun 30 2013
    Rifles - Serbu (nice article and great pics of the BFG-50A semi-auto 50 in Tactical Weapons + great site update and videos incl 10 rounds of 50 BMG in under 6 seconds - wow!)
    Rifle Components - Alpha Industries (finally has a product page for their 7 round CT mags)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Nosler (multiple 338 LM ammo and projectile additions); Southwest (removed - no longer listing ELR ammo)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Triad Tactical
    Cartridges - added additional reamer drawings (alternates for 375/50 and 50/20mm PAC-NOR - worth reading the cautionary note)

Site Update (Jun 30 2013):
Additions and updates since Jun 23 2013
    Rifles - Rangemaster Precision Arms/RPA (UK)(hardly a month after Drake Associates departed as RPA’s US importer, RPA Director Russ Coulson advised that they have “...appointed a new distributor for the US, BML Tool/Accurate Mag (AM) in Connecticut.” - AM has already revised their site to add RPA, including rifles, actions, and triggers; Rifle Components page updated accordingly)
    Ranges - Harkins Ranch (TX - out to 2700 yards)

Site Update (Jun 23 2013):
Additions and updates since Jun 16 2013
    Rifles - GPS Defense (338 LM package); Tooley Custom Rifles (Signature Series - thru Mile High Shooting Accessories)
    Rifle Components - MAK Enterprises (700 LA tube gun chassis)
    Ranges - 1000 Plus (NE - out to 1600 yards based on demonstrated capability); Hillside Shooting Sports (IN); Rebel Ridge Outfitters (KS - out to 2000 yards)

Site Update (Jun 16 2013):
Additions and updates since Jun 9 2013
    Rifles - Vestal’s Gunsmithing & Custom Rifles (full range of custom builds)
    Link check complete thru the Ranges page.

Site Update (Jun 9 2013):
Additions and updates since Jun 2 2013
    Rifles - Deadly Precision Gunsmithing (custom builds); RND (added back model 3100/416 Barrett, site being updated); during link maintenance on the Gunsmiths page I added some links to the Rifles page for those gunsmiths that specifically note doing custom builds
    Rifle Components/Actions - Time Precision (removed, product discontinued)
    Reloading Equipment/Dies - added Hornady, Lyman, and Wilson (most are 338 LM only)
    Reloading Equipment/Load Data - Berger (removed as the only data are for-fee, as a manual); added Ramshot (338 LM only)
    Reloading/Powder Handling - Harrell’s Precision
    Gunsmiths - with much regret, removed Mr. John Buhay/U. S. Armament Corp (Colt contract expected to be extended for two more years after which he expects to retire); Louisiana Precision Rifles (removed, site gone); during link check I moved several listings that build rifles but do not otherwise offer gunsmithing services, those listings were moved to the Rifles page (if not already there) and noted as “custom builds”
    Link check complete thru the Gunsmithing page.  Please advise if you find any problems. Thanks!

Site Update (Jun 2 2013):
Additions and updates since 26 May 2013
    Rifles - Truvelo (three spec sheets added, including one for their 14.5x114 Russian model, which CC International is authorized to import along with their actions and barrels); Zastava (M12 Black Spear in 50 BMG and 12.7x108 Russian)
    Rifle Components - Aztek Arms’ AXIS T-338 specs added to the Receivers Matrix
    Ammo & Ammo Components - the Ammo Matrix has received a significant update, including the addition of 16 offerings from Prograde; AWC Munitions removed (site gone); link check completed for this page

Site Update (May 26 2013):
Additions and updates since 19 May 2013
    Rifles - Thoroughbred Rifles (custom builds)
    Rifle Components - Competitive Edge Gunworks (offering to sell the patent on its “floated action” - read that patent thru this FREE service, the patent # is 8,220,194 - enter that number); East Ridge/State Arms (single-shot, case-holder-style actions and barreled actions); Ivey (added a 40 mm model to its RT150 line of 150 MOA, ring/base combos - call); Montana Rifleman (removed - site “Forbidden”, appears the majority, possibly all, their production is going to DPMS and other small-caliber majors); Witt Machine (muzzle brakes)
    Products/Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - ApexO (ApexO Firing System/AFS)
    Gunsmiths - Piercision Rifles (IA)
    Retailers - Potomac River Group/PRG Defense (great prices for the Vectronix Terrapin PLRF and the Kestrel 4500 NV)
    Site link check - completed Rifles and Rifle Components pages.  Please advise if you have any issues with these pages. Thanks.

Site Update (May 19 2013):
Additions and updates since 12 May 2013
    Rifles - Competitive Edge Gunworks; Hill Country Rifles (338 LM rifle product review on; Rangemaster/RPA (I was just advised by Drake Associates that they have ceased importing for, for the moment, I am listing RPA as “no known current US distributor”; hopefully that will change soon, since, based on what I saw at 2013 SHOT, they have an excellent product)
    Rifle Components - B&T Enterprises (Atlas bipod review on LRH); Center Shot Rifles has sold the Muscle Brake (muzzle brake) product line/business to Piercision (no typo) Rifles, link revised accordingly
    Training - Mountain Shooting Center (added web link, noted that, per the center owner, training is available at ranges up to 4200 meters)

Site Update (May 12 2013):
Additions and updates since 5 May 2013
    Rifles - Coleman Rifles (custom builds), High Tech Customs (custom builds), Long Range Rifles (custom builds)
    Rifle Components - ERA-TAC (scope bases and rings), March (multiple new/2013 scopes - specs here and here), Sierra 7 bipods now shipping. X-Treme Shooting Products (triggers)
    Gunsmiths - Dark Eagle Custom (NY)
    Ranges - Douglas Ridge Rifle Club (OR), Laramie Rifle Range (WY), Snake River Sportsmen (OR), Utah State Rifle & Pistol Association/Wendover (UT), Winnequah Gun Club (WI - up to 1500 yards); started highlighting capabilities beyond 1000 yards (bright green range value)
    Training - Whittington U Precision Academy (NM - up to 3650 yards); started highlighting capabilities beyond 1000 yards (bright green range value)

Site Update (May 5 2013):
Additions and updates since 28 Apr 2013
    Rifles - confirmed that CC International is the US distributor for Steel Core Designs (UK)
    Products/Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Perry Systems/Exbal (removed - author has apparently passed and his site is being not maintained; a significant lose as this was a very well established and useful program); Rianov (see more products “here” for specs for the new CSI and SOLO products)
    Products/Misc/Target Impact Viewing Systems - TargetVision
    Ranges - Ben Avery (AZ), Del Norte Gun Club (NM), Yuma Rifle and Pistol Club (AZ)
    Publications - Ken Howell’s “Design and Forming Custom Cartridges for Rifles and Handguns” (reprints now available thru Huntington)
    Site’s 2nd Year Anniversary recap (just below; MFR = memo for record)

MFR (1 May 2013) - this web site’s 2nd Year Anniversary
    Below is a brief recap of what has changed/been added in the last 12 month (5000+ home page hits later):
          Sections: Top level count (page count) unchanged but added subsections and content for:
  Barrel Stress Relieving
  ELR “Commercially-Available, Loaded Ammo”
  Ranging and Target Solution Aids
  Target Impact Viewing Systems
          Rifles section - added 14 companies (now 121)
          Rifle components section (companies with ELR-capable/focused rifle components) – added 62, in total, (now 220), including:
  Action/receivers – added 3 (now 25)
  Barrels – added 5 (now 23)
  Barrel Stress Relieving (new sub-section) – 2
  DBMs and Mags - added 3 (now 16)
  Misc – all distributed to new sub-sections or other sections (pages)
  Muzzle Brakes – added 3 (now 24)
  Scope Bases and Rings: added 10 (now 25)
  Scopes: added 3 (now 22) [no cheap, bargain-class brands]
  Stocks and Bipods – added 15 (now 51)
  Suppressors/Silencers (new sub-section) - 18
  Triggers – no change (still 8)
          Companies with ELR-capable/focused ammunition and/or ammunition components – added 37, in total, (now 98), including:
  Ammunition, commercially-available (new sub-section, including a series of comprehensive, comparative matrixes for 11 cartridges, from 338 Edge thru 50 BMG) – 33
  Brass – added 2 (now 23)
  Bullets – added 2 (now 26)
  Powder and Primers – unchanged at 9 and 7, respectively
          Companies with reloading equipment items for ELR cartridges: added 5 (now 80)
          Companies providing miscellaneous products generally focused on ELR type rifles/shooting (including the new sub-sections for “Ranging and Target Solution Aids” and “Target Impact Viewing Systems”) – added 27 (now 59)
          Gunsmiths building ELR-capable rifles (some overlap to Rifles, included if they offer general gunsmithing services beyond rifle builds) – added 23 (now 61)
          Ranges (out to at least 1000 yard – added 16 (now 46)
          Retailer/e-tailers (general, broad-line companies with multiple products applicable to ELR shooting) – added 5 (now 42)
          Training (out to distances of at least 1000 yards) – added 11 (now 44)
          Cartridges (with definite long range focus and at least the muzzle energy of a 338 LM, max factory load) - added 18 (now 54)
          Other info sites (associations and clubs, info sites and forums, legal, and pubs, articles and photos) - added 11 (now 53)
          News – continuing with at least weekly site update recaps and new products info (including extensive SHOT Show recaps)
          Site functionality added – none (soliciting suggestions)

     So…another year later and a LOT more info. I do site-wide link checks about once every six months – one will be done shortly. During the year I have received only 1-2 e-mails about bad links.  I’ve tried very hard to make this a solid resource for the ELR shooting community. Hope you’ve visited, checked it out at length, and found it worth bookmarking. I continue to be open for leads on companies, products, services, and info resources I’ve missed. I received probably 4-5 inputs during the year.  PLEASE do let me know what you think of the site and pass the word if you feel it is worthwhile.

Site Update (Apr 28 2013):
Additions and updates since 21 Apr 2013
    Rifles - CheyTac now offering builds with Cadex chassis
    Rifle Components - added a section for “Barrel Stress Relieving”, initially with two suppliers; UTG/Leapers added a new full-featured bipod to their line, includes support for both Pic rails (QD) and swivel stud
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Prvi Partizan added a 725 gr solid 50 cal projectile (B-429) to their line and the corresponding Match 50 BMG loaded ammo (A-595) - see their 2013 online catalog for details; TTI Armory (their website has not returned but I have added them back with limited availability through one reseller who is close to them)
    Reloading Equipment - Ken Light Manufacturing (case prep/annealer)
    Products/Misc - Impact Case & Container (rifle cases); RIEGL (rangefinders); Ziegel Engineering (rifle cases)
    Ranges - Butterfield Shooting Range (NM)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Botach Tactical

Site Update (Apr 21 2013):
Additions and updates since 14 Apr 2013
    Rifles - CC International (removed reference to the availability of 14.5x114 Russian-based rifles - no longer listed, now aligned with Steel Core Designs of the UK for actions and barreled actions); Defensive Edge has finally updated their website with info on the Edge 338 +P and their LRKM rifle.
    Rifle Components - K&P Gun Co. (barrels and clam shell muzzle brakes - this huge name in 50 BMG barrels finally has a website AND a January 2013 price list); Warne (scope bases and rings, incl QD), Whalen’s Precision Shooting (chassis)
    Gunsmiths - Coyote Creek Armory (KY), Southern Precision Rifles (FL)
    Ranges - removed Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex (range restrictions preclude the use a 338 LM class and more powerful rifles)
    Training - Ronin Combat Strategies (TN), Match Grade Sniper School (NM)
    Cartridges - updated the link for the 338 Edge +P; 338 Edge MK II

Site Update (Apr 14 2013):
Additions and updates since 7 Apr 2013
    Rifles - Van Dyke Rifle Designs (multiple custom builds)
    Rifle Components - Ase Utra introduced the “DUAL Fifty” suppressor at the 2013 IWA show (spec)
    Gunsmiths - Straight Shooter Supply (OR)
    Products/Misc - broke out “targets” into a separate group and added three suppliers, all with 50 BMG-capable products (Multiplex Systems/ShootSteel, Range Systems, and Salute Products)
    Information/Legal - Federal Firearms License Search (ATFOnline - check the status of an FFL number)

Site Update (Apr 7 2013):
Additions and updates since 31 Mar 2013
    Rifles - Zastava (M93 Black Arrow in 12.7x108)
    Reloading Equipment/Bullet Coating and Prep - Machine Envy (hBN and moly coating materials/kits)

Site Update (31 Mar 2013):
Additions and updates since 24 Mar 2013
    Rifle Components - Star Shooter/Canada (bipods)
    Products/Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - JBM Ballistics (online trajectory and trajectory/drift calculators)
    Products/Masc/Target “Impact” Viewing “Systems” - removed Pro Security Warehouse (no longer lists such products)
    Gunsmiths - Elk Meadow Performance (UT)
    Ranges - Marksmanship Training Center (MI), Young’s Long Shot Range (IN)

Site Update (24 Mar 2013):
Additions and updates since 17 Mar 2013
    Rifles - ABT Rifle Systems (UK, custom builds, will export to the US), Ashbury Precision (375 SuperSport XLR in 375 CT, call), Drake Associates (Stalker McMillan 338LM, Stalker MK15)
    Rifle Components - Rangemaster/RPA (actions - through Drake Associates)
    Reloading Equipment - Quick Measure (powder measure for 50 BMG-size throws)
    Products/Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Perry Systems (“Exbal” ballistic calculator software)     

Site Update (17 Mar 2013):
Additions and updates since 10 Mar 2013
    Rifles - LAR (Grizzly) removed (site “gone”)
    Rifle Components - replaced the PAC-NOR barrel weight calculator with the one now on the McGowen/Hunter’s Run Gun Club site (more comprehensive and capable - seriously good tool); McGowen has also opened an online “outlet” (with Hunter’s Run Gun Club) for quick turn around barrels, including those in .338 caliber

Site Update (10 Mar 2013):
Additions and updates since 3 Mar 2013
    Rifle Components - C & H Research (mercury recoil reducers), Choate (stocks), Schneider Rifle Barrels      Ammo & Ammo Components - Cheyenne Brass (new ATK/Lake City 50 BMG brass)

Site Update (3 Mar 2013):
Additions and updates since 24 Feb 2012
    Rifles - Beanland Custom Rifles (custom builds), Carrell’s Machine (custom builds)
    Rifle Components - Precision Stock Works (stocks), Shark Precision (suppressors)
    Gunsmiths - Beanland Custom Rifles (OK), Carrell’s Machine (ID)

Site Update (24 Feb 2013):
Additions and updates since 17 Feb 2013
    Home page image updated (with permission), photo credit to Mr. Simon Lowe (UK)  
    Rifles - Cross Canyon Arms (added Custom Shop); removed Halo Arms (forming a partnership with another firm and may not be producing ELR models, such as their previous HA 50 FTR and Maximus, for some time); removed Patriot/Odessa Manufacturing (Patriot 50 not currently in production, planning on restarting production soon); added Superior Precision Rifles
    Rifle Components - Ase Ultra (suppressors), Delta P Design (suppressors), Global Defense Initiative (scope base/rings/QD mount), KMW (POD-LOC for Harris bipods), Talbot QD Mounts (QD scope mounts)
    Products/Misc - Field Firing Solutions/FFS (shooting solution software), Nikon (range finders)
    Training - Black Hat Training Corps (PA), Magpul Dynamics (WA), STA Training Group (AZ)
    Cartridges - Tejas 338, 375, 50 BMG (no details - sorry)

Site Update (17 Feb 2013):
Additions and updates since 10 Feb 2013
    Products/Misc/Ranging and Target Solution Aids - Torrey Pines Logic (“Venom” Optical Crosswind Ballistic Measurement system - availability TBD - and VBS Ballistic Solver software application, currently available direct)
    Products/Misc/Target “Impact” Viewing “Systems” - Target Sight, TargetCam

Site Update (10 Feb 2013):
Additions and updates since 3 Feb 2013
    No changes or additions this week.

Site Update (3 Feb 2013):
Additions and updates since 27 Jan 2013
    Rifle Components - “Miscellaneous” section (all off-rifle content redistributed to “Products - Miscellaneous” page); Muzzle Brakes (Anzio)
    Products/Miscellaneous - received off-rifle content from “Rifle Components” page, established sub-categories and redistributed prior content, added “Ranging and Target Solution Aids” sub-section and populated it (16 items)
    Retailers - SportOptics (scopes, range finders +)
    Info/Pubs... - Added comparo pic link #5 (from the 2013 Nightforce catalog - 50 BMG, 114.5x114 Russian, and 20mm Vulcan - one of the nicest pics I’ve seen).

Site Update (27 Jan 2013):
Additions and updates since 20 Jan 2013
    Rifles - CC International (added a model chambered in 14.5x114 Russian using a Truvelo/Spartan action)
    Rifle Components - Accurate-Mag (SporT-Tact chassis system), CC International (Truvelo/Spartan actions up to 14.5x114 Russian-capable), PGW Defence Technologies (Canada)(suppressors), SAS (suppressors)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Cutting Edge (340 gr, .416 projectile - #MTH V15), Horneber (408 CT brass, thru Huntington on special order, min 1000), Magtech (338 LM loaded ammo - 250 gr SMK)
    Gunsmiths - Moss Rifles (KS), Walker Custom Rifles (VA)     

Site Update (20 Jan 2013):
Additions and updates since 13 Jan 2013 (other than the 2013 SHOT Show coverage, below):
    Rifles - Sako (finally added a full-up, and civilian-accessible, site for Defense and LE - M10)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Horneber (updates site, adds 338 LM and 408 CT brass)

2013 SHOT Show® Day Three (17 Jan 2013) - bits and pieces on the “ELR-related”, my take (alpha order). This finishes coverage of this year’s show (took three days on the floor to see and report on everything and I’ve already identified things I missed - which I’ll link to below).  I hope you have enjoyed the commentary and pics. And I hope you find my website useful.  If you have content links you think “match” the focus of my site, PLEASE e-mail me at  Thank you and God Bless!
    1.  AWC - introduced a shortened version of their T.H.O.R. PSR suppressor for .338.  The new model is 6.25” long (my measurement) compared to the “current” 8” model.
    2.  Black Hills - asked them about 338 NM ammo sell through - “slow mover” (paraphrased).
    3.  Cutting Edge - introduced their “Extrended Range (ER) Raptor” line of tipped projectiles; specifically for  ELR, the ER Rapter 338 in 176 gr.  Info at
    4.  F&D Defense - rolled out their “FD338” and its was looking GREAT!  Other than the (IMHO) atypical Vigilance VR1 from EDM, and the Noreen (OnlyLongRange) “Bad News 338 Lapua ULR”, this is currently the only other semi-auto 338 “available”. Built in “The Great State of...”, first deliveries are expected to be in about 6 months.  And...their pricing is about $500 under the Noreen (and about one-half that of the VR1).  Frankly (repeating myself), the hardware looks seriously great.  I’m looking forward to some third-party range reports.  Pic #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10.
    5.  Feddersen - finally the plan is moving on getting the “big” barrels back on the “new” site (will now be a dual product line website, 10/22 and the real deal).
    6.  Kelbly’s - I confirmed their triggers are still available, to be added to the new site soon. Totally missed for the crowd was the really great news, “.338 Lapua Magnum Actions and Complete .338 LM Rifles.”  Pic from
    7.  Kinetic - added a few items for their chassis system - overmoulded checkpiece, IMUNS mounting kit, and a new tripod adapter.  While the largest version of their chassis, Wiskey 3, has been  out a while, I couldn’t resist the chance for a few pics - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6.
    8.  Lazzeroni - has added a Saturn round (loaded ammo) with NP3-coated, 375/350 SMKs.
    9.  Micor Defense - finanally, in all its glory, the Micor Leader 50 (BMG) bullpup.  One of the pics (#11) includes all the details, so...pic #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12.  They are available direct-only for now (pre-order), distribution downstream, deliveries expected to begin in late Q2.  Notes - a longer barrel option and a full length set of Pic-slots for the top rail are both already in discussion.  The bipod pictured will be replaced with a more HD one.
   10. NECO - has released the 20Dec2012 Data Update for QuickLOAD, QuickTARGET, and QuickTARGET Unlimited.  Picked mine up at the show.
    11.  Pacific Tool and Gage (PTG) - for you Savage 110/338 LM fans, PTG has added  a complete Savage LA bolt assembly (parts set) with “Nath Lambeth-inspired lift kit”.  Smaller caliber bolt heads will, of course, also be available.  MSRP: $300, delivery in about 4 weeks. Pic.  Nath was in the booth and described what the “lift kit” is and does.  [Paraphrased]  The stock Savage cocking pin bottoms out in the bolt body, which sometimes results in a flyer.  The kit provides Allen wrench-adjustment (rear entry) to move the full-forward travel of the cocking pin reward, to avoid bottom out.  The kit also allows you to tension the firing pin and it reduces bolt lift pressure by 50-60%. PTG and Nath will both sell this product (another of the several products PTG sells of his). Nath also  mentioned (1) he’ll be coming out with a Savage (and Remington) firing pin removal tool (as will PTG, by chance - totally different products except for what they do).  It will also be distributed through PTG. (2) Late Q3/early Q4’13 - a 2 oz Savage trigger - “safe” and comparable to a Jewell (who currently doesn’t produce a trigger for the Savage).  Nath noted that he regularly uses Basix triggers for Savage, for what that might tell you.
    12.  Prograde (website in development at - announced ELR-cartridge, loaded ammo products (shipping in the March timeframe):  
         338 LM - (Match Grade) 250 and 300 gr Berger Match VLD, 300 gr SMK; (Tactical Grade) 250 gr Lapua scenar, 285 gr Barnes TAC-X, 300 gr. Lapua scenar; (Hunting Grade) 225, 250, and 300 gr Nosler AccuBond, 280 gr Barnes LRX.
         50 BMG - (Match Grade) 750 gr Barnes TAC-LRBT; (Tactical Grade) 647 gr Barnes TAC-X-BT, 750 gr Barnes TAC-LRBT
    13.  Sightron - showed 3 new 6-24x50 scopes (1) SII SS, SFP - March; (2) FFP, Mil - late March; (3) FFP, MOA - June.
    14.  Timney - introduced a Savage AccuTrigger replacement trigger - adjustable, single stage, 1.5-4# pull, no creep.  Black (#638) for $110 and silver (nickel, #638-16) for $120.  Pic #1, #2.
    15.  Vortex - Viper HS 6-24x50 scope, second focal plane, BDC reticle, “late Spring” (site says “Fall 2013”).
    16.  Wiseman (Bill) - notwithstanding what it says on his website (“rifles - coming”, with several pics), he is shipping rifles, up to 338 LM, now! [See the “Services - Gunsmiths” page.]

2013 SHOT Show® Day Two (16 Jan 2013) - bits and pieces on the “ELR-related”, my take (alpha order). 
    1. Accuracy International - see CORRECTION to info on Savage AICS in Day One report (below)
    2. Accurate-Mags (AM) - Is now offering to civilians what it has been selling “elsewhere”, the “Accurate-Mags Special Service Rifle”.  This a Rem 700-based or Savage 110-based rifle in 300 and 338 Norma Magnum. It uses AM’s XM2010 6 round double stacked mags (338 LM CIP length), is modular and adjustable, with folding stock.  Pics #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8.  They also had on display, a Rangemaster Precision Arms (RPA) “RPA Quadlock” action in 50 BMG - which I could not stop taking pictures of.  Pic #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8. Why in the AM booth?  “We are exploring a relationship.  RPA is aready the exclusive distributor of AM mags in Europe.”  Lets keep our fingers (and toes) crossed.  An absolutely incredible action - and rifles, and triggers.
    2a.  Ashbury International (missed posting until 26 Dec 2013) - pics of pink chassis and 375 SuperSport #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10.
    3.  Bergara - I spoke with Mr. Mark Hendricks, VP of Techical Developemnt , for BPI Outdoors, which includes Bergara.  He introduced me to the new “Bergara Heavy Tactical” with 338 LM option.  That option is based on an action produced by Stiller for them plus Badger bottom DBM.  This rifle includes a McMillan A4 stock. Badger rings are also an option.  See pics and details (including MSRPs) at
    4.  Corbon - I inquired how their 338 NM ammo was selling and they basically said it isn’t - for lack of rifles shooting it.  If only General Dynamics was in the civilian rifle making business.  At least thefolks at Ashbury, DTA, Gunwerks, KMW (Terry Cross), McMillan, and Sergeon Rifles are offering models in 338 NM.  I’ll try to remember to ask Black Hills tomorrow, the only other “current” supplier.
    5.  DTA pics - of the new SRS-A1,pic  #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7.  And of the integral scope base and ring set mentioned yesterday, pic #1, #2, #3.
    6.  H-S Precision - has added the “PLR” (professional long range) model in 338 LM (CIP lengh proprietary mags).
    7.  IOR/Valdada 5.8-40x56 model pics - #1, #2, #3, #4,
    8.  Magtech is listing 408 CT and 460 Steyr ammo in their catalog, “Extreme Perfrmance” line.  They will be pushing CNC turned solids/solid HPs - no ballistics.  When we’ll see them???
    9.  Norma - has just released 338 NM ammo (shipping almost immediately).  One SKU (#20185272) pushing the 300 gr SMK.
    10.  Sako - 11 pages in their “Defense & Law Enforcement” catalog.  The associated website is still restricted access.  A couple pics, #1, #2.
    11. Schmidt & Bender - introduced the “3.5-27x56 PM II High Power”, a 9X zoom, FFP scope; specs in English measure (weird) with MRAD total elevation adjustment of 36 MRADs (.1MRAD/click).  Expected here in late Summer.
    12. Sierra 7 Bipods - a brand new item stashed away in another manufacturer’s booth.  Suffice to say, seriously SLICK!  How slick? I’ve signed up for at least one (as I have for the new IOR/Valdada scope mentioned in these reports).  [No “writer’s” price, no sweet deal, just regular-Joe price.]  This bipod has dual locking handles, is super smooth, does both pan and cant, and includes a QD attach to a Pic rail. Pics - #1, #2, #3. More info and much better pics at Oh, and pricing...$325 MSRP (that’s $125 under the other great bipods shown all over the show floor, also without a booth).
    13. TrackingPoint - well, it seems to be seriously real.  A very substantial booth, four simulation stations, and plenty of interested prospects.  I ran the drill and the only complaint I had was the initial scope reticle is the standard black color and you loose it on a dark target, like the black bear in the simulation I ran.  So you really aren’t sure where you have tagged the target until you start the trigger pull and the bright orange (red?) “Tag” appears. I have pics (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6).  Much more info is on the now-public website,  Oh, you wanted a bit more info?  They are offering three models, ranging in MSRP from $17K to $22K.  That includes 200 rounds of “spec” (my term) ammo.  Why mention ammo?  Because they will be their customer’s sole source of ammo going forward (current plan).  Why?  Or the system will not work.  Reloaders need not apply - at least if they were planning on tuning the rifle’s performance with reloads.  Simply put, “ammo” is a critical element in the “science” of making this system work.  

2013 SHOT Show® Day One (15 Jan 2013) - bits and pieces on the “ELR-related”, my take (alpha order).  FYI, no pics today, tomorrow is my first floor pic day (code = PT, for pics tomorrow).
    1.  Accuracy International (AI) – they say, the Savage 110 (LA) AICS chassis “is in distribution NOW!” (PT).  They say, the PSR system “should be available by Summer”.  That was Day One, talking to person A. Day Two, Person A asks for confirmation from Person B, (paraphrased) “no such product, SA only, NO plans for LA”. That’s 20+ pics later . Suffice it to say, I was seriously irked!
    2.  Ashbury – their “reduced cost” Super-Sport series was heavily displayed, including a “pink” example (PT). Read aluminum vs carbon fiber. Pricing still TBD.  A very nice looking 375 CT example was also on display (PT).
    3.  Badger – they are replacing their 2008 action with the new “2013” (M2013) model.  All new builds will be to the 2013 spec.  Differences – lighter bolt lift, some weight-reducing profiling, and +$200 to the pricing.  A model of the 2013 will also support 338 LM CIP-length mags. They will begin shipping late Feb or early March.
    4.  Cadex Defense – nothing “new” BUT they have a “SHOT Show 25% OFF” deal going now through 1/18 on their chassis systems (full line)  -
    5.  Defiance Machine:
         a.  Was showing their “new” Deviant model in SA/LA – understand it as a Rebel with an integral 20 MOA rail…and an 8-9 week leadtime.
         b.  Confirmed their DBM product line is history - once current stocks are sold.
         c.   Said the CT and 50 BMG actions went away for cancelled orders and very lack-luster demand.  Could the CT model return?  Yes, if the customer base steps up.  Do not hold your breath.
    6.  Desert Tactical – I spoke with honcho Nick Young:
         a.  Their very-recently released A1 version of their SRS rifle - in a capsule - provides an adjustable cheekpiece, modular forearm, and softer butt pad (PT). It will start shipping in March.
         b.  They announced a scope co-branding deal with Kahles, featuring a DTA-spec’d “Advance Milling Reticle (AMR)” for the K624i 6-24x56 model.  The back side of that flyer (reticle display and dims) was barely legible.  Some info on the scopes (not the reticle) is available at
         c.   They will be offering 408 CT and 416 Barrett barrel/bolt combos for the HTI rifle “system” this April.  Yes, the HTI is in full production with about a 30 day leadtime.
         d.  They will be adding a line of scope rings with integral bases within a few months (PT).
         e.  On the DTM (munitions) side, they will be adding 408 CT and 416 Barrett offerings by Summer.
    7.  G.A. Precision (GAP) reaffirmed that all their rifles are “custom” and that they will engage with customers on rifles up to and including those in 50 BMG.
    8.  IOR/Valdada – introduced the 5.8-40x56 model scope (40mm tube, 125 MOA elevation (one-hundred and twenty-five MOA), true ED glass from the German optics  manufacturer Schott, Zero-Stop, Xtreme MOA-X1 reticle, and a price point UNDER the just-released Nightforce B.E.A.S.T, about $3100, MAP. Tentative model name, “Crusader”. PT.
    9.  J. Allen Enterprises (JAE, – will release a Surgeon 1581XL (read “338 LM capable”)-based chassis system mid-year.  It will use AI CIP length mags. While they are taking orders now, the projected delivery lead time is 10-12 months.
    10. Oakwood Controls (VA) – showcased a radio frequency (OFDM)-based “electronic target solution for long range shooting” (Electronic Target System 1000).  By “long range” they mean out to 20km (no typo, twenty kilometers)! [Correction, 2/3/2013 - per company management, the max is 15km.]  It consist of:
         a.  A modular target frame with multiple acoustic sensors, and a fairly simple plastic corrugated target area (“something to shoot at”, 24”, or 36”, or 72” square),
         b.  A downrange “yellow box” sending unit cabled to the target frame,
         c.   A radio receiver,
         d.  A software application for instant display of captured data (shot number, x-y coordinates of each shot location (relative to the center of the target) on a PC-based simulated target image, plus a bunch more), and
         e.  (Currently) a ruggedized laptop PC.  
    NOTE – the round MUST still be supersonic as it passes the location of the sensors within the target frame, and they need the projectile diameter to “accurately” portray the shots on the screen. Shot position accuracy claimed within 2mm.  The sensors could be positioned into a horizontal area about 4-5” high which MUST be protected (name your “protection” given your application – not provided).  The frame is NOT ruggedized but “is relatively inexpensive to repair/replace” if its damaged.
    While they do have a website (, it has very minimal info, asking you to e-mail them for more.  The flyer they had in the booth and the website say out to 1000 yards.  Actually, the flyer says, “…at distances even beyond 1000 yards.”  That was my first question, they replied (as note above), “out to 20km”.
    Final note, the “current system” (with the ruggedized laptop and extensive suite - and used by the military and major arms manufacturers) runs in the $10-15K area…BUT by May they expect to offer a “personal” system with 36” target and software (no ruggedized laptop) for about $5K.  I asked if the “personal” system could support multiple downrange targets but was advised it will be one-to-one only.  Quite unclear whether they have put much time into considering “multiples”.
    11. RUAG – in case you didn’t know it, they produce 338 LM ammo (and 50 BMG ammo – and 50 BMG case and primer components).  Mr. John Mullins, VP of Government and Law Enforcement Sales for the US, advised they will accept retail orders for min quantity of 200 rounds of the 338 products in the ball and target versions.  [No soap for any of the 50 BMG products.] He is the contact (
    12. Rock Creek – notwithstanding a recent home page announcement that they have stopped accepting cut rifling barrel orders, Mike Rock personally advised that they will accept orders from prior and current customers (NOT new customers), warning that there will be no leadtime commitment.  They will fit you into the schedule as best they can.
    13. Safety Harbor – within a very few months they will begin offering 338 LM versions of their AR15 upper conversions, single shot and mag-fed (CIP length).  They will be doing their own mags.
    14. Serbu – they are in production of their BFG-50A semi-auto 50 BMG rifle with a three month leadtime for rifles and a three week leadtime for receivers.  I asked about a 50 DTC version for CA and they said they have already delivered one (1) - a non-trivial “arrangement” is required (IMHO).
    15. Vortex – has added a 10 MRAD/turn version of their Razor HD 5-20x50 FFP model scope.
SHOT Show® Media Day at the Range™ (14 Jan 2013) - bits and pieces re ELR, my take away (alpha order), with a very brief intro, VERY COLD and windy!
    1. ArmaLite – AR-50A1, National Match version, one year ago I asked when this model would be back in stock and was told, “Shortly”.  Today, after NEVER seeing this model listed as “in stock” during weekly website checks over the last year, I was told that 2013 is sold out and that any orders placed now will be delivered in 2014!
   2. Corbon - I spent several freezing minutes with the very personable, Mr. Jeff Wall (Skipper), the Director of Corbon’s Civilian and Law Enforcement Training Center (CTC).  He advised that by July they will have completed and opened their long distance training range (steel with known and unknown distances to 1200m).  It will be located, as their other ranges, in Sturgis, SD.  Their ranges will be open to the public on non-training days.  There will also be a Pro Shop with firearms, accessories, and gunsmithing services.
    3.  JARD - was showing the expected-mid-year-release “J51” rifle (semi-auto, gas-operated, mag-fed (5 rds), 30” barrel, rotating bolt with 15 lugs, 50 BMG, and their massive, in-house-developed brake). Pic #1, #2, #3 (the hand guard will be longer, completely covering the gas system, with ventilation holes).  Production is pending capacity availability during the current “AR15 craze”.
    4.  TrackingPoint - “The Future is Now!”, “1000 Yards Made Easy!”  More in the coming days on this series of rather remarkable “Precision Guided Firearm” systems.  For now, see their just-opened website,

Site Update (13 Jan 2013):
Additions and updates since 6 Jan 2013:
    Rifles - McMillan (EOL Mountain Extreme Denali and Yukon, both in 338 LM)
    Rifle Components - Accurate-Mag (stock/chassis systems); Defiance (Deviant action); DTA (SRS-A1 Rifle Chassis)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Cutting Edge (338, 176 gr ER Raptor, tipped solid); Dynamic Research (after site problems and a simple rebuild, but specs have been removed; appears same products remain, call)
    Ranges - Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex (CO); Williamsport is listing 3 FCSA matches for 2013

Site Update (6 Jan 2013):
Additions and updates since 30 Dec 2012:
    Rifle Components - Nightforce introduced three new scopes (15-55×52 Competition, ATACR™ (Advanced Tactical Riflescope) 5-25×56, and 5-25×56 F1 B.E.A.S.T - the last two with 120 MOA elevation).

Site Update (30 Dec 2012):
Additions and updates since 23 Dec 2012:
    Rifles - Ashbury S.E.F.R. (SABRE Enhanced Factory Rifle) based on Savage 110BA in 338 LM

Site Update (23 Dec 2012):
Additions and updates since 16 Dec 2012:
    Rifle Components - R Bros (Rogue repeater action)

Site Update (16 Dec 2012):
Additions and updates since 9 Dec 2012:
    Rifle Components - GSeven (scopes)
    Info/Publications - NBRSA has added a FREE eZine of their monthly print publication, Precision Rifleman

Site Update (9 Dec 2012):
Additions and updates since 2 Dec 2012:
    Rifles - Montana Rifle Company (new models - MMR and MTR - not yet on their website)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - DAG (50 BMG military brass - produced by RWS in Switzerland)

Site Update (2 Dec 2012):
Additions and updates since 25 Nov 2012:
    Info/Publications - KGI (Knesek Guns) Blog

Site Update (25 Nov 2012):
Additions and updates since 18 Nov 2012:
    Rifles - Ashbury Precision Ordnance (TCR - Tactical Competition Rifle); RW Snyder (Long Range Tactical); Sero (M6 Lynx pdf); Thor (removed 416 Barrett offering, no longer listed); TrackingPoint (XS1 Precision Guided Firearm - coming 1/15/2013); Weatherby (removed Mark V Synthetic, no longer listed); Zbroyar (dropped since the Z-008 line appears gone)
    Rifle Components - added a Suppressors/Silencers sub-section; BAT (now lists a “CT” model single-shot action with 338 LM and CheyTac bolt faces - other than the bolt face, the only apparent difference from the model M, which is no longer offered with a CT bolt face, is the larger barrel thread, 1.187x16 vs 1.125x16); McRee Precision (dropped from Muzzle Brake sub-section, no longer lists such products)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - I finally dropped Scorpion (bullets).  As best I know, they never reached production.  In any case, they never moved beyond a “coming soon” web page. Our loss as their product sure looked interesting.
    Reloading Equipment - PMA Tool (case prep)
    Products/Misc - Pacific Tool and Gauge is now offering 338 LM replacement bolt heads for Savage  and Remington 700 bolt bodies with 338 LM bolt face
    Gunsmiths - Doan Trevor (NM)
    Ranges - Forbes Rifle & Pistol Club (NY)

Site Update (18 Nov 2012):
Additions and updates since 11 Nov 2012:
    Rifles - Harris Gunworks (“Combo 50” added), H-S Precision (SPR and VTD added), Ishmash (“Record 338”), KMW (added 338 NM option to Long Sword model)
    Rifle Components - Benchmark Barrels now has their own website, Mastin Custom Stocks (stocks), Steve Jennings Stocks (stocks), True-Flite (barrels and stocks)
    Gunsmiths - Area 419 Firearms (OH)
    Publications - Precision Shooting closes its doors effective 16 Nov 2012

Site Update (11 Nov 2012):
Additions and updates since 4 Nov 2012:
    Rifles - ArmaLite announced new 338 LM models (AR 30A1B338, AR30A1BT338 - AR-30M338 no longer listed)

Site Update (4 Nov 2012):
Additions and updates since 28 Oct 2012:
    Rifles - ArmaLite has added a 416 Barrett version of the AR-50A1
    Gunsmiths - Chesebro Rifles website launched

Site Update (28 Oct 2012):
Additions and updates since 21 Oct 2012:
    Rifles - added 338 Norma Magnum legend/breakout; Gunwerks (Magnus and Verdict); Weatherby (Mark V Accumark RC - so far only the press release)
    Rifle Components - US Optics has advised that the legendary SN-9 scope has been discontinued  (and removed from their website) “but we may build them again in the future.”
    Retailers/E-tailers - Great Scott Shooters (GSS) added as a source for Jewell triggers.

Site Update (21 Oct 2012):
Additions and updates since 14 Oct 2012:
    Rifles - BlackOps Precision (removed Infidel - temporarily unavailable, new “game-changer” model in development), DTA (SRS now also available in 338 Norma Magnum, HTI now also available in 408 CT and 416 Barrett (again))
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Desert Tactical Munitions (ammo also now available in 375 CT and 50 BMG - matrix updated)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Lafayette Shooters

Site Update (14 Oct 2012):
Additions and updates since 7 Oct 2012:
    New tech - Tracking Point “system”, see videos here and here.  They are exhibiting at SHOT but are NOT listed as an exhibitor for “Media Day at the Range”.

Cartridges (10 Oct 2012) - the 416 Barrett reamer drawing (from Pacific Tool and Gage) has been removed from the line notation but not from the drawing package (not separable).  See footnote ** on the Cartridges page.

Site Update (7 Oct 2012):
Additions and updates since 30 Sep 2012:
    Rifles - Bluegrass Armory (Viper available in .510 DTC Europ); removed Bushmaster BA50 Carbine (discontinued)
    Cartridges - 338 Little Dave (from Austria, WIP on properly stamped brass from Jamison); 408 Tejas (added drawing from CH4D)

Site Update (30 Sep 2012):
Additions and updates since 23 Sep 2012:
    Rifles - Accuracy International (AW338 rifles fazed out and replaced by AX338 rifles); removed Blaser (the Tactical 2 rifle is now only being imported by Sig Sauer, that rifle is already listed  under Sig Sauer, and there is no info on this rifle on the current Blaser site)

Site Update (23 Sep 2012):
Additions and updates since 16 Sep 2012:
    Rifles - CC International (Tiger and Hammerhead series); Surgeon adds 338 Norma Magnum in Remedy line
    Miscellaneous - Strong Case (rifle cases)
    Gunsmiths - Hart Rifle Barrels (NY), MT Guns is now Chesebro Rifles (CA)
    Publications - Brian Litz (Applied Ballistics) released a new book, “Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting”

Site Update (16 Sep 2012):
Additions and updates since 9 Sep 2012:
    Gunsmiths - Baity’s Custom Gunworks (NC)
    Another cartridge comparo pic (50 BMG, Anzio 20/50, and 20mm Vulcan - on the Pubs... page, courtesy of Simon Lowe, UK)

Captech International (10 Sep 2012) - Jamison (brass, loaded ammo, and projectiles) returns as “Captech International”, article here.  

I just received (12 Sep AM) an e-mail from Captech, responding to my inquiries regarding availability and other products:
    “1. The CT brass should be available in 60 days.
      2. We will have ammo also but we are still working on development but our goal is 60 days also.
      3. The turned projectiles will be 90 days.”
They added in response to my inquiry about quality, “our brass is typically a 2 to 1 ratio on the reloads as compared to other brands of the same caliber.”

“Jamison” will continue as their headstamp.

Site Update (9 Sep 2012):
Additions and updates since 2 Sep 2012:
    Gunsmiths - Dan’s Custom Gun Service (NC), West Texas Ordnance (TX)

Site Update (2 Sep 2012):
Additions and updates since 26 Aug 2012:
    Rifle Components - Aadland Engineering (scope bases and rings), Elite Iron (bipods), Roedale (muzzle brakes and scope mounting systems)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Alliant RL 33 now shipping (powders)
    Reloading Equipment - Berger (load data; just released their first reloading manual)

Site Update (26 Aug 2012):
Additions and updates since 19 Aug 2012:
    No changes or additions this week.

Site Update (19 Aug 2012):
Additions and updates since 12 Aug 2012:
    Rifles - Barker Machine Works (barreled actions and complete rifles)
    Rifle Components - removed Defiance Renegade and Titan actions (no longer available)
    Training - North Texas Rifle Precision (TX)

Site Update (12 Aug 2012):
Additions and updates since 5 Aug 2012:
    Rifle Components - Defiance Machine (DBMs)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - McMillan (50 BMG ammo); Ted Nugent (50 BMG ammo); TTI Armory (removed listing - website gone/out of business?)
    Gunsmiths - Bryant Custom (TX)

Site Update (5 Aug 2012):
Additions and updates since 29 Jul 2012:
    Rifles - Safety Harbor (new site, new links)
    Training - Accuracy 1st Training and Consulting (TX and UT)

Site Update (29 Jul 2012):
Additions and updates since 22 Jul 2012:
    Rifles - Arrington Accuracy (custom builds)

Site Update (22 Jul 2012):
Additions and updates since 15 Jul 2012:
    Rifle Components - added Montana Professional Hunter to the 408 CT matrix as a single shot (actions/receivers); Barker Machine Works (brakes); referred Lone Wolf Rifle Stocks as they are now part of Proof Research (stocks)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - removed A-Square items/338 Excalibur (out of business?)
    Reloading  Equipment - Accuracy One (aids - concentricity gauge); Little Crow Gunworks (case prep)

Site Update (15 Jul 2012):
Additions and updates since 7 Jul 2012:
    Rifles - Northwest Action Works (RAMROD Hunter, RAMROD Tactical)
    Ammo & Ammo Components - updated CheyTac ammo, brass, and projectile links/info)
    Gunsmiths - Kampfeld Custom (MI), Northwest Action Works (OR)
    Cartridges - 338 Norma Magnum (article)

Site Update (8 Jul 2012):
Additions and updates since 1 Jul 2012:
    Rifles - Predator Custom Shop (338 LM Ultra Match, M24A3 338 LM)
     Gunsmiths - Deadly Precision Gunsmithing (UT), Predator Custom Shop (TN)

Site Update (1 Jul 2012):
Additions and updates since 24 Jun 2012:
    Ammo & Ammo Components - Barnes 338 Tipped TSX BT in 185, 210, and 225
    Gunsmiths (Wolf Precision (PA)
    Ranges - Tulsa Red Castle Range (OK)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Southern Precision Rifles (Bugholes)
    Training - Wolf Precision (PA)
    Cartridges - 14.9x102mm SOP (changed to YouTube video, added pic of test rifle)
    Info/Info - Denel-Mechem NTW-20mm Anti-Material Rifle

Site Update (24 Jun 2012):
Additions and updates since 17 Jun 2012:
    Rifles - Ace Precision Rifle Systems/Australia (LR Precision Series), Venom Tactical (Copperhead, Taipan)  
    Ammo & Ammo Components -  loaded ammo matrix updated (460 Steyr and 50 BMG tabs)
    Ranges - Bayou Rifles (TX)
    Cartridges - added “338 Norma Magnum 40° Improved”; added Pacific Tool and Gauge-provided reamer drawings of the “338 Norma Magnum” and “338 Norma Magnum 40° Improved”     

Site Update (17 Jun 2012):
Additions and updates since 10 Jun 2012:     
    Cartridges - added pic and blog link for 14.9x102mm SOP; added CH4D-provided drawings of 338-408 CT, 338 LM Imp. (3), 375 CT, 375 CT Imp., 375-50, 408 CT (2), 408 CT Imp., 50 BMG, 50 DTC-EDM, 50 DTC Europ, 50/20mm (M-103) PAC-NOR, 50 McMurdo, 50 Spotter, 50 Vulcan, and 55 Boyes.

    ELR “Commercially-Available, Loaded Ammo” Section Added:

    I have just expanded the Ammunition Components page to include a section for “Ammo (commercially-available, loaded ammo)” – a supplier listing (31) and a “comparative matrix” by cartridge.  The data were compiled from supplier web sites.

    Cartridges included (in tabbed worksheets with tabs along the bottom) are (number of loads listed):

    338-378 Weatherby (9)
    338 Edge (2)
    338 Excalbur (2)
    338 Lapua Magnum (41)
    338 Norma Magnum (2)
    8.59 (.338) Titan (3)
    375 CheyTac (5)
    375 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM)(9)
    378 Weatherby (5)
    408 CheyTac (9)
    416 Barrett (7)
    460 Steyr (1)
    50 BMG (34)

    [Suggested additions are welcome.]

    Data for each listing (as available and applicable):

    Product Code
    Projectile (wt, type, matl)
    Muzzle Velocity (MV)
    Muzzle Energy (ME)
    MV Barrel Length
    Recommend Twist (very few had this info)
    Web Link (URL)

Site Update (10 Jun 2012):
Additions and updates since 3 Jun 2012:
    Rifles - Aztek Arms, Mike’s Gun Sales & Service (338 NM specialists)
    Rifle Components - Alpine Gunworks (stocks), Aztek Arms (actions, brakes, DBMs)
    Reloading Equipment/Aids - FFS/Delta (ballistic software)
    Reloading Equipment/Dies - M2 Precision (50 BMG Match Bullet Seater)
    Cartridges - 338 Norma Magnum (article/review), 375 RUM

Site Update (3 Jun 2012):
Additions and updates since 27 May 2012:
    Rifle Components - Ken Farrell (scope bases and rings); McRees Precision (muzzle brakes); receiver matrixes consolidated into a single spreadsheet (for ease of maintenance)
    Ammunition Components - Sierra 350 gr/375 bullets; bullets/projectiles matrixes consolidated into a single spreadsheet (for ease of maintenance)

Site Update (27 May 2012):
Additions and updates since 20 May 2012:
    Rifles - removed Arsenal as US source for Zbroyar
    Rifle Components - Grodas Riflestocks (Norway) (stocks), removed Rock Creek as a manufacturer of bipods (line dropped)
    Gunsmiths - Accurate Ordnance (GA)
    Training - Premier Rifle Academy (CA)
    Cartridges - added important general footnote
    Info/Forums - Long Range Hunting (ELR-specific forum), Sniper’s Hide (ELR-specific forum)

Site Update (20 May 2012):
Additions and updates since 13 May 2012:
    Completed site-wide links check.
    Rifles - Proof Research (Tactical II)
    Rifle Components - added action “type” color coding to Actions/Receivers section.

Site Update (13 May 2012):
Additions and updates since 6 May 2012:
    Rifles - page links checked, added more model-level links, and revised to add color coding for “type” (repeater, repeater or single shot, and semi-auto - no color = single shot only); removed AMSD as the SAN 511/Nemesis is now produced by Swiss Arms

Site Update (6 May 2012):
Additions and updates since 29 Apr 2012:
    Rifles - Desert Toys (removed - site is 403, Forbidden); F&D Defense (confirmed, in response to my e-mail inquiry, that they will have a California-compliant configuration of their upcoming “FD338” 338 LM semi-auto); OnlyLongRange/Noreen (confirmed, in response to my e-mail, that they have available a California-compliant version of the “Bad News” 338 LM semi-auto); RMC Manufacturing (barreled actions only); SAI (Denmark, CSR-50)
    Rifle Components - Classic Barrel (barrels); McCann Industries (scope bases); MPI Stocks (stocks)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Wolverine Supplies
    Training - K&M Precision Rifle Training (FL)
    Associations - North Coast Shooters Association (NCSA)

MFR (1 May 2012) - web site’s 1st Year anniversary.  Recap from LRH and SH posts:

    “I came on this forum on May 1, 201 1 to announce the launch of “a non-commercial, extreme long range (ELR) information site”, “It provides links to products, services, and information for ELR shooters and anybody interested, as I am, in this area…”

Below is a brief recap of what it was on day one vs what it is today, 7500+ home page hits later.

    Sections: Then: 13; now: 15 (added “Training” and “News”)

    Companies with model-name rifles and/or explicit builds in ELR cartridges i.e., ones listed on the Cartridges page): Then: 50 (estm); now: 107

    Rifle component subsections: Then: 8; now: 9 (added “DBMs and Mags”)

    Companies with ELR-capable/focuses rifle components: Then: 60 (estm); now: 158 including:

         Action/receivers: 22 [plus three comparative matrixes based on bolt face – 338 LM, 408 CT, and 50 BMG – 50 actions in all]
         Barrels: 18
         DBMs and Mags: 13
         Misc: 6
         Muzzle Brakes: 21
         Scope Bases and Rings: 15
         Scopes: 19 [no cheap, junk-class brands]
         Stocks and Bipods: 36
         Triggers: 8

    Companies with ELR-capable/focused ammunition components (not ammo): Then: 40 (estm); now: 61 including 21 brass and 24 bullets/projectiles [plus four comparative projectile matrixes based on caliber- 338, 375, 408-458, and 510]

    Companies with reloading equipment items for ELR cartridges: Then: 50 (estm); now: 75

    Companies providing miscellaneous products generally focused on ELR type rifles/shooting: Then: 20 (estm); now: 32

    Gunsmiths building ELR-capable rifles (some overlap to Rifles, included if they offer general gunsmithing services beyond rifle builds): Then: 18-20 (estm); now: 38

    Ranges (out to at least 1000 yard): Then: 18-20 (estm); now: 3 [including info on whether 50 BMG rifles are allowed]

    Retailer/e-tailers (general, broad-line companies with multiple products applicable to ELR shooting): Then: 20-25 (estm); now: 37

    Training: Then: 0; now: 33

    Cartridges (with definite long range focus and at least the muzzle energy of a 338 LM, max factory load): Then: 20-25 (estm); now: 36 [plus 15 chamber reamer drawings from Pacific Tool and Gage]

    Other info sites (associations and clubs, info sites and forums, legal, and pubs, articles and photos): Then: 30 (estm); now: 42

    News: Then: 0; now: weekly site update info and new products info (e.g., SHOT Show recaps) since early June 2011.

Site functionality added – site-wide navigation links at the top of every page, site-wide search, color coded tags for major cartridge/caliber info in rifles, actions, DBMs and mags, and brass.

So… one year later and a LOT more info.

I update the site at least once a week and do site-wide link checks about once every six months – one will be done shortly. During the year I have received only 1-2 e-mails about bad links.

I’ve tried very hard to make this a solid resource for the ELR shooting community. Hope you’ve visited, checked it out at length, and found it worth bookmarking.

I continue to be open for leads on companies, products, services, and info resopurces I’ve missed. I received probably 10-12 inputs during the year.

PLEASE do let me know what you think of the site and pass the word if you feel it is worthwhile.”

Site Update (29 Apr 2012):
Additions and updates since 22 Apr 2012:
    Rifles - Center Shot Long Range Training
    Rifle Components - Action/Receiver matrixes updated (338 - added Barker M24, more specs for Nesika; 408 - more specs for Barker); Muzzle Brakes and More (muzzle brakes), Schmidt & Bender (scopes)
    Ammunition Components - Quality Cartridges (brass)
     Training - Center Shot Long Range Training (replaced e-mail address with web link)
    Cartridges - 338 Norma Magnum

Site Update (22 Apr 2012):
Additions and updates since 15 Apr 2012:
    Rifle Components - A.R.M.S. (scope bases and rings)
    Ranges - Hawks Ridge (NC)

Site Update (15 Apr 2012):
Additions and updates since 8 Apr 2012:
    Rifle Components - Actions/Receivers (added side-by-side comparative matrixes based on bolt face - separate matrixes for 338 LM, 408 CT, and 50 BMG - 49 products in all)

Site Update (8 Apr 2012):
Additions and updates since 1 Apr 2012:
    Rifles - Brugger & Thomet (added links for APR Sniper System and 21 pg PDF spec)
    Rifle Components - Seekins now includes 338 LM CIP length (DBM); Steiner (scopes)
    Ranges - Show Me Benchrest Shooters Association (MO) - confirmed “50 BMG OK”

Site Update (1 Apr 2012):
Additions and updates since 25 Mar 2012:
    Rifles- Surgeon (Remedy XL in 338 LM)
     Rifle Components - Barker Machine (receiver pricing released - incredibly LOW, and they include scope rail and recoil lug), Pacific Tool and Gage (DBM)
    Ammunition Components - High Tech Ammunition (mil surplus powder), Jeff Bartlett (mil surplus powder)
    Products/Misc - Bear Track Cases (rifle cases)
    Ranges - Oak Ridge Sportmen’s Club (TN), Pascagoula Shooting Club (MS), Show Me Benchrest Shooters Association (MO), Vapor Trail Valley Club (MO)
    Training - K&M Outfitters (OK)

Site Update (25 Mar 2012):
Additions and updates since 18 Mar 2012:
    Gunsmiths - Vestal`s Gunsmithing & Custom Rifles (VA)
    Ranges - Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club confirmed OK for 50 BMG (but not on the club’s steel)
    Training - Mountain Shooting Center (UT)

Site Update (18 Mar 2012):
Additions and updates since 11 Mar 2012:
    Rifles - Cross Canyon Arms (Tejas), JRS Custom Firearms (LR1136), Michael Cuypers Riflemaker,
 RW Snyder (ELR Rifles), Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles, Snowy Mountain (updated site/models)
    Rifle Components - Roedale (stocks), RWS/PDC (muzzle brakes), Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles (stocks), Snowy Mountain (actions - updated site/models), Victory Company/Viperskins (stocks)
    Ammunition Components - Berger (bullets - added 338, 250 gr hybrid), KGI (408 CT brass)  

Site Update (11 Mar 2012):
Additions and updates since 4 Mar 2012:
    Rifles - Defensive Edge (LRKM), F&D Defense (FD338), FN USA (Ballista link), Orsis/Russia (SE Alpine, SE T-5000)
    Rifle Components - Accuracy International “NEW Pistol Grip and Thumbhole Stocksides for AE / AW and AICS are now available” - see here; LaRue Tactical (scope bases and rings); Murphy Precision (scope bases and rings); Spuhr (scope bases and rings); Stiller Precision (added Predator Xtreme - only diff from TAC338 is color - std SS  vs black, respectively - and the name); Third Eye Tactical (scope bases and rings)
    Ammunition Components - Cutting Edge (bullets - added .510 solids)
    Ranges - San Bernardino County, California “Recreational Shooting & Hunting Areas Map”; Williamsport  has added 4 FCSA (50 Call) matches for 2012

Site Update (4 Mar 2012):
Additions and updates since 26 Feb 2012:
    Ammunition Components - additional Cutting Edge bullets in 338 and 375; additional Thunder Ammo 408 and 416 bullets
    Ranges - Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club (CA)     

TriTech Training (1 Mar 2012) - added update on their muzzle brakes.

Site Update (26 Feb 2012):
Additions and updates since 19 Feb 2012:
    Rifles - RND (added 416 Barrett offering), Truvelo (2011 catalog link added); Whidden Gunworks
    Rifle Components - Barker Machine Works (DBM), Black Diamond/Dave Viers (CheyTac DBM and mags), Trijicon (scopes)
    Gunsmiths - Classic Barrel and Gun Works (AZ), Whidden Gunworks (GA)
    Info/Photos - added two more side-by-side cartridge comparison photos (now thru 14.5x114 Russian)

Site Update (19 Feb 2012):
Additions and updates since 12 Feb 2012:
    Rifles - Desert Tactical Arms/DTA (they have dropped the 408 CT and 416 Barrett offerings)
    Rifle Components - Baer Custom Rifles (DBM)
    Ammunition Components - Nosler (338 AccuBond)

Site Update (12 Feb 2012):
Additions and updates since 5 Feb 2012:
    Rifles - Remington Defense (2012 catalog link); Steel Core Designs (UK)
    Rifle Components - Remington RACS; I have started on a “DBM and Mags” subsection. It will be expanded as I continue my research.  It does NOT list items which are product-specific to brands of actions or stocks/chassis systems/associated rifles but rather refers visitors to those listings.  Links to other products would be appreciated - send to webmaster at
    Gunsmiths - McWhorter Custom Rifles (GA)
    Cartridges - 408 CT thru 14.5x114 comparo pic; 408 Tejas
    Information Sites - cartridge collector associations listing; European Cartridge Research Association (E.C.R.A.)

Defiance Machine (8 Feb 2012) - info updates per Josh Gleason, National Sales Manager:
    Renegade (408 CheyTac) actions - the plan for 2012 is to build 600 of these actions; only options will be, a) single shot or repeater, b) right or left hand bolt, and c) bolt fluting; hoping for sales to individuals during the first half of the year; OAL is 10.121”.
    Titan (50 BMG) actions - all 2012 production will be distributed exclusively through Proof Research (the “new” Advanced Barrel Systems (ABS)); options same as Renegade; their site incorrectly states that there is a Medium and a Long length, there will only be one length, 11.915” (copy error, not plan change).  See below re Proof’s rollout.
    Rebels and Mutants (both supporting up to 338 LM - the 338 LM Mutants being Rebels specifically configured for the  Eliseo/CSS RTM long box chassis) - full range of options (within the constraints of the RTM chassis for the Mutants), most options do NOT affect the cost - fluting, recoil lugs, ejectors, scope rails DO affect pricing; lead times expected to be 60-90 days; Rebels account for  about 90% of the company’s overall shipment volume.
    DBM designs are still expected  within 30-60 days.
    Further questions should be referred to Defiance at (406)756-2727.

HSM (8 Feb 2012) - T50 long range solid projectiles again SKU’d up in 338, 375, and 408 (see the associated revised projectile matrixes) dated 8 Feb 2012; as these models go in and out of being listed, the matrixes will continue to list them even though at any particular point in time they may not be listed on the HSM site - call.

Proof Research (8 Feb 2012) - info per Jeff Badelt, National Sales Director:
    In regards distribution of the Defiance Machine’s Titan (50 BMG) actions - confirmed configuration options noted above; Q1 deliveries will be repeaters, the single shot version coming in Q2; several full builds (rifles) already on the books, shortly expecting initial delivery of actions from Defiance; expects to have sufficient volume to support the sale of individual actions (vs rifles) sometime in the first half of the year; pricing being decided this week; FYI, Defiance is about two miles down the road from Proof.
    Further questions should be referred to Proof at (406)756-9290.

Site Update (5 Feb 2012):
Additions and updates since 29 Jan 2012:
    Rifles - Black Diamond (Viersco) site update; Blue Grass Armory site update; dropped Les Baer as they have ceased offering bolt action rifle (no time given the volume of pistols and semi-auto rifle business)
    Rifle Components - Barker Machine Works (actions), BAT Machine (added muzzle brakes), Horus Vision (scopes and misc/Angle Slope Level Indicator)
    Gunsmiths - Carolina Precision Rifles (SC), Clark Fay (NM)
    Cartridges - Dave Viers updates the 375 VM to 375 VM2
    Retailers - Able Ammo, CheyTac Rifle/KGI

Site Update (29 Jan 2012):
Additions and updates since 22 Jan 2012:
    Rifles - 10X Custom Rifles, AI’s AX338 SHOT Show demo (video), McMillan (TAC-416 and new TAC-50 model specs), Robar SR60 and SR90 (both with 338LM upgrade)
    Rifle Components - Millet (scopes and rings)
    Reloading - CH4D total site remake + Rock Crusher link + CH4D cartridge list (use the shell holder # search to find wildcats and variants that MAY fit the same bolt face); Lee introduced a 338LM die set
    Products Misc - Combat Disabled Veterans Surplus (surplus brass incl 12.7 Russian, 14.5mm, 20mm)
    Gunsmiths - 10X Custom Rifles, Newman Precision, Wyatt’s Outdoor
    Training - Center Shot Long Range Training (added pics)

Site Update (22 Jan 2012):
Additions and updates since 15 Jan 2012 - beyond the SHOT Show items below:
    Rifles - ArmaLite AR-30 and AR-50 pics; SIG Sauer Tactical 2 (2012 catalog); Steyr SSG-08 338 Lapua + HS 460 and HS 50 pics
    Rifle Components - American Precision Arms (muzzle brakes), Burris (Eliminator III scope, July 2012); Elite Iron (muzzle brakes); OPS Inc (muzzle brakes)
    Training - Sniper Country (UT)

SHOT Show® Day 2 (18 Jan 2012) - bits and pieces re ELR, my take away (partial, alpha order):

    1.  Accurate Mag Products - 3.850” (CIP long action), double stack, single feed bottom metal kit in 338 LM (shipping now, also a single stack version for Savage BA); they are “tooling now” for their upcoming (EOY 2012), patent-pending, “the insert weapon” chassis system (which uses an “intermediate block” with integrated trunnion lug receivers to hold the barreled action in place - two trunnions are integrated into the chassis; uses v-block-style inserts to adapt the BA to the intermediate block; in place, but not locked down, the barreled action swivels around the trunnions).  Pics - #1, #2, #3.

    2.  American Rifle Company - M10 rings (“recoil proof”)

    3.  CAMDEX (how Hornady and others load ammo, including 50 BMG).  Pics - #1, #2, #3, #4.

    4.  Colorado Gun Sales - now importing Swiss Arms’ “SAN 511 Precision Rifle” (50 BMG).  Pics - #1 (triple lug), #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9.

    5.  CZ - 550 Magnum H.E.T. (not new).  Pic.

    6.  Defiance Machine - new website (partial specs and limited pics) and new actions - info not on website:
         “Titan” - 50 BMG-based, .920” bolt, 1.70” OD, MSRP: $3000.  Pics - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6.
         “Renegade” - 408 CT-based, .80” bolt, 1.47” OD, MSRP: $1750.  Pics - #1, #2, #3.
         Each action built to customer spec as to option set with MANY options available.
         Taking orders NOW, expects 60-90 day delivery.  Prices same for single shot and receiver.
         In-house designed and manufactured DBMs in 1-2 months - ambi mag release inside lower, front of guard; unique tensioning pin/mechanism to stop mag rattle, EDM’d for fit.

    7.  Eberlestock - Model 11 Stealth Rifle Chassis system. Pics - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7.        

   8.  FNH USA – “Ballista”. Pics - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.

    9.  J. Allen Enterprises -JAE-700 Precision Rifle Stock

    10.  Kensight - 700 SA/RA chassis system (future product - info only, no pics or specs)

    11.  Krieger - has added 338 caliber to their 5-R rifling offerings, effective immediately (they noted this is a based on customer demand, not any demonstrated performance improvement)

    12.  Manners Composite Stocks (MCS) - MCS-TF (Tactical Folder), newly released.  Pic.

    13.  McMillan - “TAC” updates:
         TAC-50 A1 - 5” longer forend, option for vertical cheekpiece adjustment; smaller pistol grip; lighter, more adjustable, and sturdier bipod
         TAC-50-A1-R2 - features a “hydraulic recoil mitigation system” (hydraulic piston in the buttstock) which “reduces the peak recoil from the 50 BMG cartridge by approximately 90%”.
         TAC-416 (say Hello, California!) - same spec as TAC-50-A1 except 416 Barrett, 1 in 13 twist, optional 30” light contour barrel (29” Navy contour standard), single shot only. Pics - #1, #2.

    14.  Remington - belatedly added XCR Tactical Long Range in 338 LM (was advised at the show that the online info is incorrect and that this model has been available for some time). Of note, Badger DBM, timed muzzle brake, three (3) very wide flutes in the barrel (“harmonic flutting” - to help cancel barrel whip).

    15.  Serbu - “BFG-50A”, semi-auto, 50 BMG rifle. Pics - #1, #2, #3 (3-lug bolt).

    16.  Ten-X Tactical - TX-50 Reloading Press (not new; for 338 LM, and smaller, through 50 BMG-based cartridges).  Pics - #1, #2 (rotate).

SHOT Show® Day 1 (17 Jan 2012) - bits and pieces re ELR, my take away (partial, alpha order):
    1. AI – AX AICS, pistol grip version on display. Pics - #1, #2, #3.
    2. Alliant Powder – Reloader 33 (RL33), coming soon, “Ideal powder for the 338 Lapua Magnum.” Reloading data included multiple 338LM loads .  See interview by Accurate Shooter here.
   3. Anzio – simple booth, HUGE hardware – I spent the better part of an hour with Mike Remo, their very personable President.  He was of course showing his 50/20 mm screamer… and – the only other significant (metal) object in the booth – a little something new, a SEMI-AUTO version in 20mm X 110 Hispano-Suiza – 81” long w/ 45” barrel and 7.75” x 3” muzzle brake.  He’s taking orders NOW for expected delivery in 6 months - expected retail price is $16.5K.  Currently has a 4 rd mag, working on a 10; 90#; gas operated, rotating bolt action.  Oh…pics (cartridges + both rifle models) - #1 (L-R, 20mm x 102 Vulcan, Anzio 20/50, 20mm x 110 Hispano-Suiza), #2 (quad lug), #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10.

    4. Ashbury – Ashbury Precision Ordnance was showing their patented SABER®-FORSST® modular rifle chassis system for the Savage model 110B – see also a great video of their PSR submission which uses that system at; they also had a large display of the rapid prototyping work they did in developing their chassis system (every component of the chassis built up using “additive and subtractive fabrication” technology (seriously slick stuff), their Rapid Product  Development Center being open for business for engineering services and support work (2012 rate schedule in their capabilities brochure).  Pics - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10.
    5. Desert Tactical (DTA) – HTI model to be shipping March 20th, its mag well is cut for up to 50 BMG and uses an integrated sheet metal “adaptation” (my term) to fill the gap for smaller rounds like 375 CT (attached), as shipped there will be some stock changes since first announced, including an adjustable cheekpiece, plus heavier scope rings.  DTA is now also into ammo, Desert Tactical Munitions (DTM) – 308, 300 WinMag, 338LM, and 50 BMG.  Pics - #1, #2, #3.
    6. Nightforce – new reticle, “MOAR”, for 3.5x15x, 5.5-22x, and 8-22x NSX scopes – too many bits and pieces to describe.  Pics - #1, #2.
    7. Remington – to offer “Remington Arms Chassis System (RACS)” In 700 SA/LA. Pics (LA) - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10.
    8. Sako – 11 page spread on the M10; bottom line, “modular – configurable – multi-caliber”.  Pics - #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.
SHOT Show® Media Day at the Range™ (16 Jan 2012) - bits and pieces re ELR, my take away (partial, alpha order):
    1. ArmaLite – AR-50A1, National Match version, back in stock soon, sans barrel flutting.
    2. Ashbury Precision Ordnance – found out that my recent unintended “leak” of their new site (announced on the hide) also surprised them, as the site was not yet ready and left open in error – it was then temporarily password protected... BUT it is NOW up!  See  Other chassis system pics and videos are on the corporate site here.
    3. ELR trainer, Will Ross (Center Shot Long Range Training, WY), in the Cutting Edge stand – great pics of multiple shot groups on man-sized steel out to 2600+.  Will post as soon as I can get them from him via e-mail; rifle in stand: custom-stocked, 375 CT.  Added to Training page.  Media Day pics - #1, #2.  Via e-mail - place holder.
    4. FNH USA – new model (available this year, in newest 2012 catalog), “Ballista”, 308, 300 WinMag, 338LM (6/9  rds) – bolt, 26” barrel (only, operator interchangeable in under 2/two minutes), fully adjustable ambi-folding stock, barreled receiver isolated from the alum and poly stock via elastomeric cushions.  Pics above.
    5. PCP Ammo – possibly 338LM and 50 BMG polymer-cased ammo in ’13, per Pete Forras, the Barrett 416 cartridge designer, now with PCP; cases potentially reloadable, steel alloy base (no loose primers), again, per Pete Forras.
Site Update (15 Jan 2012):
Additions and updates since 8 Jan 2012:
    Rifles - dropped Lawton (legally out of business); dropped LongShot Rifles (website says, “LongShot Rifles is closed and filing chapter 7 bankruptcy...”); Saxonia (Germany, Big-Valve M2)
    Rifle Components - dropped Lawton (legally out of business)
    Gunsmiths - dropped LongShot Rifles (website says, “LongShot Rifles is closed and filing chapter 7 bankruptcy...”)
    Associations/Clubs - FCSA Switzerland and photo gallery; added FCSA/UK photo gallery
    Completed a comprehensive, site-wide link check.     

Site Update (8 Jan 2012):
Additions and updates since 1 Jan 2012:
    Rifles - Ashbury Precision Ordnance (ASW50), Pierce (custom builds)
    Rifle Components - Ashbury Precision Ordnance (stocks), Kinetic Research (stock - for TRG-42), Precision Rifle & Tool (stocks)
    Ammunition Components - comprehensive link check; dropped HSM (T50 solid) bullets (missing from site - via e-mail says out-of-stock but other OOS items are still listed but noted as OOS; will add back when back online); Poly Gun Bags - “mil spec” solids (50 cal)
    Gunsmiths - Pierce (MI), Precision Rifle & Tool (NC)

Site Update (1 Jan 2012):
Additions and updates since 25 Dec 2011:
    Rifles - Fortmeier (Germany)
    Rifle Components - Pierce (actions - including Ti); McMillan (new stocks - see red NEW on menus - here and here)
    Products/Misc - (single cartridge sales for collectors)
    Gunsmiths - Phoenix Custom Rifles (AZ)
    Cartridges - 416 TYR (10.6x60 Grillmayer); moved CIP/SAAMI links to the Cartridges page and expanded to include cartridge-specific link info     

Site Update (25 Dec 2011):
Additions and updates since 18 Dec 2011:
    Rifle Components - comprehensive link check, Whidden Composite Works (stocks)
    Reloading Equipment - 21st Century (concentricity checker)

Site Update (18 Dec 2011):
Additions and updates since 11 Dec 2011:
    Miscellaneous adds - ArmaLite (brake), BATFE (info), “Build your virtual rifle” capability for Accuracy International  AX series rifles (except AX50), Corbin (2 - reloading), Precision Reflex (rings)     

Site Update (11 Dec 2011):
Additions and updates since 4 Dec 2011:
    Rifles - Accuracy International AS50, Ashbury Precision Ordnance “SABER-FORSST/ASW” video; Barnard “10s” (408 CT); Christensen Arms “Carbon One Tactical” (338 LM); Remington LE “MSR” video; Sero “Gepard” video; Thor Rifles - M375, XM408 variant, XM50, and “custom”; Truvelo 338 LM
    Reloading Equipment/Aids - Patagonia Ballistics (ballistics calculator +)

Site Update (4 Dec 2011):
Additions and updates since 27 Nov 2011:
    Rifle Components/Actions - image-set (receiver and bolt) of the RLFCO (Fisher) 50 BMG action; Barnard PLM (338 LM repeater) action

Site Update (27 Nov 2011):
Additions and updates since 20 Nov 2011:
    Rifles - MICOR Defense (Leader 50)
    Rifle Components - Miracle Machine Works (extended elevation scope base)
    Ammunition Components - dropped Northwest Custom Projectile (NwCP) as they appear to be out of business (only .510 matrix affected)
    Reloading Equipment - 21st Century added “Stainless Steel Benchrest Quality Primer Tool (Seater)
    Retailer/E-tailers - Accuracy International SRT, Mile High Shooting Accessories, Tac Pro
    Training - added CA location to “Rifle Only”

Site Update (20 Nov 2011):
Additions and updates since 13 Nov 2011:
    Rifles - Weatherby Mark V Accumark 338 Lapua, Mark V TRR RC (338 LM), Mark V TRR Custom Magnum (338 LM)
    Ammunition Components - Prvi Partizan (12.7x108mm brass)     

Site Update (13 Nov 2011):
Additions and updates since 6 Nov 2011:
    Rifles - Underground Skunkworks is now BlackOps Precision
    Rifle Components - McGowen (barrels)
    Ammunition Components - Berger (dropped Gen 1 338, no longer listed on their site), Lazzeroni (added 338/185 bullet)

Site Update (6 Nov 2011):
Additions and updates since 30 Oct 2011:
    Ammunition Components - HSM (brass - produced by Bertram)
    Reloading Equipment - RCE (presses)
    Information/Associations & Clubs - added Photo Gallery to FSCA link

Site Update (30 Oct 2011):
Additions and updates since 23 Oct 2011:
    Rifle Components - Rock Creek (bipods)
    Ammunition Components - HSM (bullets - updated associated matrixes)
    Retailers/E-tailers - HSM

Site Update (23 Oct 2011):
Additions and updates since 16 Oct 2011:
    Rifle Components/Actions - removed Lawton (out of business); added Cadex Defence (stocks)
    Ammunition Components/Brass and Bullets - removed Jamison (at least temporarily out of business), updated matrixes

Site Update (16 Oct 2011):
Additions and updates since 9 Oct 2011:
    Rifles - Bohica removed (appears likely out of business, website defunct)
    Gunsmiths - RW Snyder (IA)
    Cartridges - added a package of 12 reamer drawings from Pacific Tool and Gauge (see Cartridges page)

Site Update (9 Oct 2011):
Additions and updates since 2 Oct 2011:
    Ranges - Cool Acres Sporting Camp (GA),  Emert Ranch Shooting Range (TX)

Site Update (2 Oct 2011):
Additions and updates since 25 Sep 2011 - see below.

RPA (September 2011) - “Rangemaster 338 STBY” (338 Lapua Magnum) model tactical rifle announced.

Valdada (September 2011) -12-52 x 56mm Terminator” tactical scope introduced.

Site Update (25 Sep 2011):
Additions and updates since 18 Sep 2011 - see below.

Allen Precision Shooting  (24 September 2011) - website launched (updated Rifles, Actions, Muzzle Brakes, and Gunsmiths sections accordingly)

Site Update (18 Sep 2011):
Additions and updates since 11 Sep 2011:
    Rifles - removed Nighthawk Tactical (appears to have dropped rifles - no site info, tab link goes 404, and didn’t return my two e-mails asking whether discontinued); added Prechtl (GS04 F-Class); Sako TRG M10 (temp info link)
    Rifle Components - Prechtl (GS04 EL action)
    Gunsmiths - Van Dyke Rifle Designs

Site Update (11 Sep 2011):
Additions and updates since 4 Sep 2011:
    Rifle Components - The Gun Room Co., LLC/Noreen (action)

Site Update (4 Sep 2011):
Additions and updates since 28 Aug 2011:
    Only minor changes and fixes this week.

Site Update (28 Aug 2011):
Additions and updates since 21 Aug 2011:
    Rifles – Danish Gun Tech
    Rifle Components – Danish Gun Tech (action)
    Gunsmiths – Montour County Rifles (PA)
    Ranges – Rockcastle Shooting Center (KY)
    Training – Big K Ranch (OR)
    Cartridges – 338 Edge +P

Defensive Edge (27 August 2011) – “338 Edge + P” now available”, see their announcement on LRH (here)

Weatherby (24 August 2011) – I have confirmed that Weatherby will be releasing two rifles in 338 LM late this year.  One will be their tactical-style Mark V  TTR Custom Magnum and the other will be a Mark V Accumark. The linked web pages are for current models in the respective product families.

Site Update (21 Aug 2011):
Additions and updates since 14 Aug 2011:
    Rifles – Freshour (P-50), L & G Weaponry (AR conversion), Metals-N-More (Kentucky Long Rifle)
    Rifle Components – Russ Schuler (muzzle brakes), TriTech Training (muzzle brakes)
    Ammunition Components – Hooker Tactical (bullets), Hornady (.416, 450 gr BTHP) – associated matrixes updated accordingly
    Reloading Equipment – Giraud (case trimmer), Match Prep/Gracey (case trimmer)
    Cartridges – 14.5 JDJ
    Information/Associations and Clubs – FCSA UK
    Information/Info Sites - AmmoGuide

Site Update (14 Aug 2011):
Additions and updates since 7 Aug 2011:
    Rifles – Arms Tech Limited (TTR-50), Dakota Arms (Longbow Tactical Deployment Rifle), Evolution USA (Phantom III LR and Phantom III Delta)
    Rifle Components – Allied Precision Arms (bipods), Proof Research (carbon-fiber barrel wrapping/barrels), RLFCO/Fisher (action)
    Ammunition Components – Accurate Bullet Company, Alliance Armament, Northwest Custom Projectile
    Reloading Equipment – Dillon Precision (press, dies, priming tools, and case prep)
    Training – Warriorschool

Weaver (12 August 2011) - Unveils Tactical Scopes Featuring Illuminated Reticles, as well as Specialized Tactical Accessories (press release)

Proof Research (11 August 2011) – Advanced Barrel Systems (ABS) is now Proof Research.

Desert Tactical Arms (9 August 2011) – HTI sniper rifle ready for pre-order (press release)

Site Update (7 Aug 2011):
Additions and updates since 31 Jul 2011:
    Rifles - Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply (ATRS)
    Rifle Components – ATRS (muzzle brales), Near Manufacturing (scope bases and rings)
    Ammunition Components – Berger 338, 300 gr. Match Tactical Hybrid OTM (updated 338 bullet matrix)   
   Reloading Equipment – My Weigh (scales)
    Products Misc - Osprey (50 BMG laser boresight)

Site Update (31 Jul 2011):
Additions and updates since 24 Jul 2011:
    Rifles - Harris Gunworks, Iron Brigade Armory, Tactical Rifles
    Retailers/E-tailers -, Gun Genie, Impact Guns
    Info/Info - GunWiki, Military Factory, Paul Mulcahy’s Pages, Small Arms Illustrated

Berger (30 Jul 2011) - 338, 300 gr, Match Tactical Hybrid OTM introduced - additional article

Site Update (24 Jul 2011):
Additions and updates since 17 Jul 2011:
    Rifles – Gottfried Prechtl/GOL, Quarter Minute Magnums
    Rifle Components – Benchmark (barrels), RFour (barrels), RFLCO (muzzle brakes)
    Training – D.O.A. Tactical

Site Update (17 Jul 2011):
Additions and updates since 10 Jul 2011:
    Rifles - Accuracy International AW
    Rifle Components - Grizzly Gunworks (muzzle brakes)
    Retailers/E-tailers - Sniper Country PX
    Training – Sniper Tools, Thunder Beast
    Articles – Litz Tests Android OS Ballistics App at Ultra-Long Ranges (

Site Update (10 Jul 2011):
Additions and updates since 3 Jul 2011:
    Ammunition Components – Dynamic Research (Predator) - updated bullets matrixes accordingly
    Products/Misc – Southwest Ammunition
    Training - Precision Rifle Workshop

McMillan (9 Jul 2011) - adds Extreme Outer Limits (EOL) Long Range Hunter (LRH) in 338 LM

Cerakote (8 Jul 2011) – has updated its Firearms Training Manual; download.

Nesika (6 Jul 2011) – website moved to parent’s site, Dakota Arms - links updated; dropped their Heavy Tactical rifle (not shown on DA site).

Barrett (16 Jun 2011 - missed) - added non-detachable-magazine version of the 416 Barrett 82A1.

Site Update (3 Jul 2011):
Additions and updates since 26 Jun 2011:
    Rifles – Montana Rifle Company
    Rifle Components – Montana Rifleman (barrels)
    Reloading Equipment – Hamilton & Sons (Geo AZ products), K&M, M2 Precision
    Info/Cartridges – 416 Viersco Magnum, 458 Viersco Magnum, 50 BMG Match

21st Century (30 Jun 2011) – added 338 LM support (neck turning lathe)

Site Update (26 Jun 2011):
Additions and updates since 19 Jun 2011:
    Rifles – Ashbury ASW338LM, GOL-Sniper, Remington LE 40-XS Tactical Rifle 338 and 700P/TWS, Remington Defense M24-A3 and MSR, ZVI Falcon
    Rifle Components - Accuracy International (stocks)
    Information/Info Sites – Sniper Central, World Guns
    Information/Pubs, Article, and Photos - Australian Long Range Shooter Magazine, XLR chassis review from LRH, “Pressure Points” article from VHM/LRH

Drake Associates (approx 23 Jun 2011) - “Drake Associates is pleased to announce that we are now the United States representative for Rangemaster Precision Arms weapon systems...”

Jamison (21 Jun 2011) – added 338 LM loaded ammo offerings (250 gr SPBT and 250 gr HPBT)

Site Update (19 Jun 2011):
Additions and updates since 12 Jun 2011:
    Rifles – AMSD, Barnard ‘grande puissance”, Bluegrass Armory Moon Shiner, Halo Arms HA 50 FTR, Keppeler, Sero (Gepard), SIG Sauer Tactical 2, Steyr SSG 08, Swiss Arms, Truvelo     
   Rifle Components – B&T Ind. (bipods), X-Caliber X-VIP (bipods)
    Products/ Misc – SKB Cases (rifle cases), Starlight Cases (rifle cases)
    Training – Rifles Only

Remington LE (17 Jun 2011) – after reading some concerns expressed by forum members on one of’s forums about the appropriateness of the 338 LM chambering of a Remington 700 action, I contacted Remington LE (the Remington division that markets the 700 MLR) to pose a few questions.  Here are the responses I received (my question preceding their response):
1. How is the bolt modified, if at all, beyond opening up the bolt face on a standard 700 LA .700 bolt to .590 (approx)? [Remington] Bolt head and body are modified to accept the external extractor. Ejector position moved to ‘3 o’clock’ position versus typical ‘4 o’clock’ in standard bolt.
2. Is the receiver diameter enlarged? [Remington] No.
3. Is the barrel thread other than 1 1/16 x 16 tpi? [Remington] No
4. Is the bolt and/or barrel steel of higher strength - by way of hardening, different materials, different processing, etc?[Remington] No
Site Update (12 Jun 2011):
Additions and updates since 5 Jun 2011:
    Rifles - Brugger & Thomet, Collier, JARD, Lawton, LongRifles, Nesika, PGW, Remington LE, Savage 110 FCP HS Precision and 111 Long Range Hunter, Selby/Randy’s Custom Rifles, Surgeon, Zbroyar,
    Rifle Components – Broughton, Lawton, and Lothar Walther barrels; Selby muzzle brakes; JARD triggers
    Ammunition Components – all four matrixes updated with GS Custom “SP” model data
    Products/Misc – AAA Arms & Ammo and TTI Armory (ammo); LV Steel Targets
    Gunsmiths – Straight Shot
    Ranges – Mifflin and Tac Pro; also added info on “50 BMG OK?” for each range
    Retailer – Stocky’s

GS Custom (12 Jun 2011) - added to SP line, including 510s thru 1100 gr.

Savage (9 Jun 2011) - introduced additional models in 338 LM (110 FCP HS Precision and 111 Long Range Hunter)

Cutting Edge Bullets (7 Jun 2011) - 762 and 802 gr 50 cal bullets (call re details and to order, not yet on sales page)

Site Update (5 Jun 2011) - A bit over one month since launch, after some 1500 hits (at most well under 100 of my own in the process of maintaining and expanding), and after a very small handful of suggestions, here’s a site update:

Added a navigation section at the top of each page

Added site-wide search capability

Rifles – up to 61 companies, added color coding for the major cartridges

Rifle Components – up to 16 action/receiver companies, 10 barrel companies, 8 brake companies, 19 scope/base/rings companies, 18 stock and bipod companies, and 7 trigger companies

Ammunition Components (major work here) – up to 18 brass companies (added color coding for the major cartridges), up to 19 bullet/projectile companies (plus four matrixes going down to the company, product name, weight, model number, and link for 338, 375, 408, 416, 458, and 510 calibers, all in PDF format), up to 7 powder companies, and up to 7 primer companies

Reloading Equipment - up to 61 companies/items

Miscellaneous products – up to 21 companies/items

Gunsmiths – up to 22 companies

Ranges – up to 25

Retailers/E-tailers – up to 22

Training section added – 21 companies

Cartridges – up to 27 (with 3 chamber reamers drawings, and many more to come, courtesy of Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool and Gauge, plus CIP and SAAMI drawing links in the Reloading Equipment/Aids section)

Minimal expansion in Associations and Clubs, Information Sites and Forums, Legal, and Pubs, Articles, and Photos.

News section added – this update being the first post.  I expect to add more interesting posts shortly and then do a weekly update based on what I can glean from the 100s of linked sites.
Oh…and I added the obligatory “Privacy” and “Terms of Use” page.

I think you’ll find the site to be an excellent start at exactly what it is intended to be, a resource for the ELR shooting community.

Finally, I really need feedback on what I’ve missed, what I’ve gotten wrong, and how the site can be improved to serve you.  It’s a non-commercial site.  It will get better faster with your help.

Thank you and God Bless!

Defiance Machine (5 Jun 2011) - Jeff Badelt, of Defiance Machine, reports, “We’re progressing on development of our 50 Cal (action) and anticipate availability later this year. Please call or write with details if you’d like to order an action.”

MFR (1 May 2011) - site launched.
               ELR Resources