Products - Rifle Components
Actions/Receivers (supporting 338 LM and larger ELR-class cartridges)

   Cartridge Legend:
       (1) 338 LM
       (2) 375 CT
       (3) 408 CT
       (4) 416 Barrett
       (5) 50 BMG
       (6) One or more other listed on Cartridges page

   Receiver Matrixes (31 Aug 2014) - based on bolt face; side-by-side, comparative; tabs for 338 LM, 408 CT, and 50 BMG; changes since last update in light green.
       NOTE:  This file is in xls format.  A FREE reader is available here. The contents were compiled from manufacturers’ websites and, if supplied, responses to my e-mail inquiries.

   Type Legend: Repeater, Repeater or Single Shot, Single Shot Only

   Allen Precision Shooting (Raptor) [1,6]
   Aztek Arms (AXIS T-338) [1,6]
   Badger Ordnance (M2013/100-50, call) [1,6]
   Barnard (New Zealand)(PL, PLM, P-Chey, GP) (US importer) [1,2,3,4,5,6]
   BAT Machine (CT, EX, HR, L, M, detailed spec spreadsheet - their link to that spreadsheet has been removed, so best to call to confirm) [1,2,3,4,5,6]
   Danish Gun Tech (Denmark) (CO50R) - US distribution unknown [4,5]
   Defiance Machine (Deviant Hunter, Deviant Tactical, Mutant, Rebel, Stryker Ridge HTR) [1,6]
   East Ridge Gun Company/State Arms [4,5,6]
   GA Precision (Templar, Templar V2) [1,6]
   Kelbly (338 LM model - Panda 338? - announced at the 2013 SHOT Show, call) [1,6]
   McMillan Firearms (G30, 50) [1,4,5,6]
   Montana Rifle Company (Professional Hunter) [1,2,3,4,6]
   Nesika Firearms (M, MH, MT) [1,6]
   OnlyLongRange/Noreen Firearms (ULR Single Shot, call) [1,3,4,5]
   Pierce Engineering (base, MI, Titanium, Tube Gun XL)[1,6]
   Prechtl (Germany)(GS04 EL) - US distribution unknown [1,6]
   Rangemaster Precision Arms/RPA (UK)(Quadlock) (50 BMG model photos - see 2013 SHOT Day Two recap under Accurate Mag (AM), call their US distributor for 338LM and 50 BMG action availability) [1,4,5,6]
   R Bros (Rogue) [1,6]
   RLFCO (Fisher) (image) [4,5]
   Snowy Mountain (3600) [1,2]
   Status Guns & Engineering (New Zealand) (Status 50 BMG) - US distribution unknown [5]
   Stiller (Python, TAC338, TAC408) [1,2,3,6]
   Surgeon (1581 XL) [1,6]
   Valkyrie Rifles (UK) (multiple) [1] - does not export to the US
   X-treme Shooting Products (.338 Ti) [1,6]

Barrels (unless noted, each offers all popular ELR calibers)
   Border (UK, .408 not listed, contact) - US distribution unknown
   Broughton (none listed above .375)
   Brux (neither .408 nor .416 listed, call)
   Classic Barrel (call)
   Feddersen/RFour (primarily .50 cal, call for same and others)
   Hart (none listed above .375)
   K&P Gun Co.
   Lothar Walther (US)
   McGowen (also barrel weight calculator)
   MullerWorks (only .338 listed, call)
   New Lenox Ordnance (call for available calibers)
   Obermeyer (call for available calibers)
   PAC-NOR (also barrel weight calculator)
   Proof Research (carbon-fiber barrel wrapping/barrels; nothing listed above .408, call)
   Rock Creek (.338 thru a reseller - prior direct customers should call)
   Schneider (call for available calibers)
   Shilen (.50 cal not listed, call)
   Spencer/MPA (Spencer’s rifle barrel business sold to MPA, call)
   True-Flite (New Zealand; only .338 and .510 listed, contact) - US distribution unknown

Barrel Stress Relieving
   300 Below

   Allied Precision Arms (APA)
   B&T Industries (Atlas)
   Elite Iron (Revolution)
   Harris (link is to one reseller, there is no company website)
   KMW (POD-LOK for Harris bipods)
   Leapers (UTG)
   Long Range Accuracy
   PDC Custom
   Sierra 7
   Star Shooter (Canada)
   X-Caliber X-VIP

Detachable Bottom Metal (DBM) and Magazines (also see the associated action and stock/chassis system/rifle suppliers for their product-specific offerings)

       (1) 338 LM (S = standard external length/3.65”, C = CIP external length/3.75”)
       (3) 375 and 408 CT
       (4) 416 Barrett (50 BMG product may be OK, ask supplier)
       (5) 50 BMG
       (6) One or more other listed on Cartridges page

   Accuracy International/AICS (mags only) [1 S #2468, 1 C #4808,1 C #6434, 5 #4719]
   Accurate-Mag (DBM and mags) [1 S and 1 C up to 3.85” external]
   Alpha Industries & Manufacturing (mags only) [3 - 7 rds]
   Aztek Arms (DBM only) [1 S and 1 C]
   Badger Ordnance (DBM only) [1 S and 1 C]
   Baer Custom Rifles (DBM only) [3 - for Stiller TAC408 action]
   Barker Machine Works (DBM only) [3]
   CDI Precision Gunworks (DBM only) [1 S and 1 C] - also single-shot loading block 1 C
   CheyTac (thru Black Diamond/Dave Viers; call, not shown on site) (DBM and mags) [3]
   Defiance Machine (phasing out, call) (DBM only) [1 S and 1 C]
   McRee Precision (mags only) [1 S and 1 C up to 3.775” external]
   Pacific Tool and Gage (DBM + 3rd party mags) [1 S and 1 C]
   Seekins Precision (DBM only) [1 C]
   Wyatt’s Outdoor (DBM and mags) [1 S and 1 C up to 3.79” external]
Muzzle Brakes and Recoil Reduction Devices (unless noted, each offers all popular ELR calibers; “call” indicates undefined or a question regarding “best match” for the desired cartridge)
   AAC (.338 and .50 cal)
   Allen Precision Shooting (Painkiller)
   American Precision Arms
   ArmaLite (.338 and .416/.50 cal)
   ATRS (.50 cal, prices in Canadian $)
   Aztek Arms (.338)
   BAT Machine (item page, call)
   Benchmark Barrels (call)
   C & H Research (mercury recoil suppressors - installed in stock)
   Elite Iron (call)
   Flint & Frizzen Gun Shop (call)
   Grizzly Gunworks (call)
   Holland’s (call)
   J E Custom (Assassin - incl .50 cal)
   JP Enterprises (call)
   K&P Gun Co. (call)
   McMillan (.50 cal) - dead link removed  (until SAC provides a site)
   Muzzle Brakes and More (call)
   OPS Inc. (.338, .408, and .50 cal)
   Piercision Rifles (up to but excluding .50 cal)
   RLFCO (Fisher, .50 cal)
   Roedale (Germany, contact) - order direct
   Ross Schuler (call)
   RWS/PDC (.338)
   Terminator Products (New Zealand) - US distribution unknown
   Vias (call)
   Witt Machine (call)

Scope Bases and Rings (also see scope manufacturers)
   Aadland Engineering
   American Rifle Company
   Badger Ordnance
   Cold Shot
   Desert Tech
   ERA-TAC (Germany) (available in the US thru NECG, call - tactical products not shown)
   Global Defense Initiatives
   Ken Farrell
   LaRue Tactical
   Manz-Fifty (Germany) - US distribution unknown
   McCann Industries
   McMillan - dead link removed  (until SAC provides a site)
   Miracle Machine Works
   Morr Accuracy
   Murphy Precision
   Near Manufacturing
   Precision Reflex
   Seekins Precision
   Spuhr (Sweden) (see Dealers page for US resellers)
   Talbot QD Mounts
   Third Eye Tactical (UK) - sales to the US thru Osprey Rifles (UK)
   Xtreme Hard Core Gear

   Burris (Eliminator)
   Desert Tech/Kahles
   Hersoldt/Cassidian (Germany)
   Horus Vision
   Kahles (Austria)
   Leica (Germany)
   March (Japan) (Australian site - for better pics and details)
   Premier (see Tangent Theta)
   Schmidt & Bender (Germany)
   Steiner (Germany)
   Swarovski (Austria)
   Tangent Theta (Canada)
   U. S. Optics
   Zeiss (Germany)

   Accuracy International (UK) (AICS, AXAICS)
   Ashbury Precision Ordnance/APO (SABER-FORSST stock - video)
   Baer Custom Rifles
   Bell and Carlson
   Cadex Defence (Canada)
   Choate Machine and Tool
   Competition Machine/Eliseo (RTM long box and others)
   Doan Trevor
   Drake Associates
   GrodasRifleStocks/GRS (Norway)(see Dealers page for US distribution)
   H-S Precision
   J. Allen Enterprises/JAE
   KRG (Kinetic Research)
   MAK Enterprises
   Master Class
   Mastin Custom Stocks (Australia) - US distribution unknown
   McRee Precision
   Mirage ULR
   Modular Driven Technologies/MDT (Canada)
   MPI Stocks
   PDC Custom
   Precision Rifle & Tool
   Precision Stock Works
   Remington (RACS)
   Richards Microfit
   Robertson Composites (Canada)
   Russo Rifle Stocks
   Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles
   Steve Jennings Stocks - steve at (video - but no longer available thru Chesebro)
   XLR Industries
   Young Rail Guns (pics 1, 2, 3)

Suppressors (for .338 LM class - unless noted otherwise)
   AAC (also .50 BMG)
   Anzio (.50 BMG plus custom)
   Ase Utra (Finland, also .50 BMG) - US distribution unknown
   AWC (also .50 BMG)
   Barrett (.50 BMG)
   CheyTac (.375 and .408 CT)
   Delta P Design (also .375)
   Desert Tech
   Elite Iron (also .375, .408, .416, and .50 BMG)
   Griffin Armament
   Hardy Rifle Engineering (NZ) - US distribution unknown
   OPS Inc. (.408 CT and .50 BMG)
   Quicksilver (also .408 CT and .50 BMG)
   Shark Precision
   Silencer Tech
   SRT Arms
   Templar Tactical Firearms/Crux
   Thunder Beast
   Yankee Hill Machine (YHM)

Surface Coatings
   Cerakote (exterior coatings)
   KG Industries (Gun Kote and other coating products)
   Nitriding (ISONITE QPQ, salt bath) - H&M and Parker Trutec    

   Bix‘n Andy (Austria) - exclusive US dealer
   Geissele (for AR-type lowers)
   Jewell, (512) 353-2999 (TX)
   Kelbly (call)
   Rangemaster Precision Arms/RPA (UK) - sole US distributor
   Rifle Basix
               ELR Resources