Products - Rifle Components
Actions/Receivers (supporting 338 LM and larger ELR-class cartridges)

   Cartridge Legend:
       (1) 338 LM
       (2) 375 CT
       (3) 408 CT
       (4) 416 Barrett
       (5) 50 BMG
       (6) One or more other listed on Cartridges page

   Receiver Matrixes (24 Feb 2015) - based on bolt face; side-by-side, comparative; tabs for 338 LM, 408 CT, and 50 BMG; changes since last update in light green.
       NOTE:  This file is in xls format.  A FREE reader is available here. The contents were compiled from manufacturers’ websites and, if supplied, responses to my e-mail inquiries.

   Type Legend: Repeater, Repeater or Single Shot, Single Shot Only

   Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply/ATRS (Canada) (Maverick) [1,6]
   Allen Precision Shooting (Raptor) [1,6]
   American Rifle Company (Mausingfield) [.338 NM]
   Ashbury Precision Ordnance/APO (SABER EX, SABER VX - pic) [1,2,3,6]
   Aztek Arms (AXIS T-338) [1,6]
   Badger Ordnance (M2013/100-50, online catalog) [1,6]
   Barnard (New Zealand)(PL, PLM, P-Chey, GP) (US importer) [1,2,3,4,5,6]
   BAT Machine (CT, EX, HR, L, M, associated spreadsheet) [1,2,3,4,5,6]
   BAT Tactical Actions (a reseller of pre-configured BAT HR actions) [1,6]
   Danish Gun Tech (Denmark) (CO50R) - US distribution unknown [4,5]
   Defiance Machine (Deviant Hunter, Deviant Tactical, Mutant, Rebel, Stryker Ridge HTR) [1,6]
   East Ridge Gun Company/State Arms [4,5,6]
   GA Precision (Templar, Templar V2) [1,6]
   Kelbly (.338 LM Panda, call) [1,6]
   McMillan Firearms (G30, 50) [1,4,5,6]
   Montana Rifle Company (Professional Hunter) [1,2,3,4,6]
   Nesika Firearms (M, MH, MT) [1,6]
   OnlyLongRange/Noreen Firearms (ULR Single Shot, call) [1,3,4,5]
   Pierce Engineering (base, MI, Titanium, Tube Gun XL)[1,6]
   Prechtl (Germany)(GS04 EL) - US distribution unknown [1,6]
   Rangemaster Precision Arms/RPA (UK)(Quadlock) (50 BMG model photos - see 2013 SHOT Day Two recap under Accurate Mag (AM), call their US distributor for 338LM and 50 BMG action availability) [1,4,5,6]
   R Bros (Rogue) [1,6]
   RLFCO (Fisher) (pic) [4,5]
   Snowy Mountain (3600) [1]
   Status Guns & Engineering (New Zealand) (Status 50 BMG) - US distribution unknown [5]
   Stiller (Python, TAC338, TAC408) [1,2,3,6]
   Surgeon (1581 XL) [1,6]
   Valkyrie Rifles (UK) (multiple) [1] - does not export to the US
   X-treme Shooting Products (.338 Ti) [1,6]

Barrels (unless noted, each offers all popular ELR calibers)
   Benchmark (no .50 cal)
   Border Barrels (UK, no .408 listed, contact)
   Broughton (none listed above .375)
   Brux (neither .408 nor .416 listed, call)
   Classic Barrel (call)
   Feddersen/RFour (primarily .50 cal, call for same and others)
   Hart (none listed above .375)
   Hawk Hill Custom (only .338)
   K&P Gun Co.
   Lothar Walther (US)
   MasterPiece Arms/MPA (formerly Spencer Rifle Barrels, none listed above .375)
   McGowen (also barrel weight calculator)
   MullerWorks (only .338 listed, call)
   New Lenox Ordnance (call for available calibers)
   Obermeyer (call for available calibers)
   PAC-NOR (also barrel weight calculator)
   Proof Research (carbon-fiber barrel wrapping/barrels; nothing listed above .338, call)
   Rock Creek
   Schneider (call for available calibers)
   Shilen (.50 cal not listed, call)
   True-Flite (New Zealand; only .338 and .510 listed, contact) - US distribution unknown

Barrel Stress Relieving
   300 Below

   Allied Precision Arms (APA)
   B&T Industries (Atlas)
   Elite Iron (Revolution)
   Harris (link is to one reseller, there is no company website)
   KMW (POD-LOK for Harris bipods)
   Leapers (UTG)
   Long Range Accuracy
   PDC Custom
   Sierra 7
   Star Shooter (Canada)
   X-Caliber X-VIP

Detachable Bottom Metal (DBM) and Magazines (also see the associated action and stock/chassis system/rifle suppliers for their product-specific offerings)

       (1) 338 LM (S = standard external length/3.65”, C = CIP external length/3.75”)
       (3) 375 and 408 CT
       (4) 416 Barrett (50 BMG product may be OK, ask supplier)
       (5) 50 BMG
       (6) One or more other listed on Cartridges page

   Accuracy International/AICS (mags only) [1 S #2468, 1 C #4808,1 C #6434, 5 #4719]
   Accurate-Mag (DBM and mags) [1 S and 1 C up to 3.85” COL]
   Alpha Industries & Manufacturing (mags only) [3 - 7 rds]
   Badger Ordnance (DBM and mags) [1 S and 1 C]
   Baer Custom Rifles (DBM only) [3 - for Stiller TAC408 action]
   CDI Precision Gunworks (DBM only) [1 S and 1 C] - also single-shot loading block 1 C
   CheyTac (thru Black Diamond/Dave Viers; call, not shown on site) (DBM and mags) [3]
   Defiance Machine (phasing out, call) (DBM only) [1 S and 1 C]
   McRee Precision (mags only) [1 S and 1 C]
   Pacific Tool and Gage (DBM only) [1 S and 1 C]
   Seekins Precision (DBM only) [1 C]
   Wyatt’s Outdoor (DBM and mags) [1 S and 1 C up to 3.79” COL]
Muzzle Brakes and Recoil Reduction Devices (unless noted, each offers all popular ELR calibers; “call” indicates undefined or a question regarding “best match” for the desired cartridge)
   AAC (.338 and .50 cal)
   Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply/ATRS (Canada)
   Allen Precision Shooting (Painkiller)
   American Precision Arms
   ArmaLite (.338 and .416/.50 cal)
   ATRS (.50 cal, prices in Canadian $)
   Aztek Arms (.338)
   BAT Machine (item page, call)
   Benchmark Barrels (call)
   C & H Research (mercury recoil suppressors - installed in stock)
   Center Shot Rifles (.338)
   Desert Tech (.338 and .375)
   Elite Iron (.338 and .50 cal)
   Flint & Frizzen Gun Shop (call)
   Grizzly Gunworks (call)
   Holland’s (call)
   J E Custom (Assassin - incl .50 cal)
   JP Enterprises
   K&P Gun Co. (50 cal, call)
   McMillan Firearms (50 cal, call)
   Muzzle Brakes and More (call)
   OPS Inc. (.338, .408, and .50 cal)
   Piercision Rifles (up to but excluding .50 cal)
   RLFCO (Fisher, .50 cal)
   Roedale (Germany, contact) - order direct
   Ross Schuler (call)
   RWS/PDC (.338)
   Terminator Products (New Zealand) - US reseller here
   Vias (call)
   Witt Machine (call)

Scope Bases and Rings (also see scope manufacturers)
   Aadland Engineering
   American Rifle Company
   Badger Ordnance (online catalog)
   Cold Shot
   Desert Tech
   ERA-TAC (Germany) - only known US source is Eurooptic
   Ken Farrell
   LaRue Tactical
   Manz-Fifty (Germany) - US distribution unknown
   McCann Industries
   Miracle Machine Works
   Morr Accuracy
   Murphy Precision
   My Guns Northwest
   Near Manufacturing
   Precision Reflex
   Seekins Precision
   Spuhr (Sweden) (see Dealers page for US resellers)
   Tier One/ThirdEyeTactical (UK) - sales to the US thru Osprey Rifles (UK)
   Xtreme Hard Core Gear

   Desert Tech/Kahles
   Hensolt (Germany)
   Horus Vision
   Kahles (Austria)
   Leica (Germany)
   March (Japan) (Australian site - for better pics and details)
   Schmidt & Bender (Germany)
   Steiner (Germany)
   Swarovski (Austria)
   Tangent Theta (Canada)
   U. S. Optics
   Zeiss (Germany)

Stocks (and Recoil Pads)
   Accuracy International (UK) (AICS)
   AiRecoil/Stagecoach (recoil pads)
   Ashbury Precision Ordnance/APO (SABER-FORSST stock)
   Baer Custom Rifles
   Bell and Carlson
   Cadex Defence (Canada)
   Choate Machine and Tool
   Competition Machine/Eliseo (RTM long box and others)
   Doan Trevor
   Drake Associates
   GRS (Norway)(see Dealers Locator for US distribution)
   H-S Precision
   J. Allen Enterprises/JAE
   KRG (Kinetic Research)
   LARS (Slovakia)
   LimbSaver (recoil pads)
   MAK Enterprises
   Master Class
   Mastin Custom Stocks (Australia) - US distribution unknown
   McMillan Fiberglass Stocks
   McRee Precision
   Mirage ULR
   Modular Driven Technologies/MDT (Canada)
   MPI Stocks
   Pachmayr (recoil pads)
   PDC Custom
   Precision Rifle & Tool
   Precision Stock Works
   Remington (RACS)
   Richards Microfit
   Robertson Composites (Canada)
   Russo Rifle Stocks
   Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles
   Steve Jennings Stocks - steve at (video)
   XLR Industries
   Young Rail Guns (pics 1, 2, 3)

Suppressors (for .338 LM class - unless noted otherwise)
   AAC (also .50 BMG)
   Anzio (.50 BMG plus custom)
   Ase Utra (Finland) (also .416/.50 BMG) - US distribution unknown
   AWC (also .50 BMG)
   Barrett (.50 BMG)
   CheyTac (.375 and .408 CT)
   Delta P Design
   Desert Tech (also .375)
   Elite Iron (also .375, .408, .416, and .50 BMG)
   Griffin Armament
   Hardy Rifle Engineering (NZ) - US distribution unknown
   OPS Inc. (.408 CT and .50 BMG)
   Quicksilver (also .408 CT and .50 BMG)
   Shark Precision
   Silencer Tech
   SRT Arms
   Stealth Engineering Group/SEG
   Templar Tactical Firearms/Crux
   Thunder Beast
   Yankee Hill Machine (YHM)

Surface Coatings
   Cerakote (exterior coatings)
   KG Industries (Gun Kote and other coating products)
   Nitriding (ISONITE QPQ, salt bath) - H&M and Parker Trutec    

   Bix‘n Andy (Austria) - exclusive US dealer
   David Tubb Accuracy and Precision Gun Parts
   Geissele (for AR-type rifles)
   Jewell, (512) 353-2999 (TX)
   JP Enterprises (for AR-type rifles)
   Kelbly (call)
   Pacific Tool & Gauge/PTG
   Rangemaster Precision Arms/RPA (UK) - sole US distributor
   Rifle Basix
   STL Rifle (Germany) - US distribution unknown
               ELR Resources