Services - Ranges (min 1000 yards - membership and/or other fees may be required; call or e-mail them ahead as range policies are subject to change without notice; some of these ranges may not allow even 338 LM - if so, please tell me and I’ll remove them)
1000 Plus (NE) [50 BMG possible* (PC) - need to demonstrate capability to shoot, and shoot safely, at distance] 1600 yards
Alliance Rifle Club (OH) [50 BMG OK* (EM)]
Alliance Rifle Club (NE) [50 BMG OK* (PC) - FCSA match range]
Bayou Rifles, Inc./Julliff (TX) [no 50 BMG]
Ben Avery (AZ) [no 50 BMG or cartridges derived from 50 BMG + (Web)]
Best of the West (TX) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club (CA) [50 BMG OK* (EM) - but not on the club’s steel]
Butterfield Shooting Range (NM) [50 BMG OK* (PC)]
Central Oregon Shooting Sports Assoc (OR) [50 BMG OK* (PC) - call Bill (541)389-4808 regarding the club’s expectations]
Coalinga Rifle Club (CA) [50 BMG OK* (EM) - FCSA match range]
Colorado Rifle Club (CO) [no 50 BMG]
Cool Acres Sporting Camp (GA) [50 BMG OK* (Web) - FCSA match range]
Deep Creek Range (MT) [50 BMG OK* with prior permission (PC)]
Del Norte Gun Club (NM [50 BMG OK* with written permission (Web)]
Desert Marksman (CA) [50 BMG OK* (NL)]
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club (OR) [no 50 BMG]
Emert Ranch Shooting Range (TX) - e-mail t.emert at [max .338 caliber]
Forbes Rifle & Pistol Club (NY) [no 50 BMG]
Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club (MN) [50 BMG OK* (EM)]
Harry Jones Memorial (West Virgina) 1000 Yard Club (WV) [50 BMG OK* (EM)]
Harkins Ranch (TX) [50 BMG OK* (EM)]  2701 yards
Hawks Ridge Gun Club (NC) [no 50 BMG]
Hillside Shooting Sports (IN) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
K&M Shooting Center (FL) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
Laramie Rifle Range (WY) [50 BMG, & other ELR cartridges, OK* but NOT on their steel (EM)]
Long Range Alley Gun Club (LA) [50 BMG maybe* (Web) - e-mail administrator at, - FCSA match range]
Manatee Gun and Archery Club (FL) [50 BMG OK* (PC)]
Marksmanship Training Center (MI) [no 50 BMG]
Midwest Benchrest (MO) [no 50 BMG]
Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association (PA) [50 BMG OK* (PC)]
North Carolina 1000 Yard Benchrest Shooters Association (NC) [no 50 BMG]
North Springs Shooting Center/Carbon County (UT) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
Oak Ridge Sportsmen’s Association (ORSA) (TN) [no 50 BMG]
Palomino Valley Gun Club/Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility (NV)[50 BMG OK* (Web) - FCSA match range]
Pascagoula Shooting Club (MS) [no 50 BMG or 416 Barrett]
Peacemaker National Training Center (WV) [no 50 BMG, 416 Barrett, or 408 CT]
Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Benchrest Club/Williamsport (PA) [no 50 BMG but...3 FCSA matches are scheduled in 2015]
Quantico Shooting Club (VA) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
Rattlesnake Mountain/TCSA (WA) [50 BMG OK* (NL) - FCSA match range]
Reade Range (PA) [no 50 BMG]
Rebel Ridge Outfitters (KS) [50 BMG OK* (Web)] 2000 yards
Rockcastle Shooting Center (KY) [50 BMG maybe* (PC) - contact Range Manager]  1500 yards
Sacramento Valley Shooting Center/Folsom (CA) [no 50 BMG or 416 Barrett]
San Bernardino County (CA) “Recreational Shooting & Hunting Areas Maps
Shots Ranch (AZ) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
Snake River Sportsmen (OR) [50 BMG OK* with prior permission (Web)]
South Carolina's Official Training Grounds (SC) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
Strategic Edge (TN) [50 BMG OK* with prior permission (Web)]  1250 yards
Tac Pro Shooting Center (TX) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
Thunder Valley (OH) [50 BMG OK* (PC)]  2000 yard, matches out to 1 mile
Tucson Rifle Club (AZ) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
Tulsa Red Castle Range (OK) [50 BMG OK* (Web)]
Utah State Rifle & Pistol Assoc (UT, Wendover range) [50 BMG OK* (EM)]
Vapor Trail Valley Club (MO) [50 BMG TBD]
Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club (FL) [50 BMG OK* (Web)] 1200 yards
Wes Thompson’s Piru Gun Range (CA) [50 BMG OK* (PC)]
Whitehorse (WV) [no 50 BMG]
Whittington Center/NRA (NM) [50 BMG OK* (Web) - FCSA match range]
Winnequah Gun Club (WI) [50 BMG OK* with prior permission (EM)]  1500 yards (per EM), web site says 1200
Young’s Long Shot Range (IN) [no 50 BMG]
Yuma Rifle and Pistol Club (AZ) [50 BMG OK* (EM)]

* Legend for range contacts/50 BMG OKs made 7-12 Jun 2011 and subsequently: EM = e-mail, NL = posted newsletter, PC = phone call, and Web = range’s/club’s website.  “FCSA” - Fifty Caliber Shooters Association.
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